Specific mothers should beware of pollution of office supplies, paying little attention to big gains, fetal baby health is the most important!

Many expectant mothers still work on their stomachs when they are pregnant. Perhaps they are not easy to live, and this income must not be missing; maybe it is physical condition that she is unwilling to become a lazy person at home;It is a part that cannot be missing in life … No matter what the reason, the physical condition of the baby and expectant mothers during pregnancy are the most important.Pay attention to some hygienic details at work to make your baby healthier …

According to the World Health Organization test, each telephone delivery device is accompanied by a variety of bacteria and viruses that cause diseases that cause flu, tuberculosis, hepatitis B, white throat, and pertussis.Therefore, telephone is the easiest office supplies that spread diseases in the office building.

Professor Jiangzhong Jiufu, a University of Tokyo at the University of Tokyo, Japan: The bacteria on the handset of the phone can be passed on to the next person to get the phone.Especially germs that cause colds and diarrhea.If someone in the office has a cold, or if the hand is not washed after entering the toilet, the germs will spread in the office, which is likely to affect the baby in you and your belly.

As a expectant mother, you should try to reduce the number of calls or disinfect the phone handset and keyboard.The easiest way is to wipe the shell of the phone with 75%alcohol to achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection.If you can wipe it with a 0.2%washing solution, 98%of the bacteria can be killed, and the effect can last about 10 days.In addition, expectant mothers should usually pay attention not to close the handset on their faces and ears when they call. You can use a cloth or napkin paper to wrap the microphone; the microphone and the mouth should be about 10 cm distance.After the call is completed, you can also use soap to wash your hands. Do not let the pathogenic bacteria have the opportunity to take advantage of it.

Early pregnant women’s long -term use of computers will affect embryonic development, because the radiation of the computer has a destructive effect on cell division and will damage the fine structure of the embryo.The latest research report of Japanese and American researchers shows that women in the early days of pregnancy will be more than 20 hours a week, and the abortion rate will increase by 80 %, and the incidence of fetal malformations will also increase by 47.27 %

Specific mothers should try to contact the computer as little as possible, and even if others are operating a computer, keep a distance from it.If you really need to use a computer, the body should keep at least one arm from the display, and do not exceed 4 hours a day; when on the machine, you should wear a radiation -proof vest or radiation -proof apron for pregnant women.In addition, adding a visual protection screen to a computer display will greatly reduce the adverse effects of computer radiation on pregnant women.

According to information, the displayed powder used in the copy machine is made of carbon black; the ring aromatics of the ring garden has a carcinogenic effect; the carbon -free copying material is also very irritating, which can cause the skin, eyes, respiratory tract, and nervous system diseases and other diseases.EssenceIn addition, when the copy machine works, the electrostatic effect will cause a certain ozone in the copy room, and the high ozone concentration is not good for health.Therefore, it is better to stay away from a copy.

If there is a copy machine in your office, discuss with your colleagues and put it in a air -circulating room. When the band, ink or ink powder is printed, the carbon powder (ink) will distribute it with fine particles to the fine particles to the fine particles toIn the air, excessive inhalation of these dye particles can stimulate the throat and nasal cavity and adversely affect the lungs.In the plastic parts and circuit boards of the printer, it often contains bromide flame retardant, phthalate, and benzene compounds.In the case of high temperature, these ingredients will be continuously released. After breathing or skin contact, it may interfere with the endocrine function of the human body.

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