Some spinach is delicious and astringent. What’s going on?

Speaking of the animation of "Hercules", the deepest memory of many people’s hearts is that the protagonist is all over the world because of "eating spinach".With the play of "Sailor", the use of spinach has increased significantly.Although eating spinach does not make you great, the nutritional value of spinach is really high.Spinach contains a lot of protein, multiple vitamins, dietary fiber and iron, calcium, magnesium and other minerals, especially the content of carotene and iron.Essence

I wonder if you have found such a problem?Sometimes the spinach bought from the market is delicious, but sometimes the spinach bought back, even after the water is astringent, is not delicious, why is this?

Round leaves?Skin leaf?

Spinach is a vegetable that Persians cultivated more than 2,000 years ago, also known as "Persian grass". In the Tang Dynasty, it was introduced to my country from today’s Nepal and other places. It has been rooted in China for more than a thousand years.Su Shi has written a poem about spinach: the bitter cold in the north is now, and the snow is like an iron armor.Do you know that I am rich in winter vegetables, and frosty leaves are more cold.The "waves" here refers to spinach. From the poems, it can be seen that spinach was widely planted in Shu at that time, and it was capable of overwintering.

From ancient times to the present, spinach planting has formed two types of sharp leaves and round leaves; the annual production has been achieved, and the planting stubble has spring and autumn stubble, summer stubble, wintering stubble, etc.EssenceThe key reason why the spinach we bought is sometimes delicious, and sometimes it is not delicious.The taste of sharp leaf spinach in the spring is fresh and slightly sweet, and the astringent taste is relatively small; and if the cypress spinach is not cooked and cooked, it will taste a relatively large astringent taste.In addition, round leaf spinach leaf is thick, and the taste is a bit rough than the sharp leaves.

So what is the difference between these two types of spinach except for the different taste?How to cook?

Guo Yangdong, China Agricultural University, copyright picture, unauthorized reprint

Different shape

The leaves of sharp leaf spinach are pointed. The leaves of this spinach are narrow and thin, halberd -shaped or arrow -shaped, with smooth leaves, slender petioles, tender leaves and rhizomes. The color is pale green.

Round leaf spinach, as the name suggests, the leaves are close to the round, ovate, oval or irregular, apex blunt or slightly pointed, the base cut, halberd -shaped or arrow -shaped, the leaves are hypertrophic, more wrinkled, and the petiole is short.The whole body is green.Two spinach comparison, the leaves of round leaf spinach are thicker.

Guo Yangdong, China Agricultural University, copyright picture, unauthorized reprint

It is easy to distinguish from the appearance, which is sharp leaf spinach, and which is round leaf spinach.

Different breeding goals

The earliest spinach that was introduced into China was more needed for early spring vegetable supply to retain the types of polyollars’ leafy leaves. Generally, this type of cultivation is mostly selected in late autumn and overwintering stubbles.

Many of the spinach are introduced into my country from Europe in modern times. In order to meet the diverse market demand, the goal of breeding is heat resistance, fast growth, and pumping to solve the needs of the spring and autumn and summer cultivation in my country.

Due to the different breeding goals, breeders will hybridize different types of spinach varieties. Over time, the correlation between leaf type and variety characteristics and quality characteristics is not obvious.

Different cooking methods

Skin spinach overwintering (listed in early spring) accumulated sugar and water content accumulated high, and it tastes sweet and does not feel astringent.Coupled with its thin and tender taste, this type of spinach is generally not resistant to long -term high temperature cooking, which is more suitable for cold cooking methods, or fried quickly.

The leaves of round leaf spinach are thick and large, the petiole is relatively short, and the taste is not sweet, but the dietary fiber content is high, more resistant to cooking, and it is more suitable for soup, dumplings and buns.Of course, it is also possible to like cold mixing or stir -fry, but you must eat it before eating, especially cold mixing. Be sure to simmer in advance, which can remove astringency and keep its nutritional components.

Regardless of whether it is round leaf spinach or sharp leaf spinach, we must choose fresh, non -dipped water, no old stem leaves, blooming, or yellow rotten leaves.You can distinguish the tenderness by touching the leaves, and the fresh spinach feels thick and elastic; and the soft and cowardly, indicating that this spinach has lost water.Fresh spinach contains more nutrients, with more chlorophyll content, which is more beneficial to the body.

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