Specific mothers can prevent the crisis of cerebral hemorrhage at 27 weeks of pregnancy.

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Golden Autumn is the season of harvest. The expectant mothers are also happy to welcome the baby’s birth after more than half a year.However, Ms. Wu, who worked in Jiaxing, was worried.A week ago, the baby was born in November ahead of time, and was still rescued in the intensive care unit of the newborn.The reason why the baby was born early was that Ms. Wu had a problem.

urgent!Pregnant women suddenly have hemiplegia in limbs

Ms. Wu is 30 years old and is pregnant with a second child this time.When she was more than 27 weeks of pregnancy, she suddenly had symptoms such as hemiplegia, unclear mouth, and drowsiness of the left limb.After a series of examinations, medical staff found that Ms. Wu had intracranial hemorrhage, and her blood pressure was 215/132mmHg, which was a severe hypertension.After consultation at local hospital experts, he decided to ask superiors to support.

Jiaxing Maternal and Child Health Hospital is a cure center for dangerous pregnant mothers in the city. After receiving the notice, Tong Wuhua, director of the hospital, immediately drive to the local consultation.After examination and understanding of the medical history, Dr. Tong believes that Ms. Wu does not need to have craniocerebral hematoma removal for the time being. If an emergency caesarean section surgery will also be unfavorable to her and the fetus, her situation needs conservative treatment.For the safety of Ms. Wu and the fetus in the abdomen, the local hospital proposed that Ms. Wu was transferred to the ICU of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Jiaxing City.

After transferring to the hospital, Dr. Tong carried out the treatment of cranial pressure and blood pressure to protect her brain cells. At the same time, she also carried out related treatment to promote the maturity of the fetal lung in the abdomen.

After three days of treatment, Ms. Wu felt that her body had improved."At that time, the ultrasound test by the hospital bed was detected by the width of the nerve, and her brain edema was basically improved, and her left limb muscle strength and muscle tension were restored." After the four relevant departments of the hospital’s relevant departments were discussed, they were fully prepared under the collective discussion of the hospital.The doctor performed a caesarean section for Ms. Wu and successfully cut out a 1,300 grams of baby boy.Due to the low weight when the child was born, this time has been rescued in the intensive medical department of the newborn, and the current signs of life are basically stable.Ms. Wu has also turned to general ward for treatment.

alert!There are really many people during pregnancy

It is understood that among the dangerous maternal maternal maternal cure for the ICU Department of the Jiaxing Maternal and Child Health Hospital every month, 20 or 30 cases are from various counties (cities, districts).Ms. Wu is not the most dangerous.

Dr. Tong told reporters that last week, he met a case at the next week’s hospital. Hellp syndrome appeared in hypertension during pregnancy.HellP syndrome is a special type of hypertension during pregnancy, that is, at the same time as hypertension during pregnancy, liver dysfunction, coagulation damage, and platelets have decreased.After a local hospital for a cesarean section, the lady’s platelets are still declining.When Dr. Tong saw her, her platelet was only 20,000, and the platelets owned by normal people should be from 100-4 million.Development may cause systemic hemorrhagic diseases, including cerebral hemorrhage, liver bleeding, gastrointestinal bleeding, etc.

"At that time, the mother had been rescued in the local hospital ICU and then the ventilator was rescued, and the family members were unwilling to transfer to the hospital. Therefore, the hospital adopted my treatment method and impacted the disease with large dose of hormone."

After treatment, the platelet returned to 60,000 that night, and after three days of treatment, her condition gradually stabilized.At present, she has been separated from the ventilator, her blood pressure control is stable, and the liver function has improved.

Nine years ago, Dr. Tong also met a distressing expectant mother.This pregnant woman suffers from particularly severe pregnancy and acute pancreatitis. In order to rescue her, a total of 27 surgery was performed in 9 months.

Notice!Crisis during pregnancy is actually controllable

After many years of medical experience, Dr. Tong discovered that many people have a misunderstanding that women who are pregnant and have children are as simple as "hen".In fact, pregnancy is the most dangerous period in women’s life. From pregnancy to production, it is like a "ghost gate" trip. Various diseases may happen during this period.Pregnancy will induce some women’s basic diseases to further increase, and there will also be diseases that are unique to pregnancy such as arrhythmia during pregnancy, acute fatty liver, and hypertension during pregnancy.

Now the weather is getting colder, and hypertension during pregnancy and postpartum bleeding have begun to increase.

Which pregnant women are prone to hypertension during pregnancy?Dr. Tong said that the cause of hypertension during pregnancy is complicated. Generally, pregnant women over 35 years of age are high -incidence people, and some people with a family hypertension and diabetes are more likely to suffer from pregnancy hypertension.Medically, abnormal immune mechanisms, abnormal oxygen cells invading uterine muscle layers, and vascular endothelial damage are all incentives of pregnancy hypertension.The best way to prevent is to regularly check the pregnancy checks on time, and early detection and early treatment.

At the same time, the hospital has hundreds of postpartum bleeding every year.A large part of the reason is that there is no control of the fetus during pregnancy.The best weight of newborns is generally 5-6 catties. If the fetus stretches the uterus too much during pregnancy, it will easily lead to poor dwarfed uterine after birth, which will lead to postpartum hemorrhage.Control diet during pregnancy, conduct a certain health exercise, and usually receive health guidance regularly, so the postpartum bleeding can be reduced at least half.

Dr. Tong, suggested that people go to the hospital for detailed pre -pregnancy examination and evaluation before considering pregnancy.When pregnant women encounter danger, no matter how high the level of doctors are, it is also a post -replenishment.For pregnant women, there is a concept of prevention in the early stage. It is the best to prevent danger.

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Jiaxing Maternal Maternal and Child Health Hospital is the cure center in Jiaxing City.At present, the echelon of the obstetrics department of the hospital is basically perfect. There are 2 chief physicians, 3 deputy chief physicians, 2 attending physicians, 2 inpatients, and 12 intellectual caregivers.The obstetrics section of the Medical Department of the Medical Department of the Medical Department of the Medical Department of the Medicine Department of Zhejiang and the surrounding areas reached 1,000 women with severe pregnant women. Among the patients who were rescued successfully, there were pregnancy and explosive pancreatitis. The functional failure of 7 organs lasted 9 months.There are also 7 patients with dysfunction of seven organs in pregnancy acute fatty liver. After 2 months of treatment, they were recovered and discharged.Others include perinatal heart failure and perinatal myocardial disease, postpartum bleeding combined with multi -organ functional damage, and various types of pregnancy combined with internal medicine treatment.For six consecutive years, the maternity maternal maternal maternal maternal maternal maternal maternal maternal registered in the hospital remained zero, and the mortality rate of maternal mothers in foreign hukou remained at the lowest level in the province.

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