She dreamed six times during pregnancy and died during her childbirth. I did not expect that the nightmare became a miracle later

It is said that women are pregnant and have children in nine deaths, as if they have made a trip to ghost gate, and many expectant mothers will dream of her production scene and children who are about to be born during pregnancy. The expectant mother in the article is that she dreamed of a "nap", sheFeelings.

She is called Stannini. She made a total of six nightmares in the nine months of pregnancy. The content of the dream was very real. She clearly saw that she died of complications during production.

The dream is too real, so Stiffi and her husband went to the hospital for a comprehensive examination to exclude whether he had some diseases.However, the results of the inspection showed that she had no problems at all, and the child was very healthy. Despite this, Stannini thought that her dream would come true.

In a blink of an eye, at the moment of delivery, Stepini asked a nurse to prepare more blood bags from a nurse before entering the delivery room. Later facts proved that it was the extra blood bag that saved her life!

Stepini had complications after a cesarean section, and her nightmare turned out to be true … She stopped breathing on the operating table for 37 seconds because she was rare because of rare amniotic fluid., Stephani saved his life.

Stannini later wrote a book "37 seconds: death reveals the help of heaven -a mother’s journey (37 Seconds: Dying Reveals Heaven’ s Help -A Mother ’s Journey)" "" "" ""

Stannini was lucky. She escaped from the god of death and her son was very healthy.

Unexpectedly, the dream was really true. There must be a force to protect Stinnie and let her escape.

As the saying goes, the disaster will not die, and there must be a blessing. Standni has experienced life and death. Now she lives a very happy life with her husband and son, and wish them a family!

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