South Korea has received more than a thousand "ghost babies" incident!Many people are killed by their parents, and 782 children have unknown life and death

According to Korean media reports, the National Investigation Headquarters of the South Korean Police Department said on July 10 that as of 5 pm local time, local governments in South Korea received a total of 1069 "ghost babies" incident reports., Confirm that 34 people have died.South Korean police are focusing on investigating forces to find 782 children who are unknown in life and death.

"Ghost Babies" refers to children who are only born in the hospital but have not been registered.According to Korean media reports, initially, the South Korean police found two infant remains in the refrigerator of an apartment.As the survey continues to deepen, more and more incidents involving "ghost children" have surfaced …

The "Suwon Refrigerator" caused shock in Han

On June 23, 2023 local time, a woman in her 30s was arrested. She was accused of murdering two babies born in 2018 and 2019 respectively, and stored their bodies in apartments in Mishuhara Apartments.In the refrigerator.

South Korean media quoted police sources that the woman gave birth to her daughter at 2 pm on November 3, 2018 and took it home the next day.On November 19, 2019, she gave birth to another baby boy and killed the baby in the same way on the way home from the hospital.

Police said that the bodies of the two babies were stored in the refrigerator for four or seven months and three years and seven months, respectively.The suspect said that the corpse was stored in the refrigerator "there was no special reason."

The woman is currently acknowledging the crime.After the arrest, she told the police that she had killed her child due to economic difficulties and lied to her husband that she had killed the child.His husband told the police that he believed what his wife said.

On June 30, the South Korean Gyeonggi Police Department transferred the suspect to the prosecutor for murder and hiding corpses.

The "Criminal Law" in South Korea stipulates that the crime of killing infants can be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison, and those who are sentenced to murder can be sentenced to death, life imprisonment or at least 5 years in prison.

More "Ghost Baby" incident disclosure

The case of unregistered babies such as "Suwon freezer" and other cases of unregistered babies were killed and abandoned one after another, causing public opinion shocks.The Korean government has investigated the "ghost baby" issue since June 28.

Korean media also disclosed a number of cases involving "ghost children" recently investigated by the police.

In April 2019, in the fields of 139 kilometers south of Seoul, a mother was negligible after giving birth to a child and did not feed the child for three days, causing the child to starve to death.

A few days ago, this person has been arrested urgently.According to the police, the woman left her ex -boyfriend without knowing her pregnancy 4 years ago, and then gave birth to a child alone at a hospital in Datian, but did not report to the local government’s information about the child’s information. At present, the baby body has not been found.The suspect once said that the child was buried near the residence at the time, but then changed the statement many times and told the police at different locations.

On July 2, 2023, Police from Qingshangnan, South Korea, said that he had arrested a man in his 20s and a 30 -year -old woman because they strangled their children and discarded their bodies and discarded their bodies.In a river near Juji, Qingshangnan.

Police said the child was born on September 5, 2022.The couple initially claimed that the children died at home on September 9th. They could not afford the cremation expenses because of economic constraints and buried their children.

The Korean media said that before the couple’s crime was disclosed, the local government found that the couple had not registered for their babies and reported to the police for missing children.Subsequently, in the further investigation of the police, the man admitted that he had killed the baby and tried to bury the body in the wilderness.At present, the police found the baby body with the assistance of the Coast Guard.

Data from the South Korean Supervision Institute showed that a total of 2,236 people born from 2015 to 2022 were not registered after birth.

A little more news

According to the Global Times, South Korea’s current birth registration system stipulates that if the baby does not register for the population, it is difficult to expose the case of abandonment and even killing infants.South Korea’s "Resident Registration Law" stipulates that parents must register for the population within one month after their baby is born, but if it violates the regulations, it will only be fined; at the same time, the medical institution does not need to notify the fact that the baby is born to the administrative institution.

In order to make up for the vulnerability of the birth registration system, the South Korean Parliament held a plenary meeting on June 30 to implement the "Family Relations Registration Law" of the birth notification system.The amendment stipulates that within 14 days from the birth of the baby, the medical institution must report the baby’s birth information to the local autonomous group through the health insurance review and evaluation institute, and then register the population by local autonomous groups.In addition, it also stipulates that if the parents have not registered for more than one month after the baby is born, the person in charge of the local government must notify the mother to register within 7 days; if the maternal is not registered, the person in charge of the local autonomous group may beRegistration.The amendment will be implemented one year after the announcement, but no penalty clause when the medical institution is not notified.

Source: China News Agency

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