Someone really does n’t know if you are pregnant for 6 months?

Does anyone really get pregnant for 6 months but don’t know?

A netizen said: My girlfriend did not know that she was pregnant until she was born. It was very busy when she was pregnant to her birth.There was no time to go out for dinner together. One day he suddenly buckled me.

I asked: "It’s okay"

He returned to me: "I gave birth to a baby"

A concise sentence directly exploded me, the whole person was covered, and my mind was relying on how I was pregnant, when I was pregnant, how could I give birth, the point is why she didn’t tell me when she was pregnant.I thought she was joking with me

So I kept saying to her, "Don’t just kidding me"

Finally, I took a picture and sent it to me. I was sure that he had a cub, and I was aggressive.Because I have given birth to a cub, I know my younger sisters, she will definitely tell me if she is pregnant,

So I asked her if you were pregnant, do n’t tell me: “You actually hides me.”

He returned: "I was so until I was born. I knew that I was pregnant. I was not hiding from you. I am also very stunned. My parents and sisters are also very stunned."

What he said to me next made me want to support the amount. She told me that her stomach was not very large during pregnancy. She thought she was just fat and wanted to skip the rope to lose weight because her aunt’s auntIt has been every few months. We have known this for many years. I know this very well, so he has never cared. He has not been very good.After drinking a few times of cold particles, just one day before his birth, he said that he was very constipated that day, and he always wanted to go to the toilet.In the middle of the night, he suddenly wanted to go to the toilet again in his sleep, and then climbed up to the toilet again. He just came back and forth like this.

At the last time, she felt that her stomach was painful and painful for a while, and it should be painful at that time.

She told me: "She endured it for a long time, and then there was a faint blood on her underwear. She thought it was a problem with her gastrointestinal and intestines, so she immediately ran to shoot her parents’ door and told her parents that she wasThe stomach and stomach were very uncomfortable, and the stomach was painful. Her dad hurriedly sent him to the hospital and hung directly in the emergency department.X -rays, look. "

Interestingly, there was not a few minutes at the beginning

The doctor asked her: "Do you know you are pregnant?"

She returned: "I’m not pregnant"

The doctor said, "You should be born when you are pregnant."

She said she was stunned at the moment

The doctor went out and called the nurse directly, and asked the doctor in charge of the obstetrics.After the doctor came, a set was determined to be born, and the palace mouth had opened six fingers, and the green channel was directly pushed to the delivery room for delivery, leaving her dad with a look of aggression. Later, her dad gave her mother and sisterAfter making a call, the family came to the hospital in seven, seven, and eight 8. After more than three hours, she gave birth to more than 6 pounds. After the delivery room was very healthy, the first thing was to call her boyfriend.Her boyfriend was also very aggressive, so he hurriedly rushed to the hospital with his parents.

In this way, the first time the two elders met in the inpatient department. I heard him finish telling me. I rolled the whole person and rolled. It was not that I was funny, but that I was narrated by her narrative.The process laughed. Later, she told me that her father, mother and sister always felt that she was very wronged. She didn’t dare to tell her family in a long time, but she actually didn’t know she was pregnant.

The follow -up was her and her boyfriend, that is, now she is a husband’s certificate.If there is no wedding, the child is very good now to the kindergarten, and she is a high school dropout. She does not know the common sense of pregnancy, but that her aunt herself is not normal, and the stomach and stomach are not good.A little bit, so I didn’t think about it at all. It can only be said that she was too big. She was always fortunate afterwards. Fortunately, the child was healthy, otherwise she would feel guilty for a lifetime.

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