Such moles may become "king of cancer"?Can you prevent it?There is an answer

What kind of mole

I believe everyone will have it

No pain, no itch, no presence

At most longer in specific parts, it will affect the value of the face value

Last month, some patients went to the hospital for treatment

A mole has appeared ulcers from an early age

And the body is not very powerful

The result of diagnosis is the middle and late stages of malignant melanoma tumor

The news also said that this kind of cancer is the "king of cancer"

If you have watched "If You Are the One 2" movie

Li Xiangshan played by Sun Honglei

Just get malignant melanoma

He died soon


There are moles on our body

Will it be a "time bomb"?

What kind of mole will change?

Is the malignant melanoma really the "king of cancer"?

Is it possible to lose a mole?

Today we will come into the truth

What is mole?

Moles usually refer to the abnormal pigmentation of pigment cells on the surface of the skin, forming a tumor -like structure visible to the naked eye.Usually small dark brown spots, which will become black after long light.Moles can exist congenital, and when they are born, they are (usually called fetal notes, and about one percent of people have birthmarks), and they can grow out the day after tomorrow. Most moles appeared in children and adolescents.

Long moles are a common phenomenon. Everyone has at least one mole, and some people even have as many as 500 to 600.On average, there will be 10 to 40 per person.There is no clear conclusion about the reasons for long moles. It is generally believed that it may be related to genetic factors, light, and hormone levels, especially when moles have increased during pregnancy.

A study abroad shows that moles may be a young manner (because it grows mainly in youth), and people with many moles may mean younger skin.

Is melanoma really the "king of cancer"?

The mole itself is the result of abnormal growth of pigment cells, but this growth is usually limited, so most of them will not be cancer.

However, under special circumstances, such as excessive ultraviolet irradiation and insufficient ability to repair congenital DNA damage, it can lead to mutation of pigment cell genetic mutations and cause out of control growth, and eventually develop into melanoma, which is a common skin cancer.

There are opportunities to develop into melanoma in any part of the body, even if those parts that are not often exposed to sunlight are no exception.

The screenshot of the previous news said that melanoma is a bit exaggerated. In the real sense, the "king of cancer" generally refers to pancreatic cancer.The metastasis of melanoma in all cancers is medium and high, but there is no authoritative comparison data with liver cancer and lung cancer metastasis.

Which moles are easier to cancer?

Compared with other malignant tumors, melanoma is actually easier to discover early, after all, you can see it with the naked eye.However, because the vast majority of moles on the vast majority are benign moles, it is found that a few evil changes are not as simple as eating and drinking water.

The current criterion for judging moles is the "ABCDE" rule.The five capital letters represent the five abnormalities of moles, namely:

Poor symmetry (asymmetry)

Edge blur (border)

Color mixed (color)

Large diameter (Diameter, usually greater than 6 mm)

Dynamic changes (EVOLVING, including size, shape, color, and appearance, which will change over time)

When 1 to 2 features appear, it is necessary to see it in time to determine whether it is a benign mole or a malignant tumor.

To prevent cancer, do you want to point the mole?

Most moles are not cancerous, so they are usually harmless and do not need to be ordered at all.There are only two exceptions::

Healthy level.For moles that are already cancerous or have potential cancer risk, it needs to be removed in time.

Beauty level.If the mole grows on the face or other exposed skin and affects the face value, you can also choose to click.

There is also a saying in the folk saying that if the mole is dropped, it may cause cancer.The truth is: if it is a benign mole, then how can it be cancerous; if the cancer has been changed, it will not be completely removed, but it will promote cancer metastasis!

How to correctly prevent the cancer of moles?

There is no fundamental way to avoid the production of moles at present, so the very important point is to prevent cancer.Regular skin self -examination and changes in mole often are effective ways to prevent melanoma.

Female melanoma is often on the arms and legs; male melanoma’s frequent hair parts are back, trunk, head, and neck, so you should pay special attention to the changes in these parts of moles.After adulthood, the sudden appearance of the new mole or the sudden growth of the old moles should also pay great attention.

According to the ABCDE rule mentioned above, if the mole is suspected of the risk of cancer, you should seek medical treatment in time.Early diagnosis of melanoma is essential for improving the survival period. Therefore, the abnormal behavior of mole in daily life is important, and it can effectively reduce the risk of melanoma.

In fact

The incidence of melanoma in my country is relatively low

The high incidence is Europe and the United States

So don’t worry too much about the mole on your body

As long as they look the same as before

Then don’t care about it!

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