Still guessing the baby baby is male or female?Those proved accuracy and rankings

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Times are different, men and women are the same.However, guessing the baby’s gender throughout the pregnancy is still a great fun and tradition of expectant mothers and relatives and friends.

So, in the eyes of medical scientists, the various people and women circulated by the people are truly reliable?What are the basis for?Which is completely nonsense?Mother Beibei introduces the expectant mothers today!Intersection

1. Traditional Chinese medicine?

Because the personal experience and status of Chinese medicine practitioners are important, and their individual differences are very large.Therefore, medical statistics experiments are difficult to carry out.However, there are experiments that the Chinese Medicine Hospital has used electronic diagnosis veins. The accuracy rate is only 67 %. It is of little significance for the reference of judging the conclusion under the gender. It is not as convenient as that of the semi -random distribution of men and women to guess coins.

2. Fetal heart speed?

It seems a bit reliable, but the family genetic and individual constitution have greater influence on fetal heart, so almost no doctors are willing to spend time and energy to use this indicator to experiment.

3. Fetal movement characteristics?

What’s more reliable, the subjective feelings of the mother, the physique and personality of the fetus will affect the characteristics of fetal movement. Why don’t doctors do such experiments?Specific mothers can make up their own brain.

4. What is the amniotic fluid?

It looks completely unreliable and has no connection with gender.However, with the years of experience in the past years, doctors have really seen the doorway, and are interested in researching and published professional articles.The conclusion is that the expectant mothers with too much amniotic fluid are all female treasures, and male treasures are relatively less.But as mentioned earlier, rely on this probability advantage to guess men and women?It’s better to throw a coin!

5. Tang Si Data?

There are really many regular literature discussions.Tang Si is mainly determined whether the fetus will be the probability of Tang family through the level of nail protein in the blood and HCG hormone levels in the blood of pregnant women.However, many times, doctors can also find that nail protein is higher than the average level, and it is easier to have boys; HCG is lower than the average level, and it is easier to have girls.If both, one high, one and low are consistent, it is difficult to judge the probability of men and women.But the problem is that there are many exceptions, so this standard is not absolute.

6. HCG peak?

Those who do test at the hospital have such experience. Those pregnant women who have reached the peak of HCG in about 12 weeks and are not high.But this standard is not absolute, and exceptions always occur.

7. The shape of the gestational sac?

Originally, the word shape was more subjective, and it was generally not used to do quantitative research in medicine.Moreover, the shape of the pregnant sac is also related to the quality of the fetus, the characteristics of the uterine cavity of the pregnant woman, and the selection of ultrasound. Therefore, this standard is not absolute.Although more fetal baby with long pregnancy bunkers is a boy and a round girl, there are often exceptions. It is possible that long -lived women and round men are possible.

8. Excisibility of pregnancy?

Indeed, there are studies abroad that more than 60 % of those with severe pregnancy are pregnant with girls.But as mentioned earlier, this probability advantage is more accurate than guessing gender?If you want to rely on this to determine the men and women, you can’t do it!Intersection


The true reliable gold standard recognized by the medical community:

First place: amniotic fluid puncture (accuracy rate is close to 100 %)

Second place: non -invasive detection (accuracy rate is almost 100 %)

Third place: Ultrasound examination (accuracy rate is 89 %, the specific accuracy rate mainly depends on fetal position, fetal development, gestational week and doctor experience, ultrasonic instrument quality, etc. It is found that the accuracy of ultrasonic boys is generally more accurate than girls’s accuracy.The rate is higher. After all, it is more difficult to watch less than less, so there are occasionally reports that the ultrasound of pregnant women is a girl, but the abortion or born is a boy.)

——This reminder: The gender identification required for non -medicine is illegal in mainland China. The times are different. Men and women are treasures!

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