She was unbearable to gastroenteritis in her abdominal pain and was found to be ectopic pregnancy at the hospital!

Ectopic pregnancy is also a common gynecological urgency.In recent years, with the change of people’s sexual concepts and life concepts, the incidence of extraterritical pregnancy has increased significantly, and the age of onset has become younger.However, many patients do not know the symptoms. Until the onset, they did not know that they had ectopic pregnancy, and they almost caused calamity.

Abdominal pain Emergency medical treatment is an ectopic pregnancy

Ms. Lu was 38 years old. One afternoon in early October, she suddenly felt her stomach pain, and she thought about whether she had eaten her stomach. She had acute gastroenteritis and went to a toilet.

Unexpectedly, after going to the toilet, abdominal pain not only did not improve, but intensified.

Ms. Lu was so cold that she couldn’t stand, so she immediately called her sister.

Ms. Lu’s sister arrived immediately after learning about it. She saw that Ms. Lu was unbearable, and she shrunk into a ball. She rolled in bed and immediately hit 120.

Ms. Lu was sent to the emergency room of a nearby hospital by an first aid car. The doctor preliminarily diagnosed.

At that time, Ms. Lu’s consciousness was blurred, her blood pressure dropped sharply, and she was on the verge of shock.

Considering the restrictions on hospitals, emergency doctors immediately contacted Yuhang Third Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology and transferred it to the hospital.

When he arrived at the Third Hospital, Ms. Lu had shocked, and her blood pressure was only 60/40mmHg, and she had to perform surgery immediately.

The hospital immediately opened the green channel to send Ms. Lu to the operating room at the fastest speed.

Extraordinary pregnancy is almost delayed when gastroenteritis is almost delayed

Dr. Zhou Jing found in the surgery found that Ms. Lu was ruptured by the right fallopian tube pregnancy, with a bleeding of nearly 2500 ml.

"Like her, an adult with a weight of only 40 kilograms, the total blood is usually 3,000 ml. It can be said that she almost glows the blood of her body, very dangerous, and the consequences of a little delay are unimaginable."

She immediately performed a right -sized tubal resection for Ms. Lu and stopped bleeding.

After more than an hour of rescue, Ms. Lu eventually turned in danger.

Afterwards, Ms. Lu recalled: "Before going to the hospital, she did not know that she was pregnant. Because the" Aunt ‘"Aunt’ last month came, it was longer than usual, so I took a few Chinese medicines.Bleeding. So this time my stomach pain, I thought it was gastroenteritis. I never thought that it would be ectopic pregnancy, and I almost lost my life. "

Ectopic pregnancy rupture is very dangerous and menopause. Women should check as soon as possible

Ectopic pregnancy is abnormal pregnancy and is more common in tubal pregnancy.Because tissues such as fallopian tubes, ovaries, and other local tissues are not as strong and elastic, when the embryo gradually grows, it will break the surrounding tissue, leading to abdominal pain and major bleeding.

Wei Xianfeng, director of obstetrics and gynecology, said that patients usually had obvious symptoms before abortion or rupture, and may have abdominal pain, menopause, and small amounts of vaginal bleeding.

Once the rupture is broken, acute and severe abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, or even shock, will be life -threatening without timely treatment.

Therefore, ectopic pregnancy must be discovered and treated early.

"Many people were taken to the hospital until too much blood loss, which not only increased the difficulty of treatment, but also the patient’s life was not guaranteed."

Director Wei finally emphasized that after menopause, it is best to go to the hospital for an examination and find an ectopic pregnancy as soon as possible to avoid rupture and cause serious consequences.

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