Shenzhen Past: Beautiful sister tells her secrets after pregnancy, and her boyfriend escapes from the rental house.

In the year of Shenzhen, I was 23 years old and had been working for four years.Before in Dongguan, Taiwan -funded factory Hong Kong -funded factories have worked. From Taiwan to high efficiency to Qunuang, from general workers to technicians to foreman, the title is a lot of wages, but the salary has not risen with the water.

This small electronic factory in Xixiang is not far from Dayi Plaza. The boss is from Hunan.He was very optimistic about my previous work experience. I was afraid that I didn’t look at the workshop with only two small production lines. He waved a big hand and added 100 more yuan on the basis of the salary in the recruitment information.

After joining the job, I rented a single room in Gongle Village nearby.When moving to the house in the house, a few hanger placed in the bucket, because it stretched out, accidentally hung on the flower pot on the window sill next door.There was a loud noise, a few garlic seedlings planted in the pot and the eggshell buckled in the soil, mixed with yellow and black soil, sprinkled the first floor, and many of them flew downstairs.

When I let go of the thing in a panic, when I instinctively packed my hands, the door of the room suddenly opened, and a middle -aged couple stopped me loudly.I thought that a conflict was inevitable, but the woman was quite mild, saying that the younger brother would not use his hands and would be cut.I took the broom and packed it myself.The man went downstairs without saying a word, and confirmed that he hadn’t smashed the ground and cleaned the ground.

The friendship between the two made me overwhelmed. When I saw me stunned, they helped me move things into the house.The conversation learned that the man was a car maker carrier over Tiegang.As for what a woman did, she didn’t say it, and I didn’t ask.

Women in their early thirties and tall figures. Although they are not very handsome, from the perspective of dressing, they are far better than those girls in the factory.The seemingly simple dress, just look at her pretty and moving side.

This small episode made me feel emotional for a long time. For four years, people came and had little care.The sincerity and enthusiasm of the elder brother and big sister made me feel warm. When I settled up, I had to ask them to gather to express my gratitude.

On a rest day, I was sleeping at home. Suddenly someone knocked on the door and opened the door in a confused way. It was actually a big sister. She was wearing a purple pajamas.

I panicked and asked her what was going on. Dasao said that she would throw garbage and forget to bring the key. When I came back, the wind brought the door and came to me to help open the door.

I got up and found the old phone card in the drawer. When I went out, I was surprised that I was still naked. I hurriedly put on the T -shirt and went to open the door with the sister -in -law.

The old -fashioned door lock in front of the phone card without the work. After opening the door, Dasao asked me to enter the house to drink water. I also asked me to call her sister Yu.

In the same rental house, some women have carefully arranged the feeling of different feelings. My single room is like an abandoned warehouse, and the sister of the jade couple is pleasing to the eye.Purple sheets were covered with large roses on the bed.They also set up the bedside table, with white green tablecloths on the round dining table, and orange night lights on the bedside.

Sister Yu poured a glass of water for me and asked me enthusiastically if I met in Shenzhen, and asked me if I had a girlfriend.I blushed and said no, so she said that letting her boyfriend Chen help me help me and find a few gentle girls in the clothing factory.

Because Sister Yu was wearing pajamas, I often had nowhere to place my eyes. Without waiting for her to finish talking, she hurried back to her room.

After about half a month, I was resting on the day.Early in the morning, a pale green dress stood at the door with elegant and fresh, saying that I asked me to go to their room for dinner at noon.

I only discovered that day that their family was chef, and sister Yu accompanied me to chat in the room.Soon Chen Ge has six dishes, and the small round table is full of daiming. The colorful Jiangxi cuisine is very similar to our Hunan cuisine.Every time I take a bite, I admire Chen Brother.I thought that Sister Yu was really the dream of countless women. Brother Chen was so thoughtful that she was just as beautiful as flowers. This is probably how love is.

Sister Yu said that she was working in the Meikedian shop in Lijing City. No wonder she always dressed like this.A few glasses of Jinwei beer, Sister Yu seemed to be full of power. She proudly said that she was the best of more than a dozen sisters. The monthly bonuses were the most, and many customers named her.

Then Sister Yu talked about her acquaintance with Chen, because of a small accident.When she was at work that day, her electric car was broken halfway. In the scorching sun, she pushed the car to find the car shop. A tall man came to take the initiative to lend her car to her.Sister Yu only arrived at that shop at the time, and she was afraid of being late to affect the evaluation. She hurriedly agreed to change the car and gave the electric car to the man.

When Sister Yu stopped at the door of the store, she reacted that the man rode a bicycle and was an electric car. At that moment, she wanted to draw herself, so she was so easily cheated.Who would like to pass the agreed location after get off work, the man really waited there.

That night, they took it for granted.I asked for beer. Sister Yu had a special desire to drink that day. She touched him one by one, and he was very able to drink.When it was sent back, the world rained, and the man took off his clothes and covered his sister Yu.

The two arrived at the rental house. He stood a little stinging at the door. He said that he was going back quickly, but he didn’t move.Sister Yu asked him to enter the house to wipe his hair. Later, it was your sister Yu and Chen.

"I remember we held together as soon as I entered the door. It seems that you pulled me into my arms?" Sister Yu crimson her cheeks and looked at Brother Chen.Brother Chen looked at me like a jujube: "I don’t know how to be shy, say everything out?"

The stomach of the vegetables into the throat, and was fainted by the tiredness of this love story. I suddenly wanted to find a girl to fall in love.

This time, the feelings of my husband and my husband and wife were much closer.Especially Brother Chen, come to me to chat in my house.Sometimes when we meet the two of us for the next day, I will prepare some peanut rice, a few bags of mustard, a few cold dishes, and buy a few bottles of beer.The two big men sat at each other and drank together to talk about the insights in the factory.

That day, when I got off the late work, I saw Chen squatting in front of my door with braised vegetables.I hurriedly opened the door and invited him in. Although I was going to work on the second day, I still spent a small drink with him.

That night, Brother Chen seemed to be drunk, and when he came up for a while, when he drank tears, he suddenly had no head and said, Sister Yu was pregnant, and we were going to get married.I was so emotional and drinking with a big mouth, and I was really happy.

However, Brother Chen ignored my blessings, and he cried anyway.This was really surprised by me, and I asked Chen to say that Chen Ge finally talked about a sad past.

Sister Yu was born in a family of heavy men and women. She studied in the town in the town. Fortunately, the small sales department was from aunt’s house.At that time, a geological team was stationed in that town, saying that there seemed to be minerals nearby.

The leading geological team members grow tall and big. They love to buy things, a bottle of drink, and a pack of snacks.She understood at a moment, the man was not to buy things, but to see her.Slowly, he would buy two bottles of soda and give her a bottle. This seemingly calm leisurely routine can buy the girl’s heart.

One day, her aunt went out to buy. She was the only one at home. The geological player suddenly hugged her when she came in, and then pushed her down in bed.One month later, Sister Yu found that she was pregnant.She cried and asked him what to do, he thought about it, let her wait for him.At that time, she was only 19 years old and looked forward to him to marry her.

It was just that the person was like evaporation on earth. From then on, there was no message. Her mother forced her to remove her child. Sister Yu resolutely refused.Sister Jade, who has become unmarried, has become a "celebrity" for dozens of miles, and her aunt is reluctant to leave her.It was difficult to raise the child to half the year. The life of the mother was unsustainable. The helpless sister had to entrust the child to her mother and go south to work with the people in the neighboring village.

Sister Yu saved money in Shenzhen, and sent money to her mother every month. She did not expect that her mother had given her child away after she just went south.

When Brother Chen said here, the cry was beyond smell. I was about to touch him, but saw him crooked, climbing on the table and pulling a snoring sound.What happened later?Has Sister Yu found the child?Why did Brother Chen suddenly tell me about it emotionally?I was urgent to know the truth, but today I have no chance.

In a blink of an eye, almost at the end of the year, I was getting busy at work, and I was very difficult to meet with the sister Yu and his wife in the early and late.When I was a little free, I found that Chen did not find me to drink and chat for a long time.

After knocking for a long time, Sister Yu slowly opened the door, and there was no enthusiasm on her face. I asked Brother Chen, but she entered the room silently.After several questions, I knew that Brother Chen and I cried that night, did not return to the room, where I went, and no one knew.

Sister Yu said that she only found a letter left by Chen Chen in where the two were put on money.In a few words, the tone was very cold. The idea was that he was very depressed during this time.He said he had to think about it calmly, and if he wanted to understand, he might come back.

Sister Yu has been to the garment factory. The factory said that Chen Ge had already left the job, and the mobile phone also stopped.Sister Yu, who has always loved to talk and laugh, crying into tears that day.I had a stomach, but I didn’t know where to talk about it for a while, so I had to sit down silently until the night fell.

I gathered my courage and asked Sister Yu to do. She looked at the boundless darkness outside the window, saying that after the operation, the body had returned to most of her body, and she would take all the savings to find her own child.

"Waiting for a person’s taste is too painful. I will no longer wait for anyone for the rest of my life, and I don’t want my child to wait."

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