Sisters, I want to know that you are washing your hair during your pregnancy.

Welcome to the pregnancy diary of the young pregnant woman in 2002, and spend it in the village today.

Good morning, sisters!Last night I took the barbecue and came back too late. I fell asleep without washing my hair. I couldn’t stand my hair today, so I washed it.Like many young pregnant women, I usually take a bath and wash my hair. I have never taken a bath since I was pregnant.Sisters, how do you wash your hair?Washing this way will not be squeezed to the stomach, but it is still a bit of a waist after washing.My forehead is a bit itchy, maybe I want to have acne and quickly prevent it.Sisters, do your skin get better or worse during pregnancy?My skin is better than before pregnancy. I don’t have much acne, but the previous acne marks have never been going on.Dad brought back a few couriers, I washed my face first, and then dried my hair.From the back, my waist was quite flexible, and I couldn’t see my stomach wearing slim clothes.But I also convinced, which little pregnant woman’s ass is greater than her belly?I dismantled these courier and always bought a pile of incomplete things.This is the socks you bought. You can wear it in autumn and you can use it in confinement.Sisters do not like to watch and dismantle express to 2:08 seconds.This is the powder I bought. Try it.Although I do n’t make makeup during pregnancy, I still want to buy these makeup.These are the water milk I stored in the drawer.It’s really easy to be hungry during pregnancy. I ate bread when I was hungry. This is the snack I bought, all in the drawer.My sister called and asked me to go home to eat buns. I changed my clothes and went out.Are you all of your pregnancy?You must eat immediately when you are hungry, otherwise your mood will be bad.I only eat on time at my mother’s house, and I was hungry early today.When I was hungry at home, I ate some snack pads.Recently, my dad came back to deliver meals, so I waited for him to come back before eating.It may be because he was worried about my own home and worried that my mother was uneasy, so every time I went back to eat, I said that I would go home to live.I was lying on the bed after washing. I still want to eat bread. I can’t sleep in my mouth today.

I never eat supper at night, because I ate it for dinner, so I won’t be hungry at night.I ate early in my mother’s house today, and I was a little hungry after taking a shower.Sisters, will you get up and add meals during the evening of pregnancy?Remember to like it!

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