Story: I have not been in the same room with me for three years.

Wang Ye and I have been married for three years, but I am still my body

I don’t want him to return to the house after half a year and give me a surprise

With him returning with him, there is also a nun with pregnancy

The general returned from the capital and brought a pregnant woman.

As the general of the general, I heard that I went out to meet, and I wanted to give each other a horse.

The woman in front of me was not humble, her eyes were calm, as if everything was not in my heart, and I had disappeared into the invisible emotional emotional emotional emotions.

She was standing next to her, the general of the rumors of "good Nanfeng" for many years, and the husband of Pingnan Wang Guye, the husband who has been respecting me for many years.

My name is Shen Xinyi. My father is a book of the Ministry of Li, the civilians are clear, and the educating children naturally pursue the literati.Essence

Since I was a child, I did not lose my hands and thought that I would not lose to the man. However, in my father’s eyes, my daughter was going to marry sooner or later. It was enough to know a few words.

In the early spring of that year, Gu Yiye entered Beijing tribute as the new King Pingnan.Sheng Shanglong was pleasing and ordered the polo.

Light Qiu Baima, he is full of energy, I do n’t know how many girls who are intoxicated.

I was pulled by my mother, but I had no intention of watching the game and preparing a few friends to learn about the poems.

Brother Shuyi had to be with me. The mother couldn’t hold him, so she asked the guard Shen Mo to follow us together.

When my poetry is flourishing, when the rules are cut with people, everyone’s eyes suddenly turn to me -Gu Yiye, the protagonist of this golk club today, just came off with a group of people, picked up my hands, and picked up my.The poems are detailed.

My father has always been discord with these martial arts princes who have been torn in the country. I don’t want to have a relationship with these people, so as not to cause trouble.What’s more, like these martial arts who hit Jiangshan on the back, do you know what poems, but they are attached with mediocrity and pretending.

"Good poems, good poems! The words are magnificent and dedicated." He praised.

"This is my sister’s poem, it is naturally good." The book standing next to me heard words.

"Unexpectedly, it was from the hands of a young lady. It was really disrespectful to keep her eyebrows." He looked up at me, his eyes were very different, and my cheek seemed to be burned by his eyes and felt hot.

The people who had accompanied him heard his praise, and one by one changed from the original unwillingness to praise.

"The general was praised." I bowed respectfully, looking for the opportunity to leave with the book and Shen Mo.

Shortly after the return of Shu Yan, he pulled Shen Mo to play a ball together.

Suddenly I saw a tall figure not far away. It was Gu Yiye, who was just now. He stood in front of a willow tree and wondered what he was hanging down.

I moved under my heart, and I was afraid of men and women’s defense. I hurried to leave. I didn’t want to step on the air in a hurry, sat down, and sprained my feet.

Gu Yiye heard the sound and turned around in front of me to reach out to help me.

I feel embarrassed, and I think about men and women who do not have a relative, and shrink back subconsciously. I thought that he was a general from a general. It was probably regardless of these rules.

He groaned slightly, and seemed to think of something, called the accompanying servant, and helped me back.

Later, the trustee brought me an ointment, saying that it was a strange effect for the treatment of sprains, and the coldness of the ointment seemed to be passed from my ankle to my heart.

Soon after one day, my mother told me that the Holy Demonstration would give me a marriage of Pingnan.

Dad is a representative of the civilian official. The Pingnan king supports the soldiers.The balance of balance was played by the emperor.

After he heard that, she was going to find my father’s theory. I was her palm pearl, but she had to marry the southern Xinjiang with a long distance. She couldn’t bear it.But Dad disagreed, her daughter always had to marry someone. This marriage was very helpful for him to the Shen family. The marrying person was also a high weight. It was a sale of no loss.

Yes, my marriage is in the eyes of Dad, but it is just a trading, only interests.

However, Shu Yan ran to my father to make a big trouble and let me marry so far. After being reprimanded by my father a few times, she said to me, "Sister, should I take you to run. You run away and let Dad himself find a way."

It’s childish.

"If the lady is willing, Shen Mo is willing to work hard to escort the lady to leave, even if she fights for my life." Shen Mo, who had been silent, suddenly opened his mouth.

I said a word for a while, and even if Shu Yan said such naive words without the world, Shen Mo had always been stable in doing things. He thought about it, and I picked him to bring him with him, and it was so noisy.

The imperial decree can be done by escape, and it is not a child who has passed the family.

What’s more … the figure of the wind in front of the trees and the wind appeared again in my mind.

On the day of the big wedding, I was sitting in a new house in a wedding dress, and my mood was a little nervous and looking forward to it.

Finally, I heard a step closer and closer to me. I pinched the clothes of the wedding dress, and my palms sweated slightly.

I saw a pair of happy boots standing in front of me from the Yu Guang under the hijab, and couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

The hijab in front of me was slowly lifted, facing a pair of calm eyes.

He looked at me quietly, as if looking at an irrelevant person, without sadness and joy.

My heart sank quickly.

"You have worked hard all the way. It’s not too early. Take a break early." He turned away, leaving a room alone.

On the second day, his nursing mother Cao entered the door and asked me. Looking at me overnight, she looked complicated.

Still said: "The general has pity the princess to work hard all the way, come to Japan, and since you have passed the door, you still have to give birth to the general for the general, and ask the princess to take it as a thought."People who are with.

I heard that she had been his nursing mother since the general gave birth to her. King Pingnan has been respecting her and is more relative than her biological mother.

"General, the general hurried away last night, letting our lady get birth to the son alone." I hadn’t spoken yet, and Shen Mo was talking.

Before I got married, he begged my father to come to southern Xinjiang with me. Dad considered that I was alone to marry alone, and he nodded slightly.

"I heard that the Shen family for generations, Shu Xiangmen was the most regular. The master hasn’t spoken yet. Where is a guardian?"

When I first arrived, I did n’t want to mess with right and wrong, but I am not afraid of things."Since you know that I am the master, and I know that I am a person who pays attention to the rules, then I must understand that the guard I brought naturally only my lesson, and others are not qualified. What’s more, I am still this Pingnan.The princess of the palace. "

Listening to my bad tone, Cao laughed in his arms."The old slave naturally knows. However, the so -called mother -in -law is expensive. Only when the princess is born, only the princess is a son, can this be stabilized. This is also the common wish of the old slave and the people in the entire southern Xinjiang."

Unfortunately, this does not seem to be Gu Yiye’s wish.

I married him for more than a year. He did not accept any side room, and he didn’t even have a waiter.However, he never touched me.

He was busy with business, and he had to fight for the south of the south. He rarely returned to the palace. We rarely met. Even if we met, there were only a few polite greetings, like two strangers.

One day, I was studying the family books sent by my father in the room. In addition to a few words of concern in the letter, my father Mingli secretly urged me to have a round house with Gu Yiye as soon as possible, and gave birth to a half daughter for him.This is not necessarily thinking about me. He obviously value the name of Pingnan Wang Shizi and the interests behind it.

Cao suddenly asked to meet, saying that the general would return to the palace tonight. I hope I can go to the study to express their care and send me a pot of wine -Hehuan wine.

I sighed and thought about it again and again. I took the wine and went to the study.

Gu Yiye is dealing with government affairs in describing the case. He has to say that he is not loved by the people in the southern Xinjiang. It is not no reason. He is indeed a good general who is diligent and loves the people.

I stepped forward and put the jug on the table and poured out a glass of wine to honor him. Then he found that it was me.

"This kind of thing is just allowed to do it." He took the wine glass and put it on the table, and his tone was warm and alienated.

No, no, I can only do this.My heart was defamated.

When he saw me standing beside him, he looked strangely, and he seemed to see something between him and the glass of wine.

"What kind of wine is this?" He took the wine glass again, and his tone was somber.

"He … Hehuan wine."

I just fell, and I saw him swept away the jug from the table. The jug was broken on the ground at once. His voice was harsh. His face was angry.

I took a breath, but I felt ashamed and angry.

Xu just saw my face pale, his haze was scattered a little, and he patted my shoulders soothely: "Don’t cheat yourself, don’t come to force me."

The words inside and outside the palace continued.No wonder, remembering that he was at the beginning of the year, his daughter was still in front of the lamp. We were married for three years, but I still finished my body.

In this huge palace, no one understands my pain except Shen Mo.He began to try his best to find fun for me and make me happy.I gradually began to send love in Jiule and dancing, paralyzed myself, and unavoidably summoned the musicians to come to the house, and there were even many geishas from Xianggu Museum.

When I was laughing with a beside me with a laughed, I hit Gu Yiye and his breasts Cao.

Cao’s death stared at the two of us, expressing her dissatisfaction with eyes, as if blame me to lose the face of Pingnan’s palace, and I looked back at each other without fear.

Seeing this, Cao seemed to teach me. I was about to face the battle, but Gu Yiye stopped her. He only stayed on me for a while. In my eyes, I had no waves in a day, but made me trembling.But after all, he said nothing and left with Cao.

My unscrupulous rumors have made more and more rumors. Some people say that the generals are "good southern wind" and are not interested in women. They marry me just to block others’ mouths.Some say that I am not lonely, so I am mixed with some male pets all day. I do n’t know how many green hats I wore the generals, and even more because I did n’t keep the woman ’s road, the red apricot came out of the wall, and the general was disappointed with a woman.It is not close to women for many years … such a variety is not enough.

Shen Mo proposed to me to deal with those who spread the rumors, kill a hundred, and I laughed. Even the generals worried about these rumors to lose his reputation. I had any worries.

In the end, Cao couldn’t help but get out of his hands. After cooking a few good things, he took over the public opinion.

I thought I would pass so far in this life.

Half a year ago, he entered the Beijing Chaonana Gong, and brought Cao. He sent someone to say hello to me before walking, asking me to take care of the palace, which was no different from when I was far away.Although he doesn’t love me, he should have given me decentness and respect.

Today he returned from Beijing and brought a pregnant woman.

At this moment, the two stood in front of me. I carefully looked at the woman in Gu Yiye’s arms. With a white clothes, her face was beautiful, but she could not be called national colors and fiber.If Cao told me that she had been pregnant for more than a month, I would not be able to see it.

When she saw me, she pulled out and left Gu Yiye’s arms, stepped forward, and saluted me respectfully, low -eyebrows, but not humble.

"Bodhisattva low eyebrows." I suddenly remembered the word in my mind.

I asked her to get up and look up. From her eyes, I couldn’t see a trace of the past. When in the girlfriend, the aunt’s eyes in the eyes of the family either calculated, or looked, or charming, and some were just as calm like a pool of autumn water.

Gu Yiye called her "Ruo Shui", it was really a person, he was good, and there was no dispute with the world.

Gu Yiye, who has always been calm and self -sustaining, was helpless at this time, not to me, but to her.He introduced to Ruoshui, the main room, as if he was afraid that my existence would make her unhappy, but did not say that there was nothing to do with me, and seemed to want to keep the last dignity for me.

This may be his last tenderness to me, really gentle knife, the most hurt, and making it difficult to give up.

If the water is just a listener quietly, without saying the word, there is still no expression on his face, it seems that he doesn’t care.

Shen Mo secretly inquired that the side room of the newly married general was not a noble woman in the southern Xinjiang, but a nun with a spiritual practice in Jiming Temple in Beijing!

Rao was a psychological preparation, and even thought that she might be the dusty woman from Qin Louchu Pavilion, and she was shocked to take a bite.

"Are you sure it’s not a rumor?" I still felt unbelievable, picked up the tea at hand, and took a sip. I felt that the tea seemed a bit cold.

"Truth is true. And the father of the side princess is the Bachelor of Hanlin. I heard that her mother is an unloved chamber.

"How can she have a relationship with the general?"

Gu Yiye and Cao did not believe in God and Buddha. When he saw me going to worship the Buddha, he laughed at himself too heavy, but he was afraid that he would stain the eyes of the Buddha.In fact, I still don’t believe it. I feel that the Buddha does not have the sword management in his hands.

"I heard that the general saw her accidentally on the road. She stopped for a long time and refused to leave." Shen Mo said carefully to observe my face.Seeing my expression is no different and continued."After hearing about it, Cao’s ordered the guard caught her. She would rather die.

I was shocked, "Do the general know?"

"General, I should be unaware first. I heard that when the woman appeared in the general’s bedroom, she ordered Cao to send her back to the temple. Later, somehow changed her mind, and she was fortunate to be her.. I heard that she has been favored at night and has to be loved by the general. "

"His biological daughter is forced to be taken away, and Lord You does not care?" Master You You and my father were colleagues, and also belonged to the civilian officials.His reputation also looked down on officials from the generals of Gu Yiye.

"The aunt of Jiming Temple tedually tediously told Master You and her biological mother just after she was taken away, but there were many children of Youyou, and her biological mother was just an unloved room.Go with her. ""

"If she follows a trafficker, Master You may not care, but she follows the King of Pingnan, who does not know if Master You knows it.The power of power, I am afraid that I will use this to make a big article. This is not so simple. I am afraid that he will be bad for the general. "

"After that under the belonging, we will take a closer look at Miss."

"Well, I have worked hard. What’s wrong?" Shen Moyu did not retreat, but looked at me with scarred eyes. In my eyes, I couldn’t understand the emotions, as angry, and compassion.

"General he married you but not cherished, but he was marrying a monk. This is simply insulting you. Why should you care about him?"

I clenched my palms fiercely, and my nails were embedded in the meat, as if I could reduce my pain in my heart.

Shen Mo grew up with me since I was a child.

"This is not a matter of children alone. As a princess of Pingnan, if something happened in Pingnan’s palace, do you think I can still retreat?"

"I understand."

After the water came, Pingnan Palace, who had been dead, suddenly became lively.

The petal pets were almost shocked to everyone in the south, including me and Cao.

Various treasures were sent to her courtyard like the rare gadgets, and the generals no longer stayed in the barracks or study rooms all day as before, almost staying at night.Even if she is a government affairs, she must call her to serve.

The general seemed to be a hairy boy who was in love, and couldn’t wait to hold all the best things in front of the people in order to capture her heart.I only knew that in the past, my indifferent husband had such a enthusiastic side.

In this world, there is no shortage of inflammation. My door is left out, but she is hot. There are many people who want to visit the river as much as the crowd of the river, but most of them have declined, and the generals warn everyone not to disturb her cleanliness.But this still can’t stop everyone’s curiosity and speculation about the new favorite of the general. People say that she will replace me as the princess of the main room, and I will become the lower cousin of the general sooner or later.

In fact, the groundless wind does not necessarily cause no cause.

On my birthday, I was more deserted than the past.My father also heard about the Wangfu. He repaired it to me and asked me to think about the overall situation. Take good care of Ruo Shui, who is also a civilian officer.The consolation and care of the daughter.Although it is expected, it is inevitable that it is a bit bitter.

I dumped everyone, and a person walked aimlessly in the garden, and saw the general and her two from from afar.The general seemed to be afraid of her tired, carrying her all the way to enjoy the flowers, and there was an extremely satisfying smile on her face, regardless of her identity.

Seeing them walking towards my direction, I didn’t want to contact them in front of them, so I hid in the rockery behind the gazebo.

The general carried her all the way to the gazebo, and the general talked to her about her childhood past. His tone was warm. When he talked about his parents, and how his mother -in -law Cao and his biological mother fought, he was annoying.It is also mentioned how his mother was seriously ill, how his mother could turn the tide and stabilize the situation.

I heard the generals tirelessly behind the rockery. I and his husband and wife for many years, I haven’t heard him say so much.

But I could hardly hear the sound of water, only occasionally a few times without salty response.

Suddenly I heard the general mentioned my name, and my heart was tight, holding my breath more carefully.

"Xin Yi and I were married. Although the husband and wife for many years, I have no love. In my heart, you are my only wife."

The general’s tone was full of affection. With his words, my heart instantly fell like an ice cellar. Although my heart was clear, but when I heard his words, I still felt embarrassing and sad to his beloved woman.

I seemed to be able to hear the sound of the surroundings, and left in panic.

On the second day, Ruo Shui sent one of me to me, saying that it was picked up in the garden.

After half a month, I suddenly saw that Shu Yan appeared in front of me, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

It turned out that a few days ago, the general sought grace for the Holy Saint, and gave him a high position, and the place was in the southern Xinjiang.When he received the appointment letter, he quickly came to visit me.

Our sister and brother for several years, I don’t want to meet again for a day. He excitedly pulled me to talk about the family, and said that he practiced the piano art after he left, so as to live up to my former teaching.When I remembered me, I had to practice more hard, and said that I would play the piano to listen to it next time.

Later, I learned that if Shui Shui begged the general to help adjust the book, one can exercise him, and the other is to have a relative to accompany me, so that I will not be too lonely.

Ruo Shui has always had no special response to the generals of the general. For the first time, the general agreed, and the general naturally agreed.

Presumably that day, she had discovered me hiding behind the rockery.

In fact, she is really similar to the general.

Recruiting people and hate, but people can’t hate it.

Ruo Shui’s father came to the southern Xinjiang to inspect, and the general settled in a banquet for him because of Ruoshui.

Female family members should not attend, and Ruo Shui always didn’t like these occasions.However, the general thought that she hadn’t seen her biological father for many years, so she invited Lord You to sit in the garden of the palace at the end of the banquet.

Master You saw the two of us, and there was no special expression on his face, but just a faint gift.

"Master You can’t come to the southern Xinjiang. It is better to stay in the palace for a few more days, and to narrate the relationship between father and daughter."

"No need." As soon as the general’s voice fell, Master You hurriedly waved his hand."This official was ordered to make a envoy. He lived in the palace and did not meet Ruo Shui. He would not see the water. The flesh is separated. If you don’t meet, it is okay. If you see each other, you will increase your sadness."It’s like a father who missed his daughter but helpless to reality. Mingli secretly satirized the general of the generals that harmed their father and daughter.

It’s ridiculous. He didn’t recognize his own daughter in front of him, but also played a drama of father and daughter.Both the generals and I looked at Ruo Shui subconsciously, but she looked faint, just as usual, as if sitting in front of me was just a person who didn’t know each other.

Xu is a heart to the Buddha for many years, and if the water has also repaired a cold heart, as if all the common things in the world have nothing to do with her.

I once asked her that the general treated her so well, wouldn’t she have a trace?

"My life has been dedicated to the Buddha, and I am still married, but I can’t help it. Just like the arrested prey, my fate is in the hands of others, and I don’t have the right to say ‘No’."

"The general is full of your eyes. As a woman, you can let a man feel here, let alone this man is handsome and high."

"I practiced in the temple before, and there were many hard -working women in it. They were worn by men and suffered. Finally, they chose to convert to the Buddhist Gate. Men in this world, the husband and husband will leave, the prince will be a man, the general, the general, the general.There is nothing different. I like this pork, he likes it, but he can’t take it away, but he can’t. "

"The general is also unaware of it. He is not interested in forcing you. It is Cao’s claim." I could not help but justify Gu Yiye.

"The general was powerful. If he was willing to let me go, how could I get that way. But it was just a matter of obsession, but he was unwilling to take on the evil name.

I opened my mouth, but I didn’t know what to say.In the end, you can only say: "You can be sincere to you."

"I know, I will stay here honestly and give birth to this child for him. He wants my life for a lifetime, and I will give him."

Perhaps in Ruoshui’s heart, her bond with the general was only this unbelievable child.

But this unborn child has not had time to become a bond to maintain their relationship, but it has become a threat in the eyes of others, and eventually failed to look at this world.

If the water is aborted, it is all blood under his body, his face is pale and weak, and he fell in his arms in his arms weakly.

The general hugged him and said in his mouth, "I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t protect you, and I didn’t protect our children." He was tears with tears, crying like a child.

If the water closed his eyes tightly, his complexion was pale.

It was the hand of Cao’s joint doctor, and she stood up and admitted afterwards.

The general’s gorilla eyes, looking at the nursing mother who was kneeling in front of him, asked very sadly; "Why, why do you want to do this."

"General, the father of the side princess went back last time, and put forward to cut the vassal. He put on a gesture to destroy his relatives, so that the sanctuary mistakenly thought that the general had a good heart. For his own future and powerXinjiang is a stepping stone. If the princess is born to a son, maybe Master You will do something that is not good for the southern Xinjiang in the future. By that time, the southern Xinjiang will never be there. "

It was ridiculous. When he hit the world, he promised that people would crack the earth and seal the king, and hereditary replacement.Now that I have been sitting in the world, I am worried that people have a good intention and repeatedly test it.And these so -called arrogant civilians, they are used as the name of the country and the people, and use the psychology of the sanctuary to sacrifice the stability of the country, but also expand and consolidate their own forces.This is the same as my father, and the same is true of Youyou.

"But that’s the child of me and Ruo Shui, that’s the only child." The general was paralyzed in front of Cao’s, muttering.

"The old body knew herself was harming the son, and the sin was very heavy. Please punish the general." Cao clan a noise on the ground.

The general did not speak, waved tiredly, let us go out. Before I left, I looked back at the general who was still sitting on the ground. The look was empty, and the expression was never defeated. I couldn’t make him and the first see him.The young man who was at a time was linked.

On the one hand, it was the responsibility from his father, and on the other hand, he was his favorite woman.He was sandwiched in the middle, and he was in a dilemma. This may be the helplessness of the superior.

In the end, the general did not punish Cao, but sent someone to suppress the matter.

For a person who thought about him, he always couldn’t help but torture himself.

If Shui learned that he didn’t cry after this matter, and didn’t even be sad, he began to disappear the general for various reasons.

The general ate a few times behind closed doors, and probably knew that he was not welcomed, so he stopped forced.

I was a little worried about Ruo Shui’s body, so I often met her with tonic. Fortunately, her body recovered well, and her spirit was better than one day, but I had to read the scriptures almost every day.Children.

On the contrary, Gu Yiye, he still handled his official duties as usual during the day, and he was dedicated. It looked no different from the slightest, but he was drunk at night at night.He has been fighting for many years, and he has countless injuries, but he has always restrained and rarely drinks indulgence.Perhaps the bitterness in my heart is too strong but no one can tell. I can only paralyze myself with liquor, and the body is defeated every day.

Cao’s several times of comfort and stopping, Gu Yiye, who had always respected the nurse, regarded her words as her ears and ignored it.

The bell must be tied to the bell, and I can only seek Ruoshui.When I mentioned Gu Yiye, she turned a deaf ear and turned to read the scriptures, no matter how I begged.

It was just that when I mentioned that Gu Yiye was getting worse now, she moved her brows, only paused for a moment, and she had a word.

"I know you have complaints in your heart, but what would you do if you were? Do you really hope that he has lost his life, is it a chaos in the southern Xinjiang?" I shouted at her anxiously.

She put down the wooden fish and got up to find Gu Yiye.

I don’t know what she said to Gu Yiye. Gu Yiye no longer drinks alcohol. Everything seems to have returned to the past. The only difference is that Gu Yiye no longer stays with Ruo Shui as soon as he used to stay as before.

When Cao saw Gu Yiye no longer sinking, he also came to the spirit of the beauty in the southern Xinjiang. Whether it was the southern Xinjiang aristocracy or a civilian woman, she recruited and actively expanded the "harem" for Gu Yiye. NaturalI came from the home of the capital of Beijing as Ruo Shui.

Surprisingly, when Cao brought a few beautiful women she had carefully selected to Gu Yiye, Gu Yiye did not refuse, and she was fortunate that night.

It is not only the responsibility of a woman, but also the shackles of Gu Tingyu.In the end, he is still a peaceful general in the southern Xinjiang side.

In the palace, someone began to chew the roots of the tongue, saying that if the water was cured, the general was not close to the woman, and Cao did not fight for the damage to Yin De and dedicated her to the general.

This is equivalent to insulting to Ruo Shui, and I feel very harsh when I hear it.But Ruo Shui was eight winds, and seemed to be ignorant. Several times, her personal servant wanted to teach gossip, and she was stopped by her.She is neither angry nor guilty. It really looks like a bodhisattva of clay sculpture. She only has compassion and tolerance for all sentient beings. Her grievances only give Gu Yiye alone.

Listening to Shen Mo said that the night when Gu Tingzheng Linxing, the sound of the wooden fish in the water courtyard sounded almost overnight.I went to see her early the next morning. She couldn’t cover her face, but she still played my spirit to entertain me. As usual, the clouds were light and light, but I was glanced at a folded handkerchief on the window sill, almost almostI’m almost rubbed.Perhaps she didn’t even find it herself, or she was unwilling to admit that she had a complex feelings for Gu Tingyu.

It didn’t take long for a message to be pregnant.After Gu Yiye heard Cao’s joy, he did not show much joy on his face, but it seemed to have a reliable liberation.

"Hope to be a healthy boy." Gu Yiye said calmly.

"Bless you, you will definitely."

Since then, Gu Yiye has rarely come to the backyard. It seems that the task has been completed, and it seems to face Ruo Shui.

Ruo Shui and I gradually got closer.

I called a group of musicians and kabuki as before, inviting her to watch together, and the power would pass the time.Although she has little interest, she never refutes my face. Except for a few days of fixing a month to visit the Buddhist temple, every time I invite her to make an appointment.She is indeed a woman who is hard to make people hate, but her temperament is quiet.

I heard that she was quite rhythm, and I called Shu Yan.Shu Yan’s piano art has been supervised and learned since I was a child. He is quite talented. High -handed mountains can be called national players. As a sister, I am a bit confused.

Thinking of the study of the Dharma, I asked him to accompany him when Ruoshui went to the Buddhist temple.On the one hand, it can protect the safety of Ruo Shui.

Shen Mo once persuaded me to be kind to others to make an article, or not to walk too close to Ruo Shui.

"The rumors are nonsense, and the Qing people are clear. The three of us come from the capital, and they are the same as the End of the World. If the water can be accompanied, even if it is dispatched by loneliness." I didn’t say it.

"Miss, you think about others everywhere, have you considered yourself. You are distressed by the concubine, but your subordinates are to you."

"Enough, I am very good. I don’t need to be distressed or sympathetic, just do what you do." I interrupted Shen Mo’s words with a cold face.

But after all, I underestimated Gu Yiye’s care about Ruo Shui.It turns out that the so -called rumor is not lethal when people who listen to it.

When I rushed to Ruoshui room, I only saw Gu Yiye’s right hand holding Ruo Shui’s neck tightly, his face was ironing, and his eyes stared at Ruoshui.If the water face flushed, it seems that breathing is getting more and more difficult, but he closed his eyes tightly without resistance. It seems that there is no consciousness of survival.

People around want to stop but dare not step forward.I stepped forward quickly, Gu Yiye didn’t look at me at all, and said coldly, "Go away!"

I held Gu Yiye’s left hand and felt its tremor clearly.Yes, others only saw that he wanted to strangle Ruo Shui, and his face was ruthless and ruthless. Only I was determined that he would not, because when I entered the door, I saw his right hand hanging down but slightly trembling.

"Please think twice, do you really want to strangle the water for a few rumors? The general has always been calm and wise to do things. Do n’t you have to do things that make you regret it."

Gu Yiye turned his head to me. His eyes were red, and he didn’t know if he was angry or sad.

"I am willing to live with her life, Shu Yan and Ruo Shui, there is no personal affection, please inspect it." I lowered my head and respectfully.

Gu Yiye broke away from my hand and let go of Ruo Shui.

After the water was let go, he couldn’t sit on the ground for a while, and began to cough violently.

Gu Yiye subconsciously supported her, and only care and distressed in her eyes.But fled to leave.

It was night, Gu Yiye came to my room.

"I will go to Beijing tomorrow, and you want you to help take care of Wangfu."

I should be calm.

He groaned slightly, "I plan to take a book together this time. He is still not suitable for serving in southern Xinjiang. I will invite the Holy Holy to transfer him back to the capital and arrange a good position for him."

"You are King Pingnan. This is naturally a thing you say. If you have no opinion, you dare not have any opinions." I was ironic.

He ignored it and then said."Books are not young, and I will ask Saint to give him a marriage, which will be greatly helpful for his career."

"The general still doesn’t believe that he and Ruo Shui are innocent."

He stretched out his hand and motioned for me to stop."I don’t want to discuss this matter, and I don’t want to hear the names of the two of them."

"If you do this, you look at yourself, and insult Ruoshui and our Shen family." I was a little excited, and the tone was much improved.

"Enough!" For the first time, he said so much to me."I have determined this matter, and I have informed let Shu 迢 go with me. Nothing can be said." He left angrily.

Ruo Shui learned after a few days after walking, and wanted to come to Gu Yiye’s fear of giving birth to a branch, and intentionally hid her.

She ran to apologize to me, saying that she had affected our sisters and brothers.I shook my head and said it was not her problem.In fact, who is wrong, who seems to be right, but it seems that they have been wrong.

After a few days of the general, his first child was born. As everyone wished, he was a little son.

Cao was very happy and hurriedly sent someone to send a letter to the general.

Unexpectedly, the general returned, and he took the body of the book.

They were attacked on the road of entering Beijing, the book was killed, and the generals were seriously injured.

I looked at the cold body in front of me, and it felt like dreaming.If it weren’t for Shen Mo to hold me, I was afraid I would have been able to stand softly on my limbs.A few days ago he played piano for me, and told me firmly that even if the general was not good at me, he would always stand on me, accompany me, and protect me.Now he is separated by heaven and man.

I couldn’t believe that I ran to Gu Yiye’s room, and I had to ask what happened.

As soon as I walked to the door, I heard the fierce quarrel inside.

"Are you doing it, are you deliberately right?" Ruo Shui’s voice was sharp and excited.

"Is this kind of villain in your heart? Besides, what does Shen Shuyu have something to do with you? You are not relatives, he dies, and you can’t ask you to ask me."

"If it wasn’t for you, how could he die? You said I don’t believe you, forcing a nun to return a nun, forced a nun, I can’t believe it."

"Yes, people are killed!" Gu Yiye sounded even more excited."I am such an unscrupulous person. Haven’t you taught it for a long time? Do you hate it now, do you hate that I have not died together?"

If the water does not answer.

"Now you have a chance, come, hold it, kill me a revenge for your heart!" Come! "

I immediately opened the door and saw Gu Yiye stuff a dagger in Ruojiu, holding his hand to his chest.

When Gu Yiye heard the door opening, he probably thought it was Cao Nu Cao.The subconscious let go of Ruo Shui and protect her behind.It seemed that the person was me, and I was relieved in an instant.He was afraid that others would see this scene, which would be unfavorable to Ruo Shui.

Ruo Shui ran out.

Gu Yiye seemed to be capped, sitting on the bed with empty eyes. His just tied wounds faintly bleeding, dyed the white gauze red, but he seemed to be unwilling.

"The death of the book has nothing to do with you?"

"I said yes, do you believe it?"

"Believe, you are not a despicable villain who dares to be or not."

"Oh, even you believe me, but she doesn’t believe it."

"Who is the murderer?" I didn’t believe it was just a group of ordinary thieves.

The general’s eyes flickered, as if concealing something."It’s not clear yet."

I guessing seven or eight points in my heart, but I retired without saying anything.

It is not difficult to check with a little clue. I secretly sent Shen Mo to return to Beijing.Shen Mo lived up to my hope, and it didn’t take long for the water to go out.

Sure enough, I didn’t expect it, it was the hand of Ruoshui’s father.

Master You has been beyond my father for many years. On the surface, only my father’s head is looking at it, and he always wants to replace it in his back.Let my father lose his most important sister -in -law, which can hit my father and give him the opportunity to replace it.After killing the book, the general will inevitably become the biggest suspect, and it can also intensify the contradictions of our Shen family and the southern palace.

He must have found that Ruo Shui’s slippery tire is not so simple. When he saw his daughter’s dream of controlling King Pingnan, he couldn’t do it anymore, so he wanted to break me and Gu Yiye, so that Ruo Shui and Gu Yiye rebuilt the old.

Gu Yiye must also be aware of it, but in order to protect Ruo Shui and not to let her sad, she finally chose to conceal everything.

But I won’t stop so well. I told my father to repair everything and let him secretly collect evidence of Ruo Shui’s father for many years.The holy was angry and sent him to catch him, but he was afraid of himself at home.

This is naturally Shen Mo’s handwriting.His sin was not serious, and even if he was punished, he had won the official position at the most and sent it to the jail.But he owed me a life that he had to fight with his life.

Others said that he was faceless, so he committed suicide in fear.I can’t help but sneer. How can such people have any skin at all?

Shen Mo also told me one thing. The batch of killer sent by Master You, the weapons were all applied to poison, and 80 % of the generals were also poisoned.

I was shocked. No wonder the general’s skin was almost injured, but the body had not recovered. Instead, it was not as good as one day, and even the official duties delayed a lot.

Fortunately, Shen Mo did not know what method did it, forcing Master You to take out the medicine.

I hurriedly sent it to Gu Yiye.

Gu Yiye looked at the medicine in my hand and said, "You all know?" Although he asked me, his tone was very sure.

I nodded.

"Then do you hate me?"

"Generals also have people they want to guard, and it is impossible to be fair forever." I stated the facts calmly.

"Master You’s death is done by you." He tone was even more determined.

"How do you know?" I told Shen Mo to be careful not to leave.

The general smiled rare."Rest assured, you didn’t show any horse’s feet. Just I saw the antidote you gave me, so I guess it. In addition, I heard that Shen Mo was not in the house recently, presumably it must be done for you.I won’t think of you a weak woman who can stir up the chaottery, but I guess you can do it. "

"It’s like a general knowing me very well." I raised an eyebrow and said.

"The first time I saw you, you remind me of someone."


"My mother." The general seemed to be in memory."She, like you, is beautiful, talented, has a means, and has ambitions. From my birth, she began to fight with my nurses, for power, and for me. She is a rare woman in the world.I feel loved and afraid. When I saw the poems you wrote that day, I intuitively you were the same woman as her, but you were hidden very well. But I just wanted to respect and go away, and I dare not provoke it. "

"This is the first impression of the general to me." I pretended to be easy."Then the general knows, what is the impression of the general in Xinyi?"

Gu Yiye glanced at me, but slowly moved away.

"I didn’t know it. But the day when Shu Yan died, he had only one breath, but he had to protect me first. He told me that he must protect me safely. Because, I am the one of his sister’s beloved.Die, his sister will be better to die. "

Sure enough, although I never said, but my relatives knew my mind, Shen Mo was like this, and the book was the same.What I have deceived is Gu Yiye alone.

From the end of the Far East, to the depth of Lanqingxi.Mading to Yuanmingyue, relatives to sparse husband and wife.

The two of us, the husband and wife for many years, although they did not look at each other, they were not a pair of strangers.

"In the final analysis, I disappointed you. Marry me, wronged you." Gu Yiye sighed.

"It is the way I chose. I ca n’t ask for it.This is not something that should be divided, and naturally can’t talk about "the word".

"Looking at the green mountains, persuading Jun to accept the people in front of you. There are people who are more suitable for you than me. He will cherish you and treat you well, which is thousands of times better than me.

I know who he refers to, and understands what he is talking about.Shen Mo is indeed so good, but there is only one point. He is not Gu Yiye.

"Do the general want to be a matchmaker for your princess?" I pretended to be easy.

"Of course not." He heard the rejection in my words and laughed at the topic."I have something to ask you to help."

"What’s up?"

"I have settled a lot of government affairs because of physical reasons. So I want to ask you to deal with me." He expected solemnly, not as if he was joking.

"Me? National affairs, how can I deal with a weak woman."

"Why not? When my father was in critical condition, my mother also managed the whole southern Xinjiang instead of his father. I didn’t lose my father. You managed the Pingnan Wangfu.It’s. "His eyes were full of expectations and encouragement.

My heart pounded, worried that I could not be competent, but also a little looking forward to it.

"I will help you, and I believe in my eyes. Besides, in case of any unexpected, the son is too young, and you need you to assist. Otherwise, I will not be at ease."

"Don’t talk nonsense, I promise you just."

After that, Gu Yiye began to teach me to deal with political affairs. He did a good job of doing things and cared about the people’s livelihood. He also taught me.

He hasn’t said so much with him for so many years.In my spare time, I will also discuss with him, sometimes government affairs, sometimes something else.

"I also want to ask the general one."

He looked at me and motioned me to continue.

"Can you tell me about Ruoshui?"

He was silent for a while, and seemed to be recalling, and then said, "For the first time, I saw Ruo Shui, and I felt that she was not like a woman in the world.Go down. "

If water does have this magic.

"In my life, there is nothing particularly wanted, including this throne, which is also the responsibility that I received from my father and mother. Only if the water is an exception, I only indulge it once, and I want to keep her without any care.Being around me. Unfortunately, I hurt her after all. "

"Cao’s imprisonment, is it your intention?"

"No, I learned it later. Then Ruo Shui’s father found me and said he was willing to dedicate her to me. But I refused, if the water is not the same thing, it is not used to please me.Said, Master You should be unfavorable to Ruo Shui, only I can protect her. "Gu Yiye said with a bitter smile."I know that this is not necessarily true. Actually, the campaign also knows that this can’t lie to me. She just understands my mind too much and helps me make a reason to convince himself. I will default."

Gu Yiye may have known that he might have been dying soon.Although taking medicine, poison has been in the heart, his body declined day by day.

In order to be stable in the court, I shouldered his political affairs.Cao’s daily clothing waited for him.If the water seems to be fine, he ignores Gu Yiye’s condition, and he will read the scriptures almost every day.

One day, Gu Yiye shouted Ruoshui’s name in a confused manner. Cao sent someone to ask, but was told that Ruo Shui went to the temple early in the morning.

When Ruo Shui returned at night, Gu Yiye had soberly sober.

Seeing the people who thought of his heart appeared in front of him, Gu Yiye couldn’t believe his eyes. He carefully stretched his hand towards Ruo Shui, his pale lips moved, and whispered Ruoshui’s name.

Ruo Shui stood in front of the bed, and I saw her finger moved, but finally lowered her head and retreated.

If the water turns away, the light in Gu Yiye’s eyes suddenly extinguished, leaving only a disastrous defeat.

In the middle of the night, I couldn’t sleep alone, so I wandered in the backyard, passed by the Buddhist temple, and heard the chanting sounds inside. I thought it was Ruoshui, so I went in.

This Buddhist temple was built by Gu Yiye in order to discuss Ruoshui’s heart. If the water often comes, he often accompanies him in order to stay with Ruoshui.

I walked inside and saw a figure kneeling in front of the Buddha statue. It was not weak water, but Cao, who never believed in God and Buddha like Gu Tingyu.

She kneeled there piously, asking the Buddha to bless the health of the general, and wish to change it with her own life.At this moment, she is no longer the woman who is determined and ambitious, but she is just an ordinary and fragile mother who begs the blessing of the Buddha.

"The Buddha does not cross without faith. Are you worshiping the Buddha or worshiping your own desire." There was a sudden sound of Ruo Shui behind, and I turned subconsciously to see the water with a vegetarian suit, and my face was a little pale.

Cao’s words also stood up and sneered at Ruo Shui."The Princess of the side feels that she has no desires and is unique, and is a peerless and high -level high. Only those who serve the Buddha. We who are not in power at all. You are young and do not know that more than 30 years ago.It was only in the southern Xinjiang Taiping to send troops. When the soldiers were deserted, it was the veteran general who saved the people in the water and fire, not your Buddha.Who will be guarded by Xinjiang. You worship the Buddha for your own purity. I worship the Buddha for the general, and the people in the southern Xinjiang. "

Unfortunately, Cao’s sincerity still did not move. Gu Yiye entrusted me and the entire southern Xinjiang before his death, and asked me to help him perform his unfinished duties.

I asked him if he didn’t explain if I took care of Ruo Shui.

He smiled and said that after he left, Ruo Shui would not stay in the palace.

I was clear, although Gu Yiye did not believe in God and Buddha, but for Ruo Shui, he really went to ginseng as Zen.

On the day of the burial of Gu Tingyu, Pufu was sorrowful.Only if he walked in front of his body horizontally, put his strands of hair on Gu Yiye’s palm and turned away.

I heard that she went to a Buddhist temple, shaved her monk, and asked about Hongchen.

Everything is expected by Gu Yiye. If the water is bound by the red dust for many years, it will eventually come from the Buddha’s door and go back to the Buddhist gate without getting half of the dust.

As Gu Yiye’s wish, I diligently assisted Xiao Shizi to govern the southern Xinjiang.When winter came to spring, the people around me went one by one, and only Shen Mo was always with me as shadows.When I have nothing to do, I will talk to him about the past.

"Do you say that if the water loves a little more or hates more?"

"Naturally love."

"Why are you so sure?"

"There is no complaint in the depths, the general is like this, and the princess is the case.

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