Sudden good news!Internet celebrity Mai Xiaofeen Xuanzhuang’s pregnancy, the husband and wife cried together, the details of the mother -in -law were so warm

On the afternoon of July 8th, a good news came out on the Internet celebrity circle. Henan net red Mai Xiaofeen, which has been loved by many netizens, was pregnant.Really crying and laughing, there is one more you in the world, and we also have a world, welcome you to bring.

Strong joy, strong happiness, of course, the confidentiality work is really good, and I have to admire the marketing talents of Mai Xiaoyeng and Shihao.At this moment, the good news is announced, and it may start to bring the goods for a long time. As for the content, it should be related to the baby.

According to Mai Xiaoden, she recorded this happy moment on April 22.And this date is before marriage, of course, before Xinjiang travels, that is to say, when Mai Xiaodeng married Shihao, he was doubled.

Along the way, it is really not easy. From one person to two people to three people, the subtle change makes it feel deeply. For such a reason, Mai Xiaoden couldn’t help crying.

Some people say that Shihao does not love Mai Xiaoden. In fact, men who have married married know that some passion will fade sooner or later, and a bland life is a real portrayal of life.Of course, the new identity must have a new mood. It is not difficult to find from the actions of Shihao that his love for Mai Xiaoyeng has surpassed everyone, and of course it does not include Mai Xiaodong’s father.

One sentence: Really dad, it seems to reveal his unbelievable believe, of course, including his joy. I believe that at this moment, Shihao waited for a long time. After all, his career has become perfect.Happy things.After "digestion" this joy, Shihao was lying on Mai Xiaodong’s shoulder, wept for a while. Of course, this sobbing is happiness, happiness, and responsibility.

But Mai Xiaodong’s words made people cry: I have no mother yet, I am a mother.

It is not difficult to see from this tiny action that in their daily life, Mai Xiaodeng must be relatively strong. After all, all the causes of the two stem from her efforts and not giving up.

In fact, the news about Mai Xiaodeng’s pregnancy has a long history. The reason why it is announced now is that it has been about 2 and a half months, and it has passed the "safe period".

During the marriage, some netizens found that many behaviors of Mai Xiaoyeng were deliberately protecting the stomach, but because they were not arbitrarily, the fans were not sure. Until the Xinjiang tour, some of her mother -in -law’s moves made the incident confirmed.

In the video, my mother -in -law was afraid of Mai Xiaoden to be tired, so let him take a small car directly. You must know that ordinary young people do not need such "care" at all. If it is not because of something, how can he remind so much?However, this detail really makes many fans emotion, not all mother -in -law can remember the daughter -in -law’s dedication to the family.

From the initial "one poor and two white" to the well -known today, to the current family of three, it really makes people feel deep.

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