Star illegal children’s recent situation, some have been begging on the street, and some of them do not know who the biological father is!

Today, Jiang Xiaoyan broke the news that Cai Xukun had a child with Ms. C outside the circle, and Ms. C had killed the child.

Later, in the live broadcast, Cai Xukun’s mother arranged for staff and Ms. C to negotiate abortion and compensate recording.

The entertainment industry is really discovering children anytime, anywhere. Taking advantage of today’s topic, Orange will give you an inventory of the illegitimate stars in the entertainment industry. The last one has been recognized by parent -child identification.

Jackie Chan and Wu Qili’s illegitimate daughter Xiaolong Girl Wu Zhuolin, I believe everyone knows.

For this illegitimate daughter, Jackie Chan used only one sentence "I just made mistakes that all men would make".

In 1982, Jackie Chan and Lin Fengjiao secretly married in the United States and gave birth to his son Fang Zuming.

But even if it is married, Jackie Chan still does not change the romantic nature.In 1999, Wu Qili was pregnant. After the two broke up, Wu Qili gave birth to her daughter Wu Zhuolin.

It is said that Wu Qili gave this name for her daughter, implying that Wu Qili was excellent than Lin Fengjiao.

Perhaps because of the influence of the living environment, the little dragon girl has become more rebellious, and every time there is news, it is basically negative news.It was either quarreled with her mother or was exposed to 680,000 yuan of stealing mother Wu Qili.

Later, Wu Zhuolin ran away from home and married a foreign girlfriend. The two had flowed on the street and needed rescue.

When it comes to Hong Xin, I believe that everyone is holding the attitude of "mourning his misfortune and anger". In the peak era of TVB beauty like Yun, the face was still impressive.

Nowadays, after the current husband Zhang Danfeng is exposed to derailment, although he roar and divorce on the social platform, he turned his head to reconcile with her husband, causing a group of ridicule.

In fact, she has been in Hong Xin. She has been in love since she was young.

Hong Xin and Mo Shaocong met in "The End of the World". The two were pregnant two years later. For the child, Mo Shaocong refused to admit it.

When Hong Xin gave birth to a child, Mo Shaocong’s parents went to the hospital to take care of Hong Xin, while Mo Shaocong kept his mouth hard until he was eight years old that he admitted that he was his child.

In 2004, Hong Xin came to the Mainland to shoot and met Zhang Danfeng. Five years after falling in love, the two got married, and then gave birth to a daughter.

At first, Zhang Danfeng and Jizi got along very harmoniously, and the steps even changed their surnames for Zhang Danfeng. Unfortunately, Zhang Danfeng was traveled.

In 1990, Chen Baolian, who was only 17 years old, debuted with her beauty, this future was endless. Unfortunately, there was a mother who loved money.

Chen Baolian was signed to the unscrupulous filmmaker, and even a dozen windy moon films were signed at one time. Chen Baolian was crying, but the high liquidated damage made her have to shoot the Fengyue film.

Perhaps it was compassionate, Chen Baolian was red, and it was tied with Ye Yuqing and Ye Ziyi as the "goddess of Fengyue Film".Although fame and fortune were paid, Chen Baolian was unhappy.

Later, Chen Baolian was seen by Huang Ren, a wealthy businessman in Taiwan. The relationship between the two was the relationship between the godfather’s daughter, but the two were couples in private.

However, Huang Ren was romantic. How could he hang on a tree and pour flowers everywhere. Chen Baolian possessed too much.

After breaking up, Chen Baolian’s spirit had a problem.

In 2002, Chen Baolian gave birth to a son in Shanghai. As for who is the biological father, no one knows. Some people say that it is Huang Renzhong, and some people say that it is Chen Baolian’s new boyfriend.

Not long after giving birth, Chen Baolian died from the 24th floor, and her son was raised by the famous agent Qiu Likuan.

When it comes to Zhang Tielin, most of the public’s impression of him is the kind emperor Ama in "Returning Pearls", or the courageous emperor in "Iron tooth Copper Ji Xiaolan".

He plays the role of countless emperors on the TV screen. The emperor has three thousand harem beauties. He has a lot of confidants in real life.

In 2015, two ladies told Zhang Tielin to raise their children.It is reported that at that time, Zhang Tielin fell in love with two women, but after breaking up, he did not even admit that the child was his own.

One of the illegitimate daughters, because Zhang Tielin needed to cooperate with her passport because of school problems, Zhang Tielin directly refused, and sent a text message to say that the father and biological father on the birth certificate were alone?

Zhang Tielin conducted a parent -child appraisal twice, but when the first appraisal, Zhang Tielin asked to delete his child’s birth certificate on his own name.

In the second appraisal, Zhang Tielin asked to revoke the appraisal due to the exposure of the media and was unwilling to provide the right to use his personal information contained in his DNA.

After the second, Zhang Tielin’s image plummeted, and finally bought a bill for his romance.

In addition to the above four, do you also know which stars in the entertainment industry have illegitimate children?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

*The picture is derived from the Internet.

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