Ship tightness and breathless?Pregnant and asthmatic, "medicine" does not?

When asthma occurs, often chest tightness and breathlessness?For the safety of the fetus, should it be continuously used or the drug should be stopped?After pregnancy, will asthma worsen?What must be noted?

Common causes of asthma?

Pepse is caused by congenital inheritance and acquired environment.Heredity, infection, and allergies are all possible, or these three reasons are mixed:

Congenital: Congenital comes from heredity.If the father or mother has asthma, the child has a chance of asthma 2.6 times higher than the average person; if the parents have asthma, the child will have 5.2 times the chance of asthma.But even if parents have no asthma, it does not mean that the child will not get asthma.

The day after tomorrow: The day after tomorrow comes from infection or allergies.Infections include various viruses or bacterial infections, such as colds, flu, etc. are possible; allergies are wider, and everything may cause asthma allergies. Allergens of each asthma patient may not be the same.There are many allergens that can induce asthma, such as: second -hand smoke, air pollution, dust mites, pollen, specific types of food, animal fur, rapid temperature changes, rain, or even emotional excitement, can also make breathstand asthmaSession varies from person to person.

Symptoms of asthma?

Common asthma symptoms include: breathing, asthma, breathlessness, chest tightness, cough (phlegm are possible), and you can hear the sound of asthma. Most of the symptoms are more obvious at night than daytime, but not absolute.Symptoms of asthma may not be relieved by itself, depending on the severity of asthma.

Some people will confuse asthma with chronic lung obstruction. The biggest difference between the two in both symptoms is that when asthma has no attack, most of them are no different from ordinary people.During the attack, severe cases may not even suck the air, and the condition is very different. As for chronic lung obstruction, it is easy to breathe a little more than a little more common activity.Smoking.

The influence of pregnant women’s asthma?

Those with severe condition may lead to abortion or natural abortion in the fetus, and may also cause signs of eclampsia, pregnancy drama, premature birth, low birth weight, and even pregnant women may also have respiratory failure and have to be cautious.

How to diagnose asthma?

Once there are asthma symptoms, look at the clinic of the thoracic clinic, doctors will arrange relevant examinations (such as lung function tests) to confirm whether there is a phenomenon of respiratory and gas flow to further evaluate whether it is asthma.

I didn’t breathe, suddenly breathing after pregnancy?

Most of them will not suddenly have asthma because of pregnancy. It may be asthma itself, but I do n’t know before pregnancy, and the seizure after pregnancy will be diagnosed.I do n’t know before pregnancy. It may be because the occurrence of asthma or the occurrence of the attack is very mild. I mistakenly thought that I was not sleeping, too tired, or a cold.Many people interpret the symptoms of some diseases in their own way, which may have misunderstandings.

After pregnancy, will asthma worsen?

If you know that you have asthma before pregnancy, will asthma worse after pregnancy?Actually not necessarily.According to statistics, there are 1/3 people who have already had asthma, and the symptoms of asthma in the later stages of pregnancy will increase; 1/3 people are flat, and 1/3 people will improve.Therefore, it is possible to worsen, maintain unchanged, and improve.

Most of the asthma during pregnancy is mostly because the original asthma is more serious and not well maintained. For example, there is no regular return to the tracing, the medication is used for medical treatment, and the contact is more allergic.

How to treat pregnant women’s asthma?

In fact, the principle of treatment is not much different from general patients. It is mainly to reduce the contact of allergens or stimuli, and use the rules.Doctors will also be more cautious in choosing medicine.Therefore, even if you are pregnant, you ca n’t stop the medicine by yourself. You must take the medicine according to the doctor (but you must tell the doctor that you are pregnant and discuss the medication during pregnancy).If the drug is stopped by itself, the chance of asthma has increased significantly, and it is easier to repeat acute attacks.I have seen that there are some pregnant women clinically to stop the drug after pregnancy. The symptoms of asthma are severe, and even more drugs need to be used for treatment. It is recommended that they still follow the doctor’s order.

In terms of asthma drugs, some are maintenance -type inhalation drugs used every day, some are drugs that can only be used during acute attacks.EssenceDoctors will adjust the medication according to the severity of asthma.

At present, most of the commonly used asthma drugs lack the human body test directly against pregnant women, and most of them are animal experiments, which is estimated that it should not have much impact on pregnant women and fetuses.Although it is not necessarily safe, considering that if asthma attacks, the negative impact on the mother’s fetus is greater. Therefore, the use of asthma drugs is greater than the disadvantages. Most doctors think that they still need to continue to use medicine to control asthma after pregnancy.

Pregnant women are asthma, what should be noted?

Regularly return to the diagnosis and follow the doctor’s advice.If the doctor prescribes the drugs used every day, you must use it every day to reduce the chance of acute attacks.

When asthma attacks, you can use acute seizures first. If you can alleviate symptoms, you can temporarily observe it. If you cannot relieve, continue to take asthma and cough, you must seek medical treatment immediately.

Confirm your allergens (can be tested by blood) and try to avoid contact with allergens.

Wear masks when you go out, because the N95 mask is more uncomfortable to wear, you can wear a surgical mask and change it every day; it is not recommended to wear a cotton mask. The cotton mask is not only effective, but also easy to attach dirt.

Still exercise moderately

Appropriate and moderate exercise is good for physical and mental health, but it should not be too intense.The amount of exercise and types suitable for each asthma pregnant woman varies from person to person. They should still ask the doctor to evaluate according to the severity of asthma.The basic principle is that it is limited to not inducing your asthma. Excessive exercise may still cause asthma and must do force.

Cetering is related to physical fitness. Although it cannot be completely cured, but if you follow the doctor’s advice, most of the condition can also be controlled.

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