Story: After three years of marriage, the third party came to force the palace. She decisively hit her face third party

City P, near the city center hospital, shallow gold tea restaurant, the setting sun plated it with a layer of golden light, exuding a warm atmosphere.

Gan Yi, wearing a white coat, stretched out his slender fingers and rubbed the temples gently. The cool red lips overflowed with a sigh. The eyebrows were full of fatigue.I am more impatient.

"Do you want to say you are pregnant? Want me to give up the position of Grandma Ke family?" She frowned and took the lead.

Wang Sitong was surprised, and then she said: "Yes, I am pregnant, I am pregnant with Ke Hongzhen’s child, and you will divorce Ke Hongzhen earlier if you know.Frequent of mercy. "She was embarrassed on a thick white powder face.

Gu Yi smiled coldly, as if the sleeper’s slender fingers played on the ancient wooden desk, and said with a laugh: "Don’t be angry, be careful of hurting the baby grandson of the Ke family."

Wang Sitong heard that her face changed and stared at her carefully, but she couldn’t see the thoughts in her eyes like the millennium ancient well, but she was shocked by her light and light breath.

I have always heard that Gu Yi is a difficult master. How does it look like a glass of boiled water.

If you don’t think about it, he gave up. Wang Sitong directly showed the cards and took a check from Hermes’ bag. It was five million. She pushed her hand with red nail polish.City P City, leave Ke Hongzhen, this check is yours, and you will also give you most of your life cost afterwards. I am afraid that you can not get money that you can not get it for a few life. "

The mouth is cold and high.

Gu Yi shook his head with a smile, and took a sip of the coffee cup in his hand.

"What do you mean?" Wang Sitong frowned, unhappy.

She smiled and put down the coffee cup and said, "Girl, want to get the position of Grandma Ke’s young grandmother, how much is enough for 5 million areas. You know, the Ke family is a famous family, a family member, and the number of families is unclear. Take you five.Do you have to give up the position of the young grandma? Are you stupid, or are you unclear? "

Gu Yi’s mockery was ridiculed Wang Sitong, but in her heart, they knew their thoughts. Her face suddenly changed, full of fun, and suddenly approached her. "Wan, or Ke Hongzhen is worthy of these five million in your heart? "

What she suddenly thought of, her face turned sunny, her hands touched her belly, and said, "Doctor Gu, you must know, you have never had a son -in -law for three years with Ke Hongzhen.Is it? Now I have the children of the Ke family. I don’t know how happy Ke Hongzhen is? "

Eyes full of ridicule. Indeed, this is deeply rooted in Gu Yi’s heart, and has been married for three years. How can I get pregnant?Thinking of that domineering face, her heart was sour, but she was as stubborn as Gu Yi, how could she easily reveal her true emotions.

At the moment, I smiled coldly, and my eyes suddenly became cold. Gu Yiwu approached Wang Sitong and said with a smile: "But you have to know, I am the daughter -in -law of the Ke family, and Grandpa Ke JiaThe grandson has always adopted a way to set off a frustrated way. "

Very low voice, but in Wang Sitong’s hearing like a ghost sound from hell, she immediately widened her eyes, and a sloppy neck came. Gu Yi knew that it was the human body caused by fear of fear.Natural reaction.

Gu Yilai reached out his hand, and he had to touch her neck, his expression changed, laughing and saying, "You said, how can you stand the twist of Grandpa Ke’s family with such a slender neck?"

Wang Sitong couldn’t help but get up sharply, because the action was too big to knock down the chairs behind him, causing the criticism of everyone, and she ran out of the tea restaurant in a panic.

Gu Yi converged with this, and Wang Sitong’s laughed was echoed in his ears. There was a sourness in his heart, and he fell into his thoughts.

Ding Zero … The phone shook for a while. She pulled back her thoughts and answered the phone. After listening to the nurse, she got up and took out two RMB from the back shell of the mobile phone to put it on the table and left it. It was very elegant.

Gu Yi said that every month, there are always ten and eight Ke Hongzhen Yingying Yingyan who threatened herself to give up the position of Grandma Ke’s young grandmother on various reasons., Saved them scared away by themselves, no one paid.

Back at the hospital, Gu Yi took the VIP elevator in the hospital to the emergency room of the VIP ward.

Alas … The elevator door opened, she looked up, and a face in her eyes attracted her eyes.

That face, with a full forehead, heavy eyebrows, large double eyelids, huge eyes, a strong nose and a pair of thin lips.

Under that is the body shape and long legs of Weishan. The Italian hand -cut -cut suit is wrapped in the sewing suit, and the shiny leather shoes are not dyed.

However, his cold breath caused the temperature in the elevator to fall.

This is Ke Hongzhen, Gu Yi’s husband.

For a while, she stared at the familiar but unfamiliar face, and even the elevator door that was about to be closed was unknown.

Ke Hongzhen stretched out his hand and pulled her into the elevator, and Gu Yi woke up, and fell into his arms in his arms.

The flavor of the ancient dragon perfume with the tip of Gu Yi’s nose and his strong masculinity. This was her most greedy taste, but now it has mixed with other women’s perfume flavor.

When Ke Hongzhen touched her soft hands, it was hot, hot temperature, and a pair of eagle eyes glowed with the light, and the suspicious look was full of his eyebrows.

The two were silent, Gu Yi hurriedly helped the elevator stand upright, awkwardly cough, and then the elevator fell into silence.

Ke Hongzhen’s head slightly looked at her perfect side face, and said coldly: "Is the youngest professor in the central hospital of P, the most polite person?"

His words were full of blame.

Gu Yifang’s jumping heart was a little cold, and the hand that had been tightly fist was slightly loosened, and his expression was a little bit sad. He kept blame yourself in his heart: "Gu Yi, you are looking forward to someWhat?"

After soothing her emotions, she opened her red lips lightly: "Thank you."

Her voice was hoarse, because of long -term fatigue and fever.

Hearing that Ke Hongzhen’s brows were frowning tighter, and the cool lips were tightly pursed.

"Long time no see, Mrs. Ke is sparse?" In the question, Ke Hongzhen stretched out and dragged her into her arms. Sure enough, her cheeks were red, her forehead was hot, and her breathing was very heavy.

Faced with a sudden zooming face, Gu Yi’s heartbeat accelerated instantly. His face was even fair than a woman’s face. She once teased him.

Gu Yi pretended to be calm and refuted: "I thought that Mr. Ke went to the gentle town all day, and didn’t remember that there was a Mrs. Ke at home?"

Ke Hongzhen’s face was cold, and she looked at her face that was not shocked. She grabbed her hand and snorted hard, humming coldly, don’t face her face.

God knows that what he hates most is her face, no matter what the way he uses, he can’t change her emotional fluctuations.

Gu Yi remembered the grievances that he was because of his Yingying Yanyan, and she was very sour in her heart. She only felt that there was a burst of warmth from her eyes, and she tightened her fists again and again. This said, "Mr. Ke, please, pleaseIn the future, we will care about the delicate baby around you, don’t come to mess with me on both ends for two days, I am a doctor, no better than them.

As soon as the words fell, the elevator door opened, and she lifted her feet.

Only Gu Yi knew that she fled there, where the air there was too depressed and dull, and almost peeled the tone in her chest.

Standing outside the door of the ward for a long time, she stroked the fierce heart and pushed the door of the emergency room in.

The battle in the ward made her slightly sinking. There were twenty bodyguards, and she ignored all of this towards the bed.

"Dr. Gu."

Everyone asked well.

Gu Yi nodded gently and put on medical gloves while walking, but when she saw the face of the woman lying on the bed, she almost burst into her heart.

"Gu Yi?" Ai Xiaohong on the bed suddenly changed her face. She waved her hand full of purple nail polish in the air, resisting, and mourning: "I don’t want her to diagnose and treat, change a doctor."

Everyone heard that their faces changed sharply, and the look of Gu Yi also changed.

There are ridicule, embarrassment, and distress.

Calm calm as Gu Yi and saw Ai Xiaohong again, and his heart was full of movement.

She used to be her best girlfriend.

Today, she is the third party in her marriage and the most beloved woman in Ke Hongzhen.

"Otherwise, let me come?" Zhao Wenkai, a male doctor in the crowd, stepped forward and said, his expression was gentle, and his upright body guarded Gu Yi.

Seeing this, Gu Yi’s lips, too late to speak, he heard Ai Xiaohong on the bed rejected again, saying, "I am a big star, which is checked by a male doctor. If it has a bad impact on my reputation, can you afford it?"

Zhao Wenkai turned around and looked at Gu Yi, and saw her shrugging helplessly.

"What are you doing? Don’t go to other doctors." Ai Xiaohong’s agent Mark shouted.

Gu Yi’s lips: "There are five gynecologists. In three operations, it is expected to end three hours in three hours.","

After she said, she was going to leave the operating room. I suddenly thought of what, saying, "Oh, yes, look at this form, it should be caused by ectopic pregnancy.After removing the uterine, after removal, I can’t have children for a lifetime. "Gu Yi was going to leave after speaking.

"No, no, I check, Gu Yi, we are the best friends and girlfriends, you won’t you fake me to harm me, right? I believe you." Ai Xiaohong was afraid.

Gu Yi’s sound stopped, God knew how much she wanted to make her remove her uterus to retaliate her, but she couldn’t. Rao had a great hatred with her, and she did not allow her physician to have stains in her career.

She was silent, and silently checked her. Touching the privacy part, Gu Yi turned to look at the tall bodyguards in the ward, and said coldly: "Go out."

Ai Xiaohong was unhappy, "You check you, what do my bodyguard go out?"

"You don’t mind, I don’t mind." She said she was about to pick up her clothes.

"Slowly." Ai Xiaohong reluctantly let the bodyguards go out, leaving only his agent.

Gu Yi arranged for the nurse to make a film for her, and accurately found the position of the sperm bed, where the infection was naturally produced.

"Gu Yi, I know, you see that my child is uncomfortable with my brother, but …" Ai Xiaohong said, but he didn’t see half of his guilt on his face.

Gu Yi smiled coldly and arranged for the nurse to arrange for her surgery to leave the ward.

When I was about to leave, Ke Hongzhen pushed in, and the shadow formed by Weiyan’s figure instantly shrouded Gu Yi’s small figure.

Her slender fingers again became fists.

Ke Hongzhen only glanced at her, and then walked towards the bed with a large stride, and a face switched with a gentle look.

"Brother Zhen, you finally came to see me." Ai Xiaohong stretched out his hand and hugged his neck and cried loudly to declare his grievances.

Ke Hongzhen’s Yu Guang looked three points on Gu Yi’s body, and the cool lips said: "It’s okay, I’m here."

The voice of the two of me, my voice, was passed into Gu Yi’s ear. She raised her feet and quickly left the ward. Outside the door, her body leaned softly on the wall to relieve her inner pain.

I thought that after so long, she could face it without a smile, and she never thought about it. I did n’t think about it. I met again.

Gu Yi leaned on the wall and took a deep breath, trying to suppress his inner emotions, prepared to lift his feet and leave, and the scolding sound in the ward came from his ear: "I indulge you, it does not mean that I allow you to betray me, and next time, I willI will get it back to everything to you. "

The words of Ke Hongzhen’s cold words came, but it was like a arrow stuck into her heart fiercely. It was true love, even Ai Xiaohong’s betrayal could forgive him.

Once, Gu Yi rescued Grandma Ke’s life, but he left the root cause of the disease, and then Grandpa Ke had a death order, and asked Ke Hongzhen to marry her as his wife and gave her the name of the young grandmother of the Ke family, but all this, noneIt was different from catching the duck and gave her the name but did not give her Ke Hongzhen.

Gu Yi returned to his clinic and sat there for a long time to resty his mood. Until Ke Hongzhen appeared in front of herself, a let go of his heart was picked up again.

"Why are you here?" Gu Yi first broke the quietness of the air.

"My wife, let me take a look, can’t you?" Ke Hongzhen said.

What she wanted to say, there was a harsh phone ringing in her ear, Gu Yi pressed the answer button, and the noise in the phone made her stunned in her heart.

"Gu Yi, where are you?" The director of the surgeon called, the words were anxious.

Gu Yi frowned and replied, "In the clinic."

"What outpatient clinics? Find someone else to hold it, and immediately give me the emergency room." Director of the emergency department chopped his hand to wail the phone.

"No, the old director, this is a violation of the regulations of the hospital. I will give you an order …"

"No, I do n’t want to adjust the Lao Tzu of Tianwang. Other people in your surgery are very slippery one by one, and only Gu Yi is still attentive." The old director of the emergency room criticized for a while.

Surgery director eats.

"Old Director, Gu Yi is a person in my surgery. Isn’t it appropriate to force people like this?"

The old director stretched out his hand on his head and slapped it, scolding, "You shut up with Lao Tzu, who does not know that Gu Yi chose surgery because of his teacher. She is a all -around talent.I did n’t grab it. The accident was very serious. I had to transfer people over to Lao Tzu, otherwise I was careful to wear small shoes for you. "

He threatened for a while, and then chopped his phone and said, "Gu Yi, you are going to the emergency room immediately, and the outpatient clinic asked your director to find someone to stare."

After the old director said, he hung up the phone and turned and left angrily.

Gu Yi listened to the conversation of the two people in the phone and laughed and was ready to leave, but a great god sitting in front of him hesitated: "You can rest assured, she is okay, and you can recover after half a year after the operation."

After she finished speaking, she got up and left the office.

Ke Hongzhen, who was sitting in the outpatient clinic, sank and silent.

Gu Yi’s treatment ward in the emergency department found that the situation is much more serious than he imagined.Essence

Closing her eyes and stabilizing her heart, she raised her feet and walked in, and the bed started to deal with it.

Ke Hongzhen, who was standing in the dark, looked at Gu Yi, who was busy, and confused.

Assistant Jinde stood behind his eyes and looked at what he wanted to say.

"Say." Ke Hongzhen said coldly, but his eyes were sticking to Gu Yi’s body and couldn’t move away, just like something magic on her body.

"President Ke, since the incident, the wife has been working normally every day, and sometimes she sleeps in the hospital for a few days without a few days of operation.The man who was once caught was like evaporation of the world. "Jin De pushed the glasses that pushed the bridge of the nose, speculating.

Ke Hongzhen heard that the suspicious look permeated his face, and looked at Gu Yi’s sight.

Three years ago, he was just married to Gu Yi. At the night of the night of the cave, he saw that she was sleeping next to a naked man, and she had a kiss mark everywhere.

This incident is like a piece of dog skin plaster. It is firmly sticking to Ke Hongzhen’s heart, and it can’t tear it away. It is touched by the pain of pulling the meat.

Gu Yi was rescued a heavy suffering. He had many fractures in his body and a large area of burns.

"Dr. Gu, the patient’s life signs declined." The nurse frowned anxiously.

She gave up the treatment directly, implemented cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and used the instrument, but she had not recovered afterwards. She refused to give up easily and still pressed the treatment with her hands.

In the moment, sweat beads appeared on Gu Yi’s fair forehead, his red lips were tightly pursed, his eyes were cold, and his eyes were cold, and he stared straight at the coma patient.

"The adrenaline pushes a might of quietness." She ordered, the nurse hurriedly injected.

"Gu Yi, I have something to tell you." Ai Xiaohong suddenly appeared.

Gu Yi looked up sharply and glanced at her. The eyes of Yin Xun shot like a sharp arrow, and Ai Xiaohong suddenly whispered.

The nurse looked at the instrument that had almost lost his life signs, and said with a low voice: "Dr. Gu, give up."

Gu Yi did not speak, but she just implemented a treatment. Her face turned red and her veins rose.

"Everyone is dead, what are you doing hard?" Ai Xiaohong said with his chest with his chest.

Gu Yi lowered her head and still didn’t speak.

Everyone sweated for Ai Xiaohong. You must know that Gu Yi is a well -known medical treatment, and he can do his best to save every patient who can save.It was almost the bottom line of Gu Yi.

"Gu Yi, let me talk to you." Ai Xiaohong stepped forward, reaching out and pulled her.

With a impatience, Gu Yi looked up sharply and yelled, "Roll away."

Ai Xiaohong was frightened by her sharpness, her face changed, and the people around me heard it.

Gu Yi gasped and continued to treat.

"What are you doing? I know that there is contradiction between us, but that’s because of love. I can’t help but I can’t forgive us with Zhen brother?" Ai Xiaohong took the sympathy of everyone in an instant.

Gu Yiyi heard, and said, "Okay, as long as you leave Ke Hongzhen and make sure that you will not get closer to him from then on, I will forgive you." She smiled contempt and smashed with a ridicule.

Ai Xiaohong heard the sound and almost stunned. It seemed that she would not expect that she would propose such a condition. When she reacted, she immediately shook her head like a wave.

"If not, leave my workplace and stay away, otherwise I can’t guarantee that I can’t help but put the surgeon on your face."

Gu Yi turned to look at the machine.

"The patient’s life signs have recovered, Dr. Gu."

Gu Yi heard the sound, and then slightly slowed down the speed.

Soon, the patient’s life signs were stable, so she tied up the nurse to continue handling for him.

She felt that her eyes were dark and her limbs were weak. The whole body seemed to be pumped away by the strength of her body, and her feet were soft.

"Dr. Gu, none of the injured in the accident, congratulations."

The crowd sent a congratulatory, she nodded little by one.

Ai Xiaohong slowly approached with high heels.

Gu Yi frowned and said, "Rather than quarrel with me here, it is better to leave some effort to ask who is the father of your child in the belly." She turned around after saying, but she fell down in front of her eyes., Lost consciousness.

When she woke up again, she found that she was lying on the hospital bed, and Ke Hongzhen was sitting next to her.

He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Gu Yi didn’t dare to move, so she lay quietly at him. The warmth in her heart was a long time. For a long time, she watched it.

"I am very happy that this face can make you look fascinated." Ke Hongzhen said, but a cold face was full of air -conditioning and no playful appearance.

"I don’t want to quarrel with you. You still have time to see your beloved person." She turned her head, gave birth to a sullen, and unconsciously fell into tears.On the pillow, open.

Tired, hurt, sad, grievances, all the hearts came into her heart at this moment, and quickly permeated her limbs.

When Ke Hongzhen saw this, the anger of her heart was suddenly angry, and the body of the Weishi stepped forward suddenly, stretched out her big hand, stretched her chin, forced her to look at herself, and suddenly saw the tears marks that had not had time to wipe on her face.Soft, the eyes became softer.

Four eyes are opposite, Ke Hongzhen wants to see something from Gu Yi’s eyes, but it is just white. His hand holding Gu Yi’s chin is getting harder. Her clouds and light -frightened face announced thatHer calmness, calmness and care.

It was this expression, countless times, Ke Hongzhen wanted to tear her, and wanted to see if her face was posted on her face.

In the past three years, he found countless women to come to the hospital to find Gu Yi’s troubles. She was all driven away by her. In the end, he used Gu Yi’s girlfriend Ai Xiaohong, and he still could not get the effect he wanted.

He watched every time Ai Xiaohong’s provocation seemed like a fist hitting on the cotton, which could not arouse Gu Yi’s emotional changes.

Three years ago on the wedding night, Ai Xiaohong took herself in Gu Yi’s room, and even looked forward to her explanation. Even if she explained that she was calculated, she would believe it, but she was calm as Gu Yi.She did not even change her expression.

"Aren’t you concerned about everything about everything? So what about the next thing?" Ke Hongzhen’s cold lips suddenly raised a touch of fun.

When I saw Ke Hongzhen’s Gu Yi, I saw this, and her expression suddenly changed, and my heart secretly rose badly. The red lips asked: "Ke Hongzhen, what do you want to do?"

Ke Hongzhen smiled slightly, and suddenly bowed her head and kissed her red lips.

"Ke Hongzhen, Ai Xiaohong can’t satisfy you, or is your Yingying Yanyan be not good at serving you? Now you have no choice but to eat it?" Gu Yi knows how to provoke his anger, and only look forward to his heart that he is looking forward to his heart.He can dislike him through his anger, and then let go of himself.

"Wrong, this is the obligation to fulfill her husband and wife." Ke Hongzhen no longer gave her a chance to chatter.

Reprinted from the public account "Super Confucian Garden" (invaded. Delete)

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