Six common contraceptive methods, the first convenience, the fourth damage small, the fifth economy!

Nowadays, people’s thoughts are relatively open. Many people are out of love during their love period, and they can’t stop the blocking of firewood in the depths, and naturally have a relationship.The relationship between the two sides is naturally good, but the chance of pregnancy without contraceptive measures is very high. If you are pregnant, you do n’t want it. In the end, it is still a woman.Similarly, even if you are married, if you do n’t want a child, it ’s best to do safe contraception, enjoy happiness, and dilemma after pregnancy.Therefore, whether you are married or unmarried, you should pay attention to contraceptive measures if you do n’t want your baby to avoid making trouble.

Six common contraceptive methods, the first convenience, the fourth damage small, the fifth economy!

1. Endogenic ejaculation

This method of contraception is very convenient. It is not difficult to understand from the literal meaning, that is, in the same room, ejaculate in vitro.However, there is no guarantee of this kind of room life, because the process of the same room will have semen flowing out. Even if it is finally shot outside the body, it is not safe, and the possibility of pregnancy is still very high.

2. Safety period

This method of contraception is not worth recommending. Why do you say that?Contraception must not want a baby to contraception, but the safe period is not "safe".Safe contraception is mainly calculated by women according to their own menstrual period, usually the previous 7 and 8 as a safe period of safety.If it takes 28 days as a cycle, the ovulation period is about 14 days, and 3-5 days before and after the ovulation period can be said to be a dangerous period. At this time, the surrogacy rate in the same room is very high.Safe contraception is to come to contraception 8 days before menstruation and 8 days after menstruation.However, there are no so -called safety periods for irregular menstruation. There are many examples of having an unexpectedly pregnant period of safety during safety.It’s big.

3, contraceptives

The effect of contraceptives and contraception is still very good, but it is too harmful to the body. The so -called "three -point poison" is not wrong.There are also many kinds of contraceptives. Common emergency contraceptives and long -term contraceptives taken for a long time. Take contraceptives are actually a normal state of inhibiting or interrupting the nerve endocrine axis and have a certain impact on the body.For example: bad appetite, vomiting, dizziness, weakness, less menstruation, even amenorrhea, leucorrhea, weight gain obesity, etc.

4, condom

Many people will also use this kind of contraceptive method. There are many types of condoms and can be available for many choices, so there may be a lot of interest, and life in the same room may be more harmonious.And this method of contraception can also prevent the spread of the disease, and the damage is relatively small.To choose this method of contraception, it should be noted that the quality of condoms should be better, so this contraceptive method is relatively economical than other contraceptive methods.

5, upper ring

The upper ring contraception is to prevent the birth ring in the women’s uterus. The birthplace is a safe, effective, economical, long -term and reversible contraceptive method. This contraceptive method is the main contraceptive measure of Chinese childcare women.The in -the -palace breds are divided into two generations: the first generation of the in -the -palace biocarrings, also known as an inert palace internal bareer, have metal stainless steel spring or single ring, double ring or twist shape, as well as plastic or plastic metal hybrid products; the second generation; the second generationThe in -palaces are also known as an active internal in -palace. It slowly releases copper, anti -inflammatory hemostatic or progesterone, and has the lack of activity in the first generation, which further improves the contraceptive effect.At present, the second -generation palace internal and external breds are widely used at home and abroad.There will also be side effects after the wound, but most women are acceptable, and this contraceptive method is effective and economical.

6. Ligation

Men and women can be ligated. The principle of male ligation contraceptives is to cut off the sperm -viaing tube that transports sperm by the testis, so that the sperm cannot enter the semen and excrete the body.Female ligation surgery should avoid menstrual periods to prevent infection. This contraceptive method was permanently irreversible contraceptive surgery in the early stage, but current medicine has been able to perform vasters and tubal reinstation.There are very few people using this contraceptive method, and only couples who do not want their children anymore will be used.

What kind of contraceptive method do you think is the best?Welcome to share and communicate!

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