Since I was pregnant, my husband began to work frequently. In the middle of the night, I threw away the divorce application form.

My husband and I met at a fellow party. He and I both worked in the city, and his hometown was in the same place.The most important thing is that we are similar to us, and there are many common topics in chatting together.Because there are so many favorable conditions, we quickly determined the relationship between love.However, when I brought him to my friends, they unanimously opposed me and him. They recognized that my husband’s mouth was slippery and his tongue was obviously not reliable.But I don’t think there is anything, I am jealous of them.

After we got along for about a year, I took him to see my family.What surprised me was that the family’s evaluation of him was the same as my friends.If my friends can not care, but my parents have to care.

But with my long understanding of my husband for so long, I don’t believe that he will be evaluated by others.So in the end, I still insisted on completing the wedding with my husband regardless of their obstacles.I understand that if I want my parents to truly accept him, he must let him speak with facts.

Therefore, on the first day of my marriage, I made some requirements for my husband.First of all, he must strictly control his behavior and resolutely cannot do something to be sorry for our feelings and marriage.Then he had to find a stable job earlier. A rich material life is the first guarantee for our marriage.

After listening to my two requirements, he agreed without hesitation.In fact, he not only promised fast, but he also did well in terms of behavior.He found a good job. Every day, in addition to going to work to take care of me at home, and I do n’t need to worry about other things except to do housework occasionally.

In addition, he has almost no entertainment time. He is at home except at home, and he has not even a heterosexual contact in his mobile phone.In the blink of an eye, more than a year passed, and my husband’s performance made me very satisfied, and gradually my parents’ parents also changed their attitude towards him.

However, just after my pregnancy, my husband’s performance has changed again.He began to work frequently, but at the beginning, he only returned late, but later, he could not return at less than twelve every night.I feel faintly feel that the situation is not right, so I specifically asked him to talk a few times.

Every time I talk, I can’t get the answer I want from his mouth. He just keeps with me that he will not do something sorry for me.Every time he gets me back to overtime, I have always endured it.But after a long time, he suddenly appeared at night.

I can’t bear it anymore. One night I asked my cousin to find a way to track my husband, and I wanted to know what he was doing.At the same time, I made the worst plans and wrote a divorce application.The night was very deep, but I didn’t have a trace of trouble. I took my phone and waited for my cousin’s phone.

Finally, around 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, my mobile phone bell rang and waited for my cousin.He was sure that he told me that the husband was installed and unloaded in a cargo department, and he went in to find someone. The husband belonged to a temporary worker, but he did it for a few hours at night.

After hanging up the phone, I finally put down the stone in my heart.I threw the agreement directly to the trash can, and then leaned on the bedside and cried.It must be that the pressure I have given him too much. Since I am pregnant, I have always complained that he has made less money and will not be able to raise a child in the future.That’s why he thought of doing loading and unloading workers every night. He did this to make more money at home.

The more I thought about it, the more I suddenly felt that I was lucky. I was the best decision I made in my life regardless of other people’s opposition to marry him.

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