Should uterine fibroids be cut?I just want to tell you: 2 cases are surgery to save lives

Most uterine fibroids do not have much effect on the health of patients. It is precisely because of this factor that many people do not pay attention to it, and some people are completely opposite.What about cutting?

Uterine fibroids do not need to be cut depending on the situation

In the end, if the uterine fibroids are not cut, which method needs to be used for treatment, in fact, it is related to many factors. It is necessary to combine the patient’s age and physical condition.Affect treatment.

Situation 1: Women in menopause can generally not cut off

If women who are menopausal periods are relatively small, the body is relatively small, and there is not much abnormal body, so there is no need to treat special treatment, but it takes every three months to half a year to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment to check the level of estrogen in the patient.It is also necessary to understand whether the fibroids have atrophy.

Case 2: Need to cut off uterine fibroids

① If there are more than five fibroids in the patient’s body, and also show symptoms such as excessive blood and poor bowel movements, then you cannot observe conservatively at this time. Corresponding measures must be taken as soon as possible.Essence

② There are also some patients. Although the uterine fibroids in the body are not too large, it can easily lead to ascites and ribs.Therefore, it is necessary to treat whether this fibroids will be canceled, so it is necessary to be treated early.

Fortunately, the method of fibroids in the treatment institution is relatively simple. It is no longer an era when the uterus is required for treatment in the past. Through minimally invasive treatment technology, the integrity of the uterus can also be retained when treating uterine fibroids.The wound of the mirror on the body is very small. After putting the endoscope into the uterus, you can see the situation in the uterus clearly, and then use the special surgical equipment to remove the tumor directly.

Uterine fibroids are harmful


Uterine fibroids can lead to increased menstrual periods. In the long run, this can easily lead to secondary anemia. Severe patients may even have symptoms of general weakness and shortness of breath, which seriously damages the health of patients.

—— Infertility abortion

The fibroids in the uterine horn prevent the entrance of the fallopian tube, and it will prevent the fertilized eggs from implanting in the uterus, so it will cause infertility. In addition, even if the fertilized eggs are successful, the emergence of uterine fibroids will cause the emergence of uterine fibroids to make it makes it possible for uterine fibroids to make it possible for uterine fibroids.Deformation inside the uterine cavity can easily lead to miscarriage even if pregnancy is successful.


Patients with uterine fibroids are often accompanied by the symptoms of lower abdomen and back pain, and because of the reversal of the subtin membrane uterine fibroids, acute abdominal pain can occur.

——Herbal bleeding

Many patients with mucosal uterine fibroids have symptoms of uterine bleeding. The signal we can detect is the increase in the amount of menstrual period and extension of the menstrual period.

If the uterine fibroids are not treated in time to health, it is very serious to health. Therefore, in life, we must do a good job of prevention work, do good during menstruation and postpartum care. At the same time, we must pay attention to hygiene of houses and stay away from artificial abortion.

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