Song Zhongji’s mixed -race son was born!The child gave birth to his wife’s hometown and claimed to be as happy as a dream

On June 14, Song Zhongji suddenly published a long article through the fan club, and the official announced a good news for himself: his son was born in his wife Katie’s hometown Italy!

I still remember that recently, some netizens encountered Song Zhongji and Katie with hand in hand and strolled on the streets of Italy. At that time, Katie did not look like it was about to come, but suddenly the child was born.Song Zhongxian also said in the text that it was like a dream.

Below the tweet, many netizens wished him to pay for his wish, because Song Zhongji had a dream of being a father a long time ago.In the end, Song Zhongji also showed the picture that he and his son’s little hand were together, and the scene was very warm.

Looking back at the process of Song Zhongji and Katie’s couple from falling in love to marriage, you will find that everything is so natural and water.Song Zhongji and Katie met the TV series in collaboration with "Wanson Lawyer Vinson". At that time, the two had a good opinion of each other.Shortly after the two were together, Katie was pregnant, so the two chose to go to the marriage hall together, but Song Zhongji protected his wife very well until the two talents announced in the early January of this year.

Different from the mode of getting along with his ex -wife Song Huiqiao, Song Zhongji and Katie were even more "tired" when getting along.In fact, before Song Zhongji came to Italy, he and his new film "Hua Lan" participated in the Cannes Film Festival. After participating, Song Zhongji accompanied the Italian wife to stay in his wife’s hometown and accompanied her to give birth at ease.Two people have been taken many times to walk in hand, buy food, and hold hands with sweet photos. Obviously, their feelings are very good.Song Zhongji once said that he and his wife did not love enough, so at the time, he planned to let his wife go to the Cannes red carpet with himself, but because his wife was too big and had inconvenient in action, he had to give up the idea.

Song Zhongji is now being able to let go of all the confidence to accompany his wife to give birth, and it also comes from his career in recent years.It is reported that Song Zhongji now has a paid of the TV series exceeding 300 million won, even higher than his ex -wife- "National Goddess" Song Huiqiao.However, the direction of the two people is different, so it is normal to have a new life route now.

In fact, many people are still curious about Song Zhongji’s identity. After the two get married, the outside world has always had a lot of guessing Katie.Some people say that Katie was originally an actor and later moved to a local language school to work.Some people say that Katie was a second marriage and had two children, but these strange rumors were denied by Song Zhongji.Song Zhongji once clarified to the public that the news about Katie may only be the part of her graduation college, and the others are all virtuality. It can be seen that deep maintenance of his wife can be seen in words.

Some people also laughed at Song Zhongji to advance to their dads since then, and made money for their son and wife to make money.For actors like Song Zhongji, it is not only the golden period for setting up a family, but also the peak of the career. Song Zhongji is a person with a very heavy family concept.So now Song Zhongji has a new motivation for struggle. It may be harder than before. Fans who like him may also say that they can see more good works about idols. This is not a good thing.Here I would like to congratulate Song Zhongji. The career family has blossomed, and the future can be expected.

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