Someone has a stroke. The doctor said that he can tie it in one shot, or it can be tied for a month, and it will be tied for a while.

My father is the most master of acupuncture.The villagers’ bones were tight, and they were willing to find Mr. Er to get a needle, loose their bones.The child was stunned, and his father pulled over to see the thick tongue coating. He dragged his hands and feet, stabbed with a three -edged needle towards the fish.It’s right.

A woman’s stroke, her legs and feet were paralyzed.Father said, two options.One is the urgent rule. I can get it away in one shot, but if you get a stroke again, you will not be cured.One is to slowly treat it, and slowly acupuncture reverses.She chose the latter and was able to leave for a month. It was a little bit a little bit, and she was paradise compared with the paralyzed hoe.Several people lifted a big man, and their stomachs swelled, and they were almost pushing out, and the old cow cried.His father was not in a hurry. He took out the silver acupuncture and trembled down, and "twisted slowly". For a moment, the patient farted again and again.

A man’s eyes were bleeding, and many hospitals were not cured. Finally, he found his father.My father said, I am optimistic about you, don’t be happy, don’t see well, don’t blame me.He took out the longest and thinner silver needle, and tied the temples in the temple.As a result, the man’s eyes were clear.

The pulse, his father is also a master.

Gully hurriedly came down a donkey cart.My father happened to be at the door and said to stop and see.The father knew as soon as he took the pulse, acute appendicitis.My father talked very seriously: "Twenty miles of roads in the town bumpy, people were perforated, and quickly lifted my house to ease it." The father took out the three -edged needle and pierced the acupuncture points in the appendix.It didn’t hurt, and went home to go home.

After many years of infertility, a woman has no money to see a doctor, and came to find her father.My father touched the pulse to find out the Han Han, not easy to get pregnant, and couldn’t sit still with a fetus.With a way to spend money, there is a small purple flower diced in the field, the whole grass boiled medicine, and took ten days and a half months. Later, he hugged the big fat boy.

Some mother worriedly took her daughter to see the doctor.When his father took his hand, his face was dignified. He said that the illness was not big or small, but it was not light or heavy, but it was hard to say. Let ’s go to the town to consult again.The mother looked ugly, and she seemed to blame her father to confirm the diagnosis.The next day, the mother came to thank his father again and said a good thing for the medical path.In fact, her father found out that the girl was pregnant, but she was not married and couldn’t bear to say it.

For face -to -face, the doctor is implicitly courteous, and they will figure out the good intentions of their father.My father was ill, but his heart was to people. It was soothing the eyes of the village, the warm flames and the herbs of Huichun. It was quite precious and tight.

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