Song Xiaobao has divorced for 11 years: He remarried a dragon and phoenix, and was misdiagnosed. What is the status quo of his ex -wife Huo Xiaohong?


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Song Xiaobao

Song Xiaobao is a well -known comedian and film and television actor who is deeply loved by the audience. The performances performed "Date 1, 2", "Corn Love", "Grand Exam", "Confession", and "Easy Retirement of Gifts" and other products are loved by the audience.

He also starred in more than 30 film and television dramas such as "Cherry", "Cherry Red", "22nd Marriage Regulations", "Season of Harvest", "Men’s Forty Marriage", "You Are My Spring", "Liu Laogen 4, 5" and other more than 30 film and television dramas.The 4th New Rural Art Festival Best Actor Award and other awards.

Song Xiaobao had a failed marriage. Her ex -wife Huo Xiaohong was also a well -known two -person actor. The two divorced in 2011.

Today, Song Xiaobao and Huo Xiaohong have been divorced for 11 years. He married a beautiful fan as his wife and gave birth to a pair of dragons and phoenixes.So what is Huo Xiaohong’s life situation?

Zhao Benshan, Sun Lirong, and Song Xiaobao performing on the Spring Festival Gala of Liaoning Satellite TV "Blind Date"

Song Xiaobao was 1.62 meters tall and weighed less than 100 pounds.His small eyes, thin figure, dark complexion, was inconspicuous walking in the crowd.But Song Xiaobao was full of drama, and he could make the audience laugh at a casual expression.

Among the more than 30 disciples in Zhao Benshan, Song Xiaobao’s influence was second only to Xiao Shenyang and Wang Xiaoli.

On February 1, 2011, Song Xiaobao cooperated with Zhao Benshan and Zhao Haiyan to perform sketch "Dating" at the Spring Festival party of Liaoning Satellite TV.

In this sketch, Song Xiaobao plays "Xiao Song" and is the object of the blind date of Haiyan.He said that he lived in a house of more than 1,000 square meters and controlled more than 2,000 people.In fact, his true identity is a boiler, with a boiler room of more than 1,000 square meters, and heating to more than 2,000 people.

When he went to the Haiyan family on a blind date, Xiao Song learned that Haiyan had taken care of the paralyzed cousin for more than 20 years, and proposed to live with Hai Yan and his cousin.Later, Xiao Song learned that the paralyzed cousin was Hai Yan’s ex -husband, and he chose to leave.

Song Xiaobao

Song Xiaobao’s small, dark skin, full face, a big white teeth, played by the old man.

This is the first time Song Xiaobao has been on the Spring Festival Gala, and it is very stressful.Because he was too nervous, he forgot the lines, and impromptu the phrase "Haiyan, you can have a snack". I did not expect that this line became an online buzzword.

Overnight, the audience liked this "little old man".In fact, Song Xiaobao was just 30 years old, and he shaped the "old man" wonderfully.

On January 21, 2012, Song Xiaobao once again boarded the Liaoning Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala and performed "Date 2" with Zhao Benshan, Zhao Haiyan, and Sun Lirong.This sketch is the continuation of "Date 1".

Song Xiaobao and Zhao Benshan and others performed sketches "Date 2"

When recording sketches, it was Song Xiaobao’s turn at 11 o’clock in the evening, but they arrived at the scene at 7 pm.Song Xiaobao, Zhao Haiyan and Sun Lirong have been moisting the lines and the script. Several people temporarily added a few burdens to make "Date 2" more brilliant.

After "Date 2" was broadcast, Song Xiaobao’s popularity continued to rise.Zhao Benshan expressed a high recognition of Song Xiaobao and said that Song Xiaobao became popular sooner or later.In fact, Song Xiaobao has become popular.

Song Xiaobao was formerly known as Song Baoli. He was born on January 5, 1981 in Guangming Village, Tongjie Street Township, Huinan County, Tonghua City, Jilin Province. His parents are farmers.Song Xiaobao has a brother, who lives in poverty.

Although Song Xiaobao’s appearance is not good, he has a talented talent and has always been the backbone of literature and art when he was in school.

In the early years, Song Xiaobao (left)

In 1996, when Song Xiaobao went to the second day of his second day, his brother was promoted to high school.Parents were unable to provide two sons to school at the same time, and Song Xiaobao dropped out of school and became a whole brother.

In front of his brother and his parents, Song Xiaobao looked indifferent, but he walked to no one, squatting on the ground and crying.

Soon after dropping out of school, 15 -year -old Song Xiaobao went to work in Tonghua City.He is young, small, small, dark, and it is difficult to find work.

At that time, Song Xiaobao went everywhere to raise a sign, which was written on it with 320.Someone went to the market to pick people, and Song Xiaobao raised the brand in front of the other side: Use me, I only need 320 yuan a month.

Youth Song Xiaobao

Due to the lack of skills, Song Xiaobao went to the restaurant to wash the dishes.He took the dish of the vegetables to the place where the fruits was washed, and some old employees slapped his hand and slapped him.

On one occasion, Song Xiaobao said something wrong to the guests, and the other party stretched out his hand and hit him.The restaurant owner not only did not make the master Song Xiaobao, but asked him to apologize to the guests.

The little boy from the countryside suffered humiliation and harm in the restaurant.

In 1997, Song Xiaobao was ready to go home for the New Year. He wanted to buy new clothes, but he had only 70 yuan in his pocket.He was reluctant to spend this money, and he had to go home and give it to his parents.

A kind old employee gave himself an old down jacket to Song Xiaobao, and gave him a pair of old leather shoes, but these leather shoes had been cracked.

Youth Song Xiaobao (right) and friends

In the Spring Festival this year, Song Xiaobao returned to the New Year wearing his old down jackets and old leather shoes.When he handed the wrinkled 70 yuan to his parents, his parents cried.

Song Xiaobao has been washed in the restaurant for 3 years.In the Spring Festival of 2000, a folk two -person transfer group performed in Song Xiaobao’s village.Two people turned to interact with the audience, and Song Xiaobao sang a "Wandering Song" on the stage.

He sang and jumped, and improvised some humorous and funny movements. The audience applauded below, and even the two people turned the actors to watch.

Jiao Xiaolong, the head of the troupe, felt that Song Xiaobao was a talented talent and took the initiative to communicate with him. He hoped that Song Xiaobao learned the two and performed with the group.

Song Xiaobao asked confidently: Do I look like this?Jiao Xiaolong told him: You have aura, talent, no problem.The two are good or not, and have little to do with their looks.

Song Xiaobao

On this ordinary day, Song Xiaobao’s fate was changed.Subsequently, he followed Jiao Xiaolong to study the two in Tongliao City.

In the group, Song Xiaobao not only eats for free, but also has a little life allowance every month, which is much stronger than he works in a restaurant.Therefore, he is particularly satisfied and his art is very hard.

Soon after Song Xiaobao entered the group, a two -person two -person actress named Huo Xiaohong came in in the group.Huo Xiaohong was the same age as Song Xiaobao. He was born on June 21, 1981 and was born in Hailun Rural, Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province.

Huo Xiaohong was tall and beautiful. At that time, he was a mature two -person actor.As soon as Song Xiaobao joined the industry, the basic skills were poor, and the head of the regiment arranged for Huo Xiaohong to guide Song Xiaobao to practice.

Huo Xiaohong

Song Xiaobao pressed his legs and his lower waist, sweating, but he didn’t make a bitter.Women bring men and take a spacecraft.Song Xiaobao’s acting level greatly improved and began to perform with the group.

The performance environment is very difficult, cooking in the group, and often eat radish and cabbage.The careful Song Xiaobao will bring a few apples or oranges with him, and he is reluctant to eat, all prepared for Huo Xiaohong.

During the transition, Song Xiaobao also enthusiastically helped Huo Xiaohong carry his luggage.

The easiest to breed youth is love.This pair of lovers who started to turn in love gradually fell in love with each other in their hearts.

In 2002, Song Xiaobao and Huo Xiaohong officially determined the relationship of love.In October of this year, Song Xiaobao followed his girlfriend back to his hometown.Huo Xiaohong’s parents saw Song Xiaobao’s short, small eyes, dark skin, and did not formally work. He opposed his daughter to fall in love with him.

Song Xiaobao

But Huo Xiaohong likes Song Xiaobao and feels that he is a potential stock, so regardless of his parents’ opposition, he continues to love with Song Xiaobao.

Huo Xiaohong is far away from Jilin, and his parents can’t control it.The Huo family’s parents saw that her daughter had a deep relationship with Song Xiaobao and had to recognize her choice.At the beginning, they still had a small bump in their hearts, and they gradually turned.

In 2003, Song Xiaobao was already the pillar of the troupe.Jiao Xiaolong decided to push him out for the greater development.He said to Song Xiaobao like this: If you have a big development of the two people, you must go to a large place.Although I can’t bear you, I still have to let you go.

So Song Xiaobao left Jiao Xiaolong’s two -person transfer group and began to perform in the theater in the Northeast.

Yan Xuejing, Lin Yue and daughter

In 2004, Song Xiaobao and Huo Xiaohong came to Jilin City, Jilin Province, and were hired by Jiangcheng Theater.This theater is famous in the northeast, and Xiao Shenyang has performed here. The boss was Yan Xuejing’s husband Lin Yue at the time.

Lin Yue is also a two -person actor who appreciates Song Xiaobao.Song Xiaobao has a strong imitation ability, and the movement and language exaggerate humor, forming his own unique performance style.

Soon Song Xiaobao broke his reputation in Jilin City, and his economic conditions have changed a lot.

Song Xiaobao, Huo Xiaohong wedding photos

This fall, Song Xiaobao and Huo Xiaohong got married in his hometown, and the couple lived in a house in Jilin City.They go in and out every day, like a person.

Zhao Benshan is a good friend of Yan Xuejing and Lin Yue. When he comes to Jilin City on a business trip, he must go to Jiangcheng Theater to watch the two.

In May 2005, Song Xiaobao staged a "maiden" in the stage, and the audience turned over.Zhao Benshan was also laughed at by Song Xiaobao’s exaggerated humor, and felt that Song Xiaobao was a rare talent.

Among the two people turned the actor, Song Xiaobao was the first to move the "mother" to the stage and was welcomed by the audience.

Song Xiaobao

After Song Xiaobao’s performance, Zhao Benshan took the initiative to find him and asked him if he was willing to go to Shenyang for development.Song Xiaobao thought he was dreaming, because he was so excited, his voice trembled, and he said he was willing.

Back at the residence, Song Xiaobao told Huo Xiaohong about this, and she was also very happy.

Soon, the two resigned from the Jiangcheng Theater and came to Shenyang to develop together, becoming a disciple of the Zhao family.

Zhao Benshan used Song Xiaobao as the key training object, and frequently gave him the opportunity to perform.The "Benshan Happy Camp" jointly created by Benshan Media Group and Heilongjiang Television has a high ratings in the three East provinces.

In 2009, Zhao Benshan asked Song Xiaobao to participate in the show, and Song Xiaobao gradually became popular in the northeast.

Song Xiaobao

Song Xiaobao and Zhao Benshan

In 2011, Zhao Benshan brought Song Xiaobao to Liaoning Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala and performed a sketch "Date".In order to win the red Song Xiaobao, the "old man" in the sketch was tailored by Zhao Benshan for Song Xiaobao.

After the Liaoning Spring Festival Gala appeared, Song Xiaobao became popular overnight.This year he went home to the Spring Festival. Many fans found his house and asked to take a photo with Song Xiaobao.Some fans drove over hundreds of kilometers to rush over to see Song Xiaobao in life.

Song Xiaobao was red, but his marriage encountered a cold current.Song Xiaobao is a laughing star that comes out of the countryside. He and his parents are very traditional and have always eager to have his own baby.However, he has been married to Huo Xiaohong for many years, and his wife has never showed signs of pregnancy, which has trouble Song Xiaobao and his parents.

Song Xiaobao and Huo Xiaohong went to the hospital for an examination. The couple’s bodies were healthy, but they couldn’t conceive their baby. For this reason, the relationship between the couple appeared an invisible gap.

Song Xiaobao

In addition, after Song Xiaobao became famous, he performed a lot, and he got together with Huo Xiaohong, and the psychological distance between the two was getting greater.

In 2011, Song Xiaobao and Huo Xiaohong went through the divorce procedures.It is reported that many netizens scolded Song Xiaobao as Chen Shimei. When he had a good career, he abandoned his wife.

However, according to media reports, Huo Xiaohong could not give birth to a baby, and she took the initiative to divorce.

Soon after Song Xiaobao divorced, he remarried with fan Wang Xue.The incident was boiled on the Internet, and some netizens posted a post saying that Song Xiaobao was good with Wang Xue before divorcing.

But this matter did not get the positive response from Song Xiaobao, and did not know when he and Wang Xue met each other.

Wang Xue is Song Xiaobao’s super fan, worshiping Song Xiaobao’s talent.She is from Heilongjiang, 8 years younger than Song Xiaobao.Wang Xue not only looks beautiful, but also higher than Song Xiaobao.

In April 2012, Wang Xue gave birth to a pair of dragons and phoenixes for Song Xiaobao in Shenyang.Song Xiaobao wanted to be a dad. At the moment of seeing his child, he was so excited that he was so crying.

The role of his father made Song Xiaobao more motivated to fight. He not only performed on the big stage of Liu Laogen and "Benshan Happy Camp", but also frequently filmed film and television dramas.

Song Xiaobao and Huang Shengyi "22nd Marriage Regulations" stills

In the past few years, Song Xiaobao starred in many film and television dramas such as "Cherry", "Cherry Red", "Men’s Forty Marriage", "Daddy Mom Full Courtyard" and "22nd Marriage Regulations".Actor and other honors such as actors.

In addition, Song Xiaobao is also the darling of the Spring Festival Gala of David. He has participated in the Spring Festival Gala performance of many satellite TVs such as Liaoning, Jilin, Jiangsu, Heilongjiang, Tianjin, and the popularity of Zhao Benshan’s most famous disciples, Shenyang and Wang Xiaoli.

Unfortunately, due to Song Xiaobao’s head and appearance, he failed to board the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

Song Xiaobao played the old man and "mother".After Xiao Shenyang performed a sketch "Not Wrong Money" in CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2009, Song Xiaobao performed "Mother" again. Many people said that he was imitating "Little Shenyang" and blamed him online.

Song Xiaobao and Xiao Shenyang

The famous cross talk actor Wang Ping is the name of Song Xiaobao: Actually, many things in Shenyang’s performance are borrowed from Song Xiaobao. Song Xiaobao was the earliest performance of the two actors to perform "Mother".

Many netizens told Song Xiaobao on the Internet when they learned of it.

According to media reports, in 2016 alone, Song Xiaobao participated in the recording of more than 20 programs, and each show was a fixed guest.

In 2017, Song Xiaobao felt very exhausted because he was too hard -working, and he felt very exhausted.When recording the show at a time, Song Xiaobao fainted in the background.

Song Xiaobao

So Song Xiaobao went to the hospital for examination, and the doctor diagnosed him with cirrhosis.This has brought a huge blow to Song Xiaobao: a pair of babies are only 5 years old, and the wife is still so young. In order to take care of the baby, she did not go out to work. What should I do if something happened?

Song Xiaobao was in a bad mood and felt boring to live alive. He burst into tears at home many times.Whenever at this time, Wang Xue took two children and surrounded Song Xiaobao.She tears comfort: You must be strong, must be good, this family must not have you without you.

Talking, Wang Xue also cried.A pair of children pulled Song Xiaobao’s hand and called "Daddy" in his mouth.

At that moment, Song Xiaobao’s tears came out.

A pair of children are Song Xiaobao’s palm Bao

One week later, Song Xiaobao went to the hospital to take medicine again. The results showed that his liver cirrhosis was misdiagnosis.

Holding the test sheet, Song Xiaobao burst into tears.He hurried home and told his wife that Wang Xue also burst into tears.

It turned out that Song Xiaobao had extremely fatigue because of his work intensity, and his spirit and body had extremely fatigue.

For a whole year in 2017, Song Xiaobao hardly went out to work and raised his body at home.One year later, his body improved significantly, but Song Xiaobao reduced his workload, and many commercial performances did not take over.

It wasn’t until 2021 that Song Xiaobao’s physical condition became better and better that he began to work as desperately as before.

Song Xiaobao, Zhao Benshan’s "Liu Laogen 4" stills

In 2021, he filmed a number of film and television dramas such as "Big Hotel Legend" and "Liu Laogen 4".He also directed his own comedy movie "Diary of Fortune".

In 2022, Song Xiaobao participated in the Spring Festival Gala in Beijing, Liaoning, and Shanghai Oriental.The rural comedy "Liu Laogen 5" starring him is currently being broadcast on the Youku platform and is highly sought after by the audience.

After divorcing Huo Xiaohong, Song Xiaobao married a beautiful fan as his wife and gave birth to a pair of twin children.However, he was misdiagnosed by the hospital and once put tremendous pressure on Song Xiaobao and his wife.

All in all, Song Xiaobao’s career and marriage can be regarded as complete.So what is the situation of life after Huo Xiaohong’s divorce?

Huo Xiaohong

Huo Xiaohong is a kind and simple woman. In fact, she does not take the initiative to divorce, and may be able to preserve marriage.But she felt that her husband and in -laws had regrets, and she could not have real happiness, so she broke up in pain.

After Huo Xiaohong’s divorce news was exposed, many media found her and wanted her to say something that was not conducive to Song Xiaobao.But Huo Xiaohong refused one by one: this is our private affairs, and there is no need to announce it in the media.

A good friend suggested that Huo Xiaohong used the identity of "Song Xiaobao’s ex -wife" to hype, but Huo Xiaohong disdain this.Now Song Xiaobao has her own new life and a pair of children. She does not want to disturb the happiness of the other party.

Song Xiaobao

After the divorce, Huo Xiaohong never said a bad thing about Song Xiaobao outside, showing good character and moral cultivation.

According to media reports, Huo Xiaohong is still single, and she also performs on the stage.Compared with Song Xiaobao, Huo Xiaohong’s life has regrets, which makes people feel sighing!


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