Story: I just got pregnant for half a year, but I had no intention to hear my husband and friend conversation. I resolutely want to divorce

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This family affairs, no matter who it seems, Zhou Xiaoshan married.

Although Tian Weigang was a poor driving, his father was the president of the branch, and his mother was a small leader of the government department. A brother stayed in the provincial capital and heard that he was also a great figure.

Although Tian Weigang has only a salary of more than 3,000 a month, it is a preparation of iron rice bowls. Unlike Zhou Xiaoshan, although he can earn 6,000 a month, he is just a teacher of a training institution.

Men are strong and weak. Normally, the parents of the small individual households who placed the fruit stalls were somewhat unable to afford the waist rod in front of the Tian family’s parents. Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t think that this family had something wrong.

The only inappropriate thing is that she does not love Tian Wei Gang.

The two are at the same table in junior high school, and they are not learning well.After graduating from junior high school, Tian Wei Gang went to serve as a soldier, and Zhou Xiaoshan went to the provincial art school.Tian Wei Gang never forgot about Zhou Xiaoshan. He always went to find her when he came back to the festival. He always wrote a lingering letter to her.

At that time, they were young. Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t like him and did not refuse. Just look at it as a joke.Fish is in the pond, maybe one day he has developed and can be used.

The fruit of the Zhou family has been sold for decades, and has a set of savvy calculations theory, otherwise, they cannot fall into this small river city.Zhou Xiaoshan’s ears are dazzling, and he will never let him suffer in large and small things.

More importantly, she knew that money was the most important thing in the world, because she had seen her father be hitting the ground on the ground because of owing 500 yuan, and she couldn’t get out of bed a week.

When going to a school school, Zhou Xiaoshan made up his mind to marry a rich man in the future.

She does not know much about what rich people, but at least they have to be similar to the uncle, a lord friend Alan. Audi and brand bags can get off the restaurant every week.Money to watch the concert.

Zhou Xiaoshan’s facial features are generally practiced every day, so she has a slender figure, turning her makeup, and picking a beautiful light, and it is even more out of the crowd.

However, when she graduated from the art school, she went back to be a teacher in the training institution. After day, she had no chance to come into contact with rich people.

She helped her Zhang Luo who could not have a decent blind date. The only doctor who was a decent central hospital was disliked that she did not formally work.

Zhou Xiaoshan picked it up, and it was twenty -eight in a blink of an eye. The idea of being sold at home was gradually extinguished. The parents of the Zhou family counted several pursuers in their hands for several months, and finally picked out Tian Wei Gang.

Zhou Xiaoshan was not happy, but did not oppose it.

Tian Weigang’s family conditions were good. His parents had bought him a 120 -square -meter wedding room, and a Toyota Corolla.Coupled with Tian Wei Gang’s pursuit of her diligently for more than ten years, she still moved her a little.So he simply promised his proposal.

For the first time, Tian Wei Gang prepared a gift full of back compartments, Wuliangye, Chinese tobacco, and bird’s nest and health products for Zhou Mu, which was the same.

The Zhou family has been rented in the second floor of the street. There are two rooms and a small hall in the middle. They are both living rooms and restaurants.On the table is the eight cold dishes prepared by Zhou’s mother. The two sitting around the small table were squeezed.

Tian Mu looked at this humble home, his eyes were somewhat contempt, Zhou Xiaoshan was uncomfortable, and he took his elbow to stabbed Tian Wei Gang.

Tian Wei Gang looked around for a long time before he understood what she meant, but just smiled and didn’t dare to take her mother.

After a few glasses of wine, Zhou Father trembled and said, "I am such a daughter, and I can see that Wei Gang is really rare, and he will definitely treat her in the future.

We do n’t have a son, just this girl, all from childhood to big.She has always been the best for eating and wearing. She has to learn to dance and sing. No matter how much money it costs, we have never been ambiguous. Of course, parents who are parents should spend.Looking at it, our customs here, marrying girls, that must have a gift- "

Father Tian stretched out his hand, "You can rest assured, we have discussed with Wei Gang. We have discussed with Wei Gang.

Tian Mu’s mouth with a slight smile.

Jiangcheng’s economic development is average, and it has been considered a minority to give 100,000 color gifts.

"100,000, that’s the daughter of ordinary people. We Xiaoshan, not me blowing, look at this appearance, this child, is that ordinary girl?" Zhou mother squeezed her eyes.

Father Zhou glanced at her, two fingers erected in front of Father Tian, and cut their teeth: "Brother, 200,000, no less!"

The parents of the Tian family looked at each other for a while.

Tian Wei Gang also stared at Zhou Xiaoshan, his face was unpleasant, and Zhou Xiaoshan only couldn’t see it, and he lowered a grain of peanuts in his mouth into his mouth.

"What is 200,000 for President Tian? Isn’t the bank all our own house?" Zhou’s father laughed, "Come, drink!"

Father Tian also saw the world, with a smile on his face, holding a wine glass: "Seeing you, the money in the bank is someone else, not mine.Brother Zhou, be a boss yourself. "

"Poor individual households, what is the boss!" Father Zhou smiled very much.

A polite meal, since Zhou Father mentioned the gift of 200,000, everyone’s attitude became delicate.

After dinner, Tian Father Tian Mother rushed to leave in front. Tian Wei Gang followed behind, pulled Zhou Xiaoshan’s sleeves, and whispered: "Isn’t it good to say 100,000? How can it suddenly become 200,000?"

"Where do I know?" Zhou Xiaoshan rolled his eyes and looked a little impatient.

"You don’t discuss with me in advance."

"It is suddenly proposed to test your sincerity!"

"My sincerity, have you not tested enough for so many years? Besides, I am a driver, what money, isn’t Ca Li?"

"Then I test their sincerity and see that they don’t pay attention to your younger son."

"Well, what is this fallacy?"

Tian Wei Gang returned home, and his parents had a lot to him.

"Look at the appearance, look at the bar! What about selling daughters?" Tian Mu was furious, "I told you that I don’t see that week of Zhou Xiaoshan.It seems that she doesn’t marry, look, look at it now, really the family is not a good person. "

Tian Wei Gang bowed his head and grabbed his hair, and he didn’t know that the future old man would suddenly set this out.

"Otherwise, I will ask them to ask if there is any misunderstanding. I said to Xiaoshan 100,000 before!"

"What misunderstandings can there be? It’s all step by step. Seeing that I was loosened with your mother, the door was on the door. If it was for the last time for the gift money, it was our person who said it!In the city, there are also heads and faces. Unlike them, what are the fear of selling fruits? What are the fear? "Father Tian shook a coffee table.

Tian Weigang has always been honest, and his brain is not great.He knew that Zhou Xiaoshan was smarter than him, but he still refused to believe that she would count him.

"Don’t worry, let me ask Xiaoshan and ask again, I’ll tell his parents."

"What to say, just 100,000 yuan, this marriage and love can’t end, how can there be such a bullying person?" Father Tian got up and went back to the study room.

Tian Mu poked Tian Weigang’s head, and said angrily: "I don’t know what the soul soup has been filled you that Zhou Xiaoshan that time, and fascinated you like this!"

After speaking, I took the water cup and left.

In the evening, Zhou Xiaoshan was lying on the sofa and watched TV. Zhou’s mother packed up the kitchen and sat on her and asked, "Did Wei Gang call back to you? What does his parents say?"

"Love, say, love can’t end!" Zhou Xiaoshan played with the remote control, his face was arrogant.

"How can you say that? This depends on the days. How can I say that I can’t say it?" Zhou Mu hit Zhou Xiaoshan’s shoulder. "If you want to say it, it’s not possible to say it.Also, you can discuss it. "

"What are you discussing? I have found all the places, waiting for the rent! This 100,000 yuan will not come out of him, you will give me out!"

"I want to say, do you do well in others, why do you have to do it yourself?"

"Of course, I made a lot of money! You didn’t count it. This summer, he received 50 students, two thousand per person, wasn’t that one hundred thousand? As a result, the boss only gave me 10,000 red envelopes, removed water and electricity rent.I earned 60,000 to 70,000 without any matter. Isn’t it good to earn me in my pocket? "

Zhou Mu’s full drums stared at the bulb for a long time, nodding, "It makes sense, we really suffer! You want to do it alone! There is a hundred thousand more ideas. Do n’t scare Tian Weigang away."

"Rest assured! Just 100,000 yuan, his parents are not giving it."

"That’s not what you say. Then you do n’t get married. He buys a house and buy a car. Even if you have money, you are not so given. Besides, he also has a brother on it. His brother is still staring!"

"Oh, don’t care about it!" Zhou Xiaoshan pushed his mother away impatiently.

In the evening, as soon as I lay down, Tian Weigang’s phone called.

Zhou Xiaoshan held his mobile phone and waited for him to pick it up for the second time.

"What’s wrong? I’m sleeping." She spoiled.

"Why don’t you return to my WeChat?"

"Just take a bath, don’t look!"

"I just ask you, today’s colorful gifts, say a good 100,000, why suddenly increase the price?"

"Then my parents mean, how do I know?"

"You didn’t ask?"

"If your dad walks away, my dad is called away by a brand friend. Before you come back! Besides, my parents worked hard to raise me. What happened to 100,000 yuan?I ca n’t afford it. Your mother costs 20,000 for a cosmetic card. Your family really wants to get the marriage for 200,000 gift money. Then you can only prove that Tian Weigang did n’t want to marry me! "

"Zhou Xiaoshan, heaven and earth conscience! I have loved you for many years, have I had two hearts?"

"Oh, okay, I know. You should now find a way to convince your parents and tell me what is the use of these?" Zhou Xiaoshan said impatiently, "Okay, I’m going to sleep, let’s go back and talk about it.! "

After speaking, she hung up the phone, relieved for a long breath, and drilled into the bed.

Zhou Xiaoshan has seen a few people in Zhao Jinan, and there are many people, and they have not said a few words.

The Tian family and the Zhao family are the "iron magnetic" of Zhao Jinan.

Although he did not have Tian Dayang in his studies, he was also good now. He opened a jade line in the east of the city. Several KTVs in the city also occupied the shares.Very open, it is a small and famous "Diamond King".

Tian Wei Gang called Zhao Jiunan alone, which surprised Zhou Xiaoshan.

Zhao Jinan is taller than Tian Wei Gang, looks good, can dress up, can come, and also have a graceful.Tian Wei Gang, who was sitting next to him, was set off like a rough potato by Zhao Jiunan.

"Today, I called Brother Zhao to witness the two of us!" Tian Weigang said beer bottle, "I told my brother about the two of us, he said the 100,000 yuan, he took out."

After speaking, Tian Wei Gang took out his mobile phone and slammed it a few times. Zhou Xiaoshan’s mobile phone "Ding Dong" sounded.

"Look! I transferred to your bank card!" Tian Weigang looked very proud.

A string of zero after a while made Zhou Xiaoshan’s eyes lighten up, she rarely saw so much money.

"How?" Tian Wei Gang pushed her away by her face and pushed it away.

She didn’t want to look too close to Tian Wei Gang in front of Zhao Jinan, but such a lot of money made her difficult to hide her excitement, and her face almost laughed.

"Okay, count you have the ability!"

"It’s all the help of Brother Zhao. He is good with my brother, and my brother recognizes him." Tian Wei Steel said: "However, this matter can not let my parents know that you will say a word when you go back.Posted, but let’s not talk about it. "

"Okay, know!"

Zhou Xiaoshan was filled with the beer glass and respectfully lifts it in front of Zhao Jinan.

"Everyone, what are you so polite!" Zhao Jinan wiped out the smoke in the ashtray, and quickly lifted the glass. "Only steel, but I grew up, just like my brother.Woolen cloth!"

"Don’t worry!"

Tian Wei Gang smiled, and his heart was beautiful.

"By the way, I want to find you for help!" Zhao Jinan said.

"Your business is my business, you say."

Isn’t it that the good goods taken by the photo are sold? "

"Is this unprecedented model! My family Xiao Shan used to go out to take photos at the art school before! Right? How many shops are looking for her!" Tian Wei steel.

"Isn’t it?" Zhao Jinan asked with a stare.

"I used to shoot it before. After I came back, we had no market here, and it would be broken. If Zhao’s need, I would re -fuck the old industry and help Zhao Brother this busy."

"That dare to be good! Come on, let me respect you first!" Zhao Jinan raised the glass.

The three people raised together and drank at the same time.

The matter of Cai Li finally solved it. Later, Zhou Xiaoshan mentioned that he would buy three gold. She looked at a set of 38 gold jewelry.

Tian Mu gave 15,000 to 15, and Tian Wei Gang had to overdraw the credit card and bought her a set of golden necklaces, gold bracelets and gold earrings.

"This thing is Shen Cheng like this, what should I wear?" Tian Weigang murmured.

Zhou Xiaoshan carefully rubbed the bracelet, "Who said that this thing should be worn every day? I want to leave it as a heirot for our daughter."

Tian Wei Gang is happy, "The two sons of our family, my brother is also a son, and my parents are looking forward to the pain of a granddaughter!"

"Don’t buy it yet?"

"Buy! Buy, buy it for you!"

Zhou Xiaoshan glanced at Tian Wei Gang with a glad smile, and a proud smile appeared on his face.

Because of Cai Li and Sanjin, the Tian family’s parents became more and more disgusted with Zhou Xiaoshan, but because of her son entangled her, she could only swallow.

The day of the selection still has to be selected, and all the preparations must be prepared.A wedding is not only the ritual of the small couple, but also in the small city, it is their face.

On the day of the wedding, it was solemn, but it was awkward in emotional. Zhou Xiaoshan regardless of the love of Tian Weigang regardless of her love, and she was proud of the real scenery for a day.

Tian Weigang is more satisfied than Zhou Xiaoshan.The girl who had been admired by him since junior high school finally married the door. There is a kind of transcendence of the Tang Seng Jing Jing 1981.

On the night of the wedding, he was holding Zhou Xiaoshan and watched the ball balloon on the roof, almost tears.

"Today is the happiest day in my life!"

Zhou Xiaoshan poked his head, "Look at your interest!"

Under the color lamp, Tian Wei Gang was teased by her eyes, and she turned over and pressed her again.

After the marriage, the young couple took a while.

Tian Wei Gang was distressed by his daughter -in -law. As long as he was at home, he almost took all the housework. He had to wash his clothes before going out for a sports car. The soup was warm in the pot.

Zhou Xiaoshan also resigned as expected, opened his dance training institution, and recruited a little girl to send a leaflet on the street every day.Since winter, she has attracted more than a dozen students to make a good fortune while taking advantage of the winter vacation class.

However, people are not as good as heaven. Before the first class, they have to be forced to stop.The rent, water, and heating costs cannot be refunded, but the deposit must be returned 10,000 yuan.

Throughout the winter, she has been unhappy in the sofa, and she is too lazy to do in addition to sighing.

Tian Wei Gang served her to eat and drink with affection, and comforted it every day: "Just wait for this time. Just in the summer vacation, you can earn a big stroke."

"Who knows when it can be good?"

"Spring, spring must be over, your spring class will definitely open!"

But the reality is that the documents of the Education Bureau restored the training institutions did not issue until the end of May.

The homeowner only relieved her for two months. This one, Zhou Xiaoshan lost 50,000 or 60,000.

For half a year, Zhou Xiaoshan was unhappy because of his incomplete career.

Part of Tian Weigang’s income should support his family and owe credit cards. He has a close life, and he has to help Tian Father Tian Mother from time to time.Tian Mu was distressed by her son. She often supported for thousands of nogrims. Her daughter -in -law received so colorful gifts but refused to make up for her family, which made her anxious.

The in -laws did not say that they often showed contempt. Zhou Xiaoshan was angry at his in -laws, and he was sprinkled on Tian Weigang.

Tian Weigang is a good person. Naturally, she dare not care about her wife. She just hopes that she can wait for her to make money.

Difficulty, in mid -June, the dance class finally officially opened.

The day before, Zhou Xiaoshan had printed two large boxes of leaflets, prepared ribbons and balloons, and asked Tian Weigang to buy two string of guns. He called some friends and planned to make a good day and make a momentum.

But when he came out of the door in the morning, he found a strong man standing on his face with scars.

Tian Weigang saw the man, and his face was immediately timid, "Uncle Scar, why are you looking for it?"

"Otherwise? I have not blocked you in your unit for a week. I have no place to change the place on the weekend?" The man hugged his arms, pulled his neck, and made a slight "click" sound.

"Who is this?" Zhou Xiaoshan asked.

"I have a friend, scar brother, you haven’t seen it. You go to the car to wait for me first. I will say something to Brother Scar, and come for a while." Tian Weigang pushed Zhou Xiaoshan.

"What do you say? I can’t listen to what to say?" Zhou Xiaoshan raised his chin, without Lanson.

After a few years in the art school, she was also mixed with Internet cafes. The most afraid of this kind of person.

"You go first, I’ll tell you for you."

"Say now!" Zhou Xiaoshan snorted, and then stared at Tian Wei Gang.

The scar face laughed.

"What are you laughing? He doesn’t say you!" Zhou Xiaoshan pointed at him.

"Is there any good to say?" What is good to say? "The scar face did not disappear.

"What money?"

"Don’t -Brother, don’t <don’t–" Tian Weigang stopped him.

"Well, another one who deceives his wife." The scar face straight up, "You two discuss it for a while, I will wait for your car and wait." After that, patted his hands towards the elevator.

Zhou Xiaoshan looked at Tian Weigang angrily, "What owed?"

"Don’t be shouting here, let’s go!" After that, he pushed Zhou Xiaoshan into the house.

It turned out that the 100,000 yuan last year was not given by Tian Weigang’s brother, but a usury loan.

Over the past year, Tian Wei Gang dismantled the east wall to make up the west wall. He had gambled several times in order to pay back the money. As a result, the stalls became bigger and bigger.

Zhou Xiaoshan listened to the original committee, and was angry, and he immediately divorced when he patted the table.

Tian Wei Gang coaxed for a long time without fruit, almost kneeling.

"You can rest assured, I can definitely solve this matter, even if I sell the car, no, I will sell blood, I will definitely pay back the money, I will not let you be wronged."

Zhou Xiaoshan gritted his teeth and wiped his tears. "I marry you, thinking about living a good life, not to accompany you to repay the debt."

"I know, how can I be willing to let you accompany me to repay the debt." Tian Weigang begged hard, "Let’s talk about it today, and let’s talk about it!"

"It’s really not possible, you go to your parents, say 200,000, you can only ask them for them."

"My dad’s temper and hypertension, I’m afraid he will get angry!"

"Then you are not afraid to make me angry?" Zhou Xiaoshan shouted.

"Wing, I’ll find them, I’ll find it!"

"Go tomorrow!"

"Okay, go tomorrow!"

The dance class was opened normally. In order to coax the scar face, Tian Wei Gang just mortgaged the car.

On the day of the opening, Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t look very happy, and Tian Wei Gang was also depressed.The opening was smooth, but that night, the two did not fall asleep.

After Zhou Xiaoshan made a noise, Tian Wei Gang was forced to be helpless. He went to his parents’ house at noon the next day and spit it for a long time, and finally put things out of the matter.

Father Tian was rushing, "You prodigy! In order to discuss Zhou Xiaoshan their family, you dare to borrow usury loan? I am the bank president. My son goes out to borrow usury loan and say it will not make people laugh?"

Tian Mu also blushed, "You really have no brain! You go to borrow money, you don’t want to give it to others? How much can you pay a month? You dare to borrow 100,000?"

Tian Wei Gang wiped tears, "I can’t help it! Now the money is not up, Xiao Shan still has to divorce me. Except for my parents, I don’t know who I should help."

"Where did you borrow it?" Tian Father asked.

"Brother Ji Nan helped me contact a boss Xu, he specialized in this line. Xu Jianguo, dad, did you know?"

"I know a fart! I am a retired old man, who do I know?" Father Tian suddenly got up and pointed at Tian Mu: "Call Zhao Jiunan and call him to me. What kind of idea is this all day?"

"What are you looking for him? If it wasn’t for your son, why do people help you? Farewell, you and Lao Zhao have been good for a lifetime, don’t tear the old face for this."

Father Tian Mu Latian sat down, and Father Tian started smoking one after another.Tian Mu’s snoting tears kept counting his son without fighting.Tian Wei Gang was sitting aside, and he dared not come out.

After sitting for almost half an hour, Father Tian fiercely wiped out the ashtray in the ashtray. "Tian Wei Gang, your father is the president of the bank, but the money in the cabinet is not our family.That’s why I worked hard with your mother for a lifetime. The two sons bought a house and bought a car.

You are also married, you live your own days.I am older and don’t want to care.If you owe the money, you sell your car or sell a house, you will pay it yourself.I don’t owe you, don’t come to suck my blood now."

"Where is the car sold? If the room is sold, where do we live?" Tian Wei Gang was anxious.

"Even if you rent a house! We won’t welcome you here. If you want this house, I will say that I will die with your mother."

Unexpectedly, his father’s attitude was so tough, Tian Weigang was frightened and turned to his mother for help. "Mom-"

Tian Mu looked at his wife and said silently.

"If this room is sold, Xiaoshan Baozun will divorce me."

"You can’t leave, it’s your own business. If you want to leave you for this, don’t stop this daughter -in -law. You go! You live in the future!"

Tian Wei Gang touched his nose ash at his parents, and did not dare to tell Zhou Xiaoshan. He was in a depressed mood and called two friends to drink for one night.

The next day I woke up on my own sofa, but I didn’t remember what happened after the wine.

Tian Wei Gang was stunned on the sofa for a while, only to find that there was no one at home.He called Zhou Xiaoshan, but she never answered.Helpless, he hit his mother -in -law, and she returned to her mother’s house.

Tian Weigang sat at home for a day, but did not expect any words. By the time, he rushed to his mother -in -law’s house after renting.Naturally, Laozhangren and his mother -in -law had prepared a "forced questioning" long ago.

It turned out that Zhou Xiaoshan couldn’t find Tian Wei Gang the day before, and called Tian Mu. Tian Mu told her the attitude of Father Tian. Seeing that the Tian family’s parents did not give money, they were so angry that they returned to her mother’s house.

The questioning of the Zhou family’s parents was not yet. Zhou Xiaoshan rushed out of the inside and shouted loudly to divorce.The parents of the Zhou family scolded their son -in -law for a while, and persuaded their daughters for a while to sweat their two ends.

It is even more difficult for him to accept Zhou Xiaoshan than 200,000 usury loans.

"Don’t worry, I will definitely find a way to pay back. My parents don’t give money, and my brother, I go to the provincial capital to find him, he can help me!"

"You lie to me! Then you lied to me that money was given by your brother, and do you want to continue to lie to me?" Zhou Xiaoshan looked at him angrily, "Leave, you must leave! This bitter day, I don’t want to live a day, I don’t want to liveIt’s! "

Tian Wei Gang heard almost tears.He was anxious to get angry, but his father had a lot of heavily, "What leave? There are children, what marriage is divorced?"

"Child?" Tian Weigang was surprised.

"Well, Xiao Shan is pregnant, and she knows it. She won’t let you tell you, but want to be killed, and we are stopped by us."

Tian Weigang looked at Zhou Xiaoshan and looked at his father -in -law again, and couldn’t speak for a moment.

"Look at that stupidity! Those who want to be a dad!" Zhou Mu said.

"Who said he was going to be a dad? The bad debt was not dealt with, so I hit the child and divorced you! I don’t want the child to have a hard time! Isn’t it enough for me Zhou Xiaoshan to suffer with you? My child is stillWant to suffer with you? "

I just got pregnant for half a year, but I had no intention to hear my husband and friend conversation. I resolutely want to divorce

"No, I can’t bear you to suffer, how can you be willing to suffer with your children?"

Tian Wei Gang only hates his mouth stupid and cannot express his heart completely.He was anxious to pull Zhou Xiaoshan’s hand, but Zhou Xiaoshan was anxious to avoid, and finally broke away from her hand and hid back in the room.

Tian Weigang didn’t know if he should be happy or sad. He was on the sofa and looked at the wooden door closed.

"Wei Gang, Xiaoshan’s temper, you know, everyone’s ideas, everyone wants to become. I think you still go back first, whether it is your parents or your brother, you discuss with themThe account was processed. We stared at Xiaoshan first, and I called you. "Zhou Mu said.

Tian Wei Gang looked at his mother -in -law, he was grateful.

Tian Wei Gang couldn’t bear Zhou Xiaoshan, let alone the child in her stomach.

After calling his brother, after the truth was told, he was counted severely. In the end, his brother gave him 50,000 yuan, and he also sent him.

Tian Wei Gang went back to find his parents again, crying and looking down at his mistakes. In addition, Zhou Xiaoshan was pregnant, Tian Mu took the soft first and tossed for a few days.Also, I will live with Zhou Xiaoshan in the future.

Tian Wei Gang has grasped the money and repaid the debt, and he was persuading Zhou Xiaoshan again, so he took her home.

Life gradually enters the right track.

Although Zhou Xiaoshan was pregnant and hired an individual, the summer class still opened. Many children who originally brought them followed because she recognized her.

Zhou Xiaoshan’s career and stomach are booming together. Tian Weigang’s life is getting more and more hopeful, and the care of Zhou Xiaoshan is better than before.

In winter, the daughter Tian Tian arrived.

Both of them are very happy for the arrival of new life, especially Tian Weigang, holding the little daughter in their arms, and they just like what to do.

Tian Mu was afraid that he could not live in harmony with Zhou Xiaoshan, and took the initiative to spend money to invite the nanny to take care of the mother and daughter’s life.

The surname of the nanny is honest and obedient. Zhou Xiaoshan saw her good, so she stayed at home with Tian Tian, and went out for a busy career after a hundred days.

Tian Wei Gang was just a driver in the unit. There was no future appreciation and could not make money, but he didn’t care.

He has no ambitions since he was a child. He only hurts his daughter -in -law, pet daughter, and his wife and children’s hot buns. He felt that he was the happiest person in the world.

Unfortunately, Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t think so much that she always suspected that Tian Wei Gang had no ability and could not make money. She wanted to buy brand -name bags and cosmetics. After wanting her daughter to go to a high -priced private kindergarten, Tian Wei Gang could not be satisfied, and she was often angry with him. Sometimes she pointed at him.He counts his head.

Tian Wei Gang was used to it and did not care about her. Occasionally, she wanted to invest with her friends something, but when she thought of owing 200,000, she dispelled her mind.

On this day, Tian Wei Gang accompanied the leaders to a business trip to the provincial capital. If the leader had something to do at home, he returned one day in advance.

He bought a cake from Zhou Xiaoshan from the provincial capital and wanted to surprise her, so he went to the entrance of her dance school before he called her.

But when I usually got off work, I saw Zhou Xiaoshan wearing a tight super mini -mini skirt and rushing to the ground. Tian Weigang was trying to go up, but saw that she directly opened a black Mercedes -Benz car and sat up in the co -pilot.

Tian Wei Gang recognized that it was Zhao Jinan’s car.

When Tian Wei Gang didn’t think much, when he was about to pull out his mobile phone to call Zhou Xiaoshan, he suddenly remembered that a friend had a few words of drinking in a few times to let him "have multiple eyes to his daughter -in -law."He retracted his mobile phone, drilled back to the car, and kept up with Zhao Jinan’s car.

Sure enough, the Mercedes -Benz car parked outside a quick hotel in the suburbs. He watched Zhao Jinan with his own eyes and walked in with Zhou Xiaoshan.

Tian Wei Gang’s brain was blank. He parked his car with trembling hands and stared at the hotel’s signature. He didn’t know what to do.

The cake is placed in the back seat, and the car is all creamy aroma.Tian Wei Gang sat for a long time. When he could breathe, he got out of the car and rushed to the hotel’s front desk. He asked, "Which room is Zhao Jiun?"

"Sorry, the information of the guests-"

"Do you believe it or not, I smashed your shop." Tian Wei Gang said with a pressing voice

"Sir, don’t worry, say something slowly!"

Tian Wei Gang jumped over the low reception table and held the neck of the female waiter. "I ask you, which room is Zhao Jinan who just entered?"

Two male waiters rushed over to persuade, Tian Wei Gang just ignored it.The female waiter was speechless, and finally spit out "307" from her throat.

Tian Weigang loosened his hand and ran towards the stairs immediately.The first level, two levels, and the footsteps were messy, and finally went to the third floor.

He opened the floor door and sought instructions, and soon stood outside the door of Room 307.

The lights of "Don’t By Breating" are on, he just slaps regardless of his disregard.There was an impatient "who?" It was Zhao Jiun’s voice.

Tian Wei Gang didn’t say a word, knocked continuously.

"Who is his fucking?" Zhao Jinan’s voice was getting closer and closer, and then he opened the door.

Through Zhao Jinan’s arm, the dark corridor was Zhou Xiaoshan wrapped in a bath towel.

The expression on Zhao Jinan’s face changed from impatience to a surprise. Then, Tian Wei Gang waved his fist, and he hit the wall heavily.With a difficult step, Tian Weigang walked towards Zhou Xiaoshan.

Zhou Xiaoshan couldn’t think of it, Tian Wei Gang suddenly appeared.

Didn’t he come back tomorrow with the leader’s business trip?Why did you suddenly find the hotel?

Surprise was surprised, but Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t feel scared.She wanted to leave Tian Wei Gang, not a day or two. Rather than thinking about how to show off with him all day, it was better to be found well by him.

Zhao Jinan was at the door, and a few waiters who watched the lively.Zhou Xiaoshan mentioned the shower towel, wrapped himself, and said, "Brother Nan, close the door first."

Zhao Jinan closed the door obediently and drilled into the bathroom with his backhand.

Tian Wei Gang had raised her with a slap in front of her forehead. He sat on the bed and covered his face, and looked infinitely painful.

"If you want to fight, just fight!"

Tian Wei Gang couldn’t move, Zhou Xiaoshan could only see his red ears and cheeks.

"You know, this is good." Zhou Xiaoshan sat on the chair by the window and lifted Erlang’s legs. "We are not together for a day or two.

"How long? You are together, how long is it?" Tian Weigang still bowed his head.

"Let’s take a picture from my brother Zhao!"

Tian Weigang made a "uh."

The voice made Zhou Xiaoshan suddenly tighter. She had seen Tian Weigang’s depression and upset, but never saw him so painful.But what can she do?She doesn’t love him!From the beginning, she has not loved him, she just enjoyed the feeling of being loved.

She only hated fate and did not let her encounter Zhao Jinan first, and Zhao Jinan did not have to fall in love with her early.

"To this day, don’t be wronged by both of us. I divorce you, the room is yours, the car is also yours, who the child is listening to you, I take my training class to go home."

Zhou Xiaoshan said, let himself have a cigarette.She knew that Tian Weigang’s brain was afraid of chaos at this time, and he had always been unhappy. It is estimated that he couldn’t say anything for a while.

After waiting for a cigarette kung fu, Tian Wei Gang still sat with his head.This confrontation made Zhou Xiaoshan feel boring. She stood up and put on clothes. When she was going to leave, she found that Zhao Jinan had disappeared.When did he slip away, she didn’t notice it.

Zhou Xiaoshan took the bag and looked back at Tian Wei Gang.She is sad, sad for him, but she has a faint excitement in her heart, from the joy of rebirth.

Zhou Xiaoshan’s heart was about to divorce, and Tian Wei Gang begged several times, and she died without looseness.

She knew that the Tian family’s parents hugged their daughters and secretly performed a parent -child identification. She was not afraid of it. The child was Tian Wei Gang, and she knew it in her heart.As a result, Father Tian decided that the child could not give her, and she was willing to be willing.

Zhao Jinan said that he didn’t want to stay in this small city long ago. He had already bought a house in the provincial capital. If he wanted to develop in the past, Zhou Xiaoshan was more willing to follow him.If you go to the provincial capital, it is also a burden to bring your child, it is better to give it to Tian Jiayang.

In order to show his determination to divorce, Zhou Xiaoshan left Tian Weigang’s home.She moved to Zhao Jinan, but Zhao Jinan disagreed.He said that their family and the Tian family were worldwide, and it was very embarrassing for this matter, letting her talk slowly.

Zhou Xiaoshan suspected that his parents had noise, so he rented a small apartment near the training class.

Tian Wei Gang went to her a few times and asked her not to divorce.

The more I was begging for Tian Wei Gang, the more she hated him, the more men who had the ability would not be as low as a woman. Tian Wei Gang was destined to have a climate in this life. In this case, it was better to get away early.

In the end, Tian Wei Gang finally nodded. The two went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to apply for a divorce certificate on the morning of November 10.

That morning, Zhou Xiaoshan got up early. She pressed her legs and made a cup of coffee for herself. She planned to eat a bread and went to the Civil Affairs Bureau.Tian Wei Gang was drunk the night before and kept calling her. Zhou Xiaoshan simply turned off his mobile phone.

The bread bag just torn away, turned on the phone, and the mother’s phone called.She picked it up impatiently, "Say it to you, don’t persuade me, I have a decision."

"Wei Gang is gone." The mother’s voice was shaking.

"What?" Zhou Xiaoshan frowned.After thirty, they are playing such a small trick with "death".

"He drank the car last night and drove the car into the river. Such a high bridge, the bridge pier hit, and it was so hard to plant it." Then, Zhou’s crying crying.

Zhou Xiaoshan’s brain was blank, and even the trembling of his hands could not be perceived.

"Where are you?"

"I’m in the police station. Wei Gang’s parents were pulled to the hospital when they were fainted."

"Mom, don’t lie to me."

"What to deceive? Can you deceive people?" On the other side of the phone was the anger of Father Zhou.

This time, Zhou Xiaoshan finally believed.

Tian Weigang’s funeral was run for three days, and Zhou Xiaoshan has been having miserable.

When Tian Tian shouted for her father, someone always pushed her daughter to her.Tian Weigang’s relatives and friends could inevitably face her bad words, and those who came to hang out also pointed at her.She didn’t care, she looked like a hole in her heart, and she couldn’t accept the fact that Tian Weigang had died.

She just wants to divorce, she doesn’t want to let him die!

On the day Tian Wei Gang was buried, Zhao Jinan also came. At the end of the funeral team, the two looked at each other from a distance, and had not said a word.

Among the crowds of white clothes, Zhao Jinan became different from before.He is no longer romantic, no longer smart and cute, but shows a terrible gloom.Without him, Tian Wei Gang was still alive.

Death can make people grow quickly, Zhou Xiaoshan finally realized this.

In the past, she was a person who did not like to remember, and she was willing to move forward.Now Tian Wei Gang is dead, but those flies that are not away from walking are flying in her brain every day.

When he was in junior high school, he lined up for her to buy meat buns for her. When others bullied her, he was desperate with others. The Tian family’s parents did not agree with them together.Two fools …

He cooked her favorite trotter soup, and he washed her feet. He regarded their daughter as a treasure. He was the best father, the best husband …

Later, Zhou Xiaoshan heard that Zhao Jinan left.

He didn’t say hello to her, and she called over and turned off.

She finally realized that there was no Tian Weigang in this world, and no one would love her like Tian Weigang as much as Tian Weigang.Unfortunately, when she understood all this, it was too late.

She turned off the dance class in people’s scolding. As for the future, she couldn’t see where it was.(Original title: "Smart Zhou Xiaoshan")

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