Share my experience with every glass heart mother

I was pregnant in March of this year. I went to check the HCG2900 doctor’s pregnancy in the past 48 days.The luteumone to protect the fetal spirit for taking some medicine trial. In the middle, I have been checked HCG.Zha Yinchao) Doctor said that there must be no fetal heart buds that look a bit unwilling to look at the sun. It is recommended to have an abortion. At that time, HCG was low but doubled. After I went home, the medicine stopped like an operation. My mother -in -law did not. My mother -in -law did not.After allowing another five or six days, I went to the city to check it in the city. After I went to the doctor to see the color Doppler ultrasound and HCG and progesterone, it was not recommended that I would definitely not be checking it, because at that time, the color Doppler ultrasound school was that the pregnancy sac may start to shrink at atrophy.Say there in that surgery, let me go back to my house for surgery. When I come back, my mother -in -law does not allow the operation. She always said that it is okay. I insist that she can do a color Doppler ultrasound.Go to the hospital to find a relative, do you still do?There is no need to say that if you do one, you can do it. The Yin Chao I do because I did n’t urinate. During the process, I heard the fetal heart sound because it was a second child. Do I ask if I have a fetal heart?The doctor said, why don’t you plan to have it?I said I wanted me to cry at once. She said that the fetal buds were also very small, but the fetal sac was a bit small. Later, the director was asked to see it. I sent a message to my husband. My husband also cried.The family went to work. When I checked the NT for three months, the doctor said that it was not in line with the ten days of the pregnancy of the pregnancy. I couldn’t see me a week later. After a week, the NT was okay.Time is busy, hurry up and call my husband to check the doctor and say that the child is okay. After another for a period of three months, I went to the city to check the situation from four months.The doctor said that it might be my second color Doppler ultrasound. I was wrong for me for nine days from the pregnancy. In the later stages, I checked on time., I started to replenish folic acid. Every time I checked non -invasive, I was frightened and scared, but every time my baby cooperated with the pass. Before my birth, I was afraid that I was afraid that my baby had any problems, because I was easy to think about it.The baby was born, and the head circumference was more than 10.3 pounds, but it was very smooth and torn slightly. Three stitches were torn slightly. It was really happy to watch the baby everything. I want to tell all the mothers.It is stronger than we think, and I hope that every pregnant Bao mother can give birth to her healthy baby

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