Summer pregnancy is too guilty, relieve summer discomfort, teach you 4 tricks, easy to cool down and be safe

I think every woman does not want to be pregnant in summer. After all, the high temperature environment is already a torture. Coupled with the particularity of pregnant women’s constitution, in such a hot day, you can’t eat ice watermelon and you can’t drink ice cola.It was very guilty.Therefore, for pregnant mothers, summer is their number one public enemy!However, for the health of the fetus in the stomach, the mother can only endure.Of course, in order to allow our pregnant mothers to spend a comfortable summer day, we are still preparing in these aspects. Come and understand the pregnant mothers!

Wearing cotton clothes

In the summer, pregnant mothers sweat a lot. In order to make the body of the pregnant mothers more comfortable, we must sophisticated in the choice of clothes.Try to wear loose, light -colored cotton clothes for pregnant mothers, it is best to have a particularly good breathability. This is conducive to sweating and can give pregnant mothers a more comfortable dressing experience.In addition, when going out, pregnant mothers should prepare sunscreen, sunscreen and other sunscreen equipment cannot be less. When in the air -conditioned room, the pregnant mother should not be greedy and pay attention to keep warm.

Add more water

The weather is too hot, and the cause of sweating, the human body will lose a lot of water.Especially for pregnant mothers, the influence of hormones in the body has increased their body temperature during pregnancy. It is particularly sensitive to heat, which is easier to sweat, resulting in more water in the pregnant mother than ordinary people.Therefore, when the temperature is high, pregnant mothers should insist on drinking plenty of water and replenish water in time, so as to effectively avoid heat stroke or dehydration!

To open the window to ventilate

The pregnant mother’s own metabolism is faster than ordinary people, so their body temperature is also higher than ordinary people. In order to avoid the heat stroke of pregnant mothers, when the temperature is high, the indoor can be properly turned on the air conditioner, but the air conditioner temperature must be controlled at 25 ° C at 25 ° C.On the left and right, try to keep the pregnant woman no longer feel hot.In addition, when blowing the air conditioner, pay attention to the indoor air circulation, remember to open the windows and ventilate frequently to ensure that the indoor air is fresh. This will not only make the pregnant mother’s body more comfortable, but also avoid the occurrence of respiratory diseases of pregnant mothers.

Calling and coolness

The weather is hot, and the mood of pregnant mothers is easy to be irritable. In addition, the body is affected by hormones after pregnancy, making the pregnant mother often irritable, losing temper, and even symptoms such as fatigue, loss of appetite, and dizziness.For the fetus and their own health, pregnant mothers must learn to control their emotions, listen to more soothing music, think about some good things to alleviate their anxiety, so that they will maintain a good mood, and naturally, they will not naturally not.Feel so hot and hot!

Pregnancy is a good process of breeding a new life, but for pregnant mothers, at the same time, it is really hard to bear all kinds of problems. Therefore, as a family, we must be considerate to understand her!

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