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He is a father -in -law, and follows, what you want to do for the child will slowly immerse them into the life of the two husbands and wives.First of all, after going to the hospital for pregnancy, 12 weeks ago, the pregnant mother should choose the hospital where they gave birth. It is best to go to a hospital from the first examination.Essence

Then after choosing a hospital for childbirth, it has reached the steps commonly known as the establishment of the file.Basically, every pregnant mother gives birth to the hospital to establish its own file. This is also convenient to record the physical condition of the pregnant mother in a comprehensive period of pregnancy. At the same time, it will remind the pregnant mother to check.The assistant.

So what do I need to do?First of all, positioning your own address. The editor shared the Zhuhai of Guangdong as an example. Basically, it is now the Internet, which is similar.

The basic steps are: the archives of community hospitals, applying for maternity registration (previously known as a quasi -birth certificate), get the fertility registration paper version, and go to the delivery hospital to sign a contract.

Taking Zhuhai as an example, Zhuhai’s current three hospitals, such as Maternal and Child Health Hospital, People’s Hospital, and the Fifth Hospital of the University of China, are not directly accepted to build files. Instead, they have allocated files to their community hospitals.So remember to go to a community hospital to build files. Don’t go directly to the above three hospitals.

So after confirming the community you belong to, you need to bring the hospital to issue a list that proves pregnancy. Basically, it is the B -ultrasound. Remember that the B -ultrasound is to show the in -palace pregnancy and have fetal buds.When I check it, I can not hear the fetal heart before 6 weeks. Then, such a B -ultrasound, the community hospital will not be built, so it is about 12 weeks.Zhou’s appearance is fine. The fetal buds can be seen through the B -ultrasound in about 9 weeks.

With the B -ultrasound, and my ID card, the social security card can go directly to the community hospital to hang an obstetric number to find a doctor to build a file.At the same time, remember to bring Mr.’s ID information, and you can take pictures, because you need to fill in Mr. Mr.’s information when you are built.There are also small tips that the pregnant mother must go, and Bao Dad can not go. In the case of not many people in the hospital, it can be done in half an hour.

After the completion of the file, the community hospital will give the pregnant mother two books, a white book. This is later saved to the signing of the delivery hospital. There is also a pink book of the pregnant mother’s manual.of.If it is a local hukou or a local social security, there will be some free projects for pregnancy tests when they are built. Although there are not many, they can also save money from diapers.

After getting the file construction information, go to the community office to apply for maternity registration.Of course, the Internet is developed now, and fertility registration can be handled directly in the province of Guangdong, which is super convenient.In the province in Guangdong, find the interface of fertility. After clicking in, click on one child registration or two -child registration according to your own situation, which will show the information you need to submit, including the front and back of the identity card of both husband and wife, the homepage of the two parties and the person in the household page and himselfThere are also marriage certificates, just upload these photos.There are also the street office where the household registration of both parties should be understood in advance, and it also needs to choose.

Fill in all the information and upload it, you can submit it.After the submission, the staff will be approved.If it is handling where your account is located, it will be much faster. If it is a different place, you may need to be reviewed and approved by the office where the household registered.After submitting, you will see the location and contact information of the handling.

You will receive the information after you pass it in the background. It is prompted to print the paper version. When you get the paper version, you only need to show your ID card. Of courseThere are no preparation.

The above -mentioned community hospitals have been built and maternity registration. The order can also be transferred. If you are not local, you can apply for maternity registration in advance before going to the community hospital to build files. After all, the office review time is not good.Like Xiaobian when I met the May 5 Day holiday, it was almost delayed.

So after getting the paper version of the fertility registration, bring two manuals built on the community hospital, the fertility registration paper version, the identity card of the husband and wife, the household registration book, the marriage certificate, the woman’s social security card and a residence permit, go to the selectedCommunity hospitals signed a contract.Take Zhuhai women and children as an example. They bring these information to the social security window on the second floor to sign a contract, and then go to the obstetric nurse station for registration. This set of procedures is completed.

Of course, the above personal information ID card registration certificate is not available in some places. Now you can see the information when you are connected to the Internet, but it is recommended to bring it when you need it. OtherwiseYou have to run again.

The hospital generally requires to sign the contract for 12 weeks. You can choose to make an appointment of a obstetrician when you are at 11 weeks+. After the signing of the contract, go directly to the doctor.You, including the NT check -up list, can make an appointment in advance.If you choose your own hospital, you are a maternal and child or a well -known local three hospitals. Like NT, four -dimensional projects must make an appointment in advance, leave enough time for yourself, and don’t miss the best check -up time.

The signing of a contract for maternity registration is the first thing that the little couple does for themselves for themselves. Although the process will be a bit complicated, the process of preparing together is also full of happiness. I believe that the baby can also feel the expectations of parents and dadsOh.

The above is the experience of signed the contract by Xiaobian. Share it with Bao Da Bao Mom, take less detours.Of course, if you do n’t know your local policies, you can call to ask first. Generally, there are calls for searching for a number of hospitals or communities. If you ask clearly, you can save a lot of time, and it will not affect your mood.

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