Sleeping together with couples is best#

Husbands and wives cannot be separated.

Never sleep with your old cen.Sisters, I tell you my personal experience that when we were not yet children, we had been sleeping together. At that time, I occasionally returned to work late, and the other person was not used to sleep well.

But the problem was after there was a child. At that time, I was resting leave, but my husband still had to work at nine to five.I just thought that my husband would work during the day, and sometimes I came back very late. I couldn’t sleep well at night. I still felt very distressed.I feel that if I work hard, I can even be too tired during the day, so do n’t affect my husband.

So no matter how tired I was during the day, I was alone at night. In the confinement, my mother -in -law came over to set up a handle, but after all, I did n’t sleep together. I ca n’t call them all.Later, my maternity leave was over, and it was time to go back to work.It stands to reason that I shouldn’t get up at night alone, but my husband is already used to sleeping.At that time, I was sleepy on the way to work and died. How many times I told him to get up at night, but I could n’t hear it at that time, or I would n’t do it.

Asked this, I told me to be considerate of my husband, and they have worked for a day?And the child is looking for his mother without looking for him. What is the use of him to get up?Husband had a daughter -in -law and mother to help him see the child. Later, he became home and lay on the sofa. The child could not hear it. You feel bad for him to sleep well.Over time, I have accumulated a lot of grievances and unhappy in my heart. Postpartum depression really can send people away in minutes.

In fact, there are many such examples around me. Sleeping for rooms is too harmful to marriage.The separation of husbands and wives is often the beginning of deterioration, especially long -term separation, which is a disaster for marriage, because the body is far away, and the heart is slowly alienated.Now everyone is very busy. He is busy working outside during the day. You are busy at home and busy with your children. The time when the couple can really communicate and communicate feelings, there is a little time before going to bed at night.

If you take a room with your mobile phone and sleep in the evening after eating, what can you use to enhance your feelings?When the husband and wife always see the other person’s not to the eye, don’t think that there is no trouble to sleep in the room.Girls should not sleep as a tool for punishing the other half, and the emotional of close skin couples can be really good.No matter what disputes, as long as the two people sleep together, they can always communicate and solve.

It is said that the husband and wife did not have overnight revenge, and the bedside quarreled at the end of the bed.If you do n’t sleep together, your communication and exchanges are gradually decreasing, which will only make your contradictions and gaps get bigger and bigger. How long can you persist in the marriage that lacks intimate relationships?So sisters, whether you are pregnant or bringing children, do not sleep with the old cenrobium room, do not suffer yourself in order to distinguish others.

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