strangeness!Obviously ovulation every month, why can’t you be pregnant?

Many pregnancy couples believe that as long as there is ovulation, pregnancy will be done.In fact, whether ovulation can not be used as a basis for pregnancy.Xiao Bian has encountered many friends in the background to leave a message: "Obviously, menstruation every month is normal, and there are normal ovulation. Why is it still not pregnant for so long? Today, I will talk to you about this topic.

There is a cause of ovulation but inaccessible

Eggs are unhealthy

If the woman’s menstrual rules are menstruation every month and in the same room during ovulation, but because the woman’s eggs are not healthy and mature, which causes the fertilized eggs and sperm to be unable to combine normally, it will cause normal ovulation.Do a B -ultrasound ovulation monitoring during pregnancy to see if the eggs are mature to increase the chance of pregnancy.

Sperm is abnormal

The man’s weakness and dead essence will cause fertilized eggs to not be combined. Even if the woman’s egg is healthy, it is easy to not conceive because of the man’s problems. Even if you are pregnant, it is easy to cause the possibility of miscarriage.

Tubal abnormalities

In the process of breeding a new life, the fallopian tube plays a pivotal role. It is not only a tool for grasping eggs, but also a channel for transporting sperm, eggs and fertilized eggs.If the woman has problems such as fallopian tubes, water accumulation, etc., it will affect pregnancy and hinder the normal operation of the sperm. Even if the eggs are normal, they cannot conceive.

Nothing and cervical abnormalities

Cervical abnormalities such as dysplasia, chronic cervic inflammation, and ectopic endometriosis may also cause women to be inaccurate. Therefore, once these problems occur, they need to go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

Quickly pregnancy skills

1. As we all know, the chance of the same room during ovulation can increase the chance of pregnancy. It can ovulate by ovulation test strip, body temperature calculation method, and B -ultrasound ovulation monitoring method. In addition, ovulation test strips are only suitable for women with menstrual rules.

2. Excessive tension and anxiety of the spirit can cause endocrine disorders and ovulation disorders, so it is necessary to maintain a pleasant and relaxed mood.

3. When the cervical mucus begins to react, it is prompted to ovulate, but the same room the next day, the day when the brushes are better, the closest ovulation should be selected on this day.

4. Maintain a balanced diet. Preparation of pregnant couples can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits such as spinach and apples. They can eat more protein such as fish and egg foods to strengthen the body’s resistance and help prepare pregnancy.

The most important thing for giving birth to a smart and cute baby is to do pre -pregnancy examination. Only when the couple can ensure the good state of the body, can they be pregnant as soon as possible.

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