Sun Yizhen was blocked after giving birth. He claimed that he wanted to eat more on a rainy day. Barbecue ramen kept eating

Recently, Sun Yizhen participated in Paris High -Dating Fashion Week for the first time announced that she officially returned to the entertainment industry, but compared with her long -lost surprise, netizens were discussing Sun Yizhen’s postpartum state.

On that day, Sun Yizhen wore a black suit suit and appeared in the show. The wrapping strictly exposed his legs. Everyone thought that Sun Yizhen had not recovered after giving birth, so he wore loose clothes to cover up.It can be seen a lot of round.

First of all, Sun Yizhen’s face and flesh look much more full than before, and it is obvious to see the double chin on the side. Secondly, her legs in the media lens are also thicker, but it is already a good recovery of her 8 months after giving birth.

On July 13th, Sun Yi rarely updated her life dynamics. She said that South Korea is now the rainy season, and it has been raining all day. Unfortunately, she can’t take a puppy out for a walk. At the same time, she is even more annoyed by her.On rainy days, she has a lot of appetite to eat. She can see that she not only ate barbecue but also ramen that day. The diet with high carbohydrates and high fats made Sun Yizhen’s weight loss.

As early as July 1, before the event of Paris to participate in the event, Sun Yizhen had exposed her diet. In order to appear in the show in the best state of the best state, she and Xuan Bin ate a serving vegetable with each other.The salad is a piece of bread, you can imagine how hard she worked in order to lose weight.

Now that Paris, she also returns home. She simply puts on the weight loss career for a while. She will no longer restrain her appetite and eat. At the same time, she also encourages fans to eat something she likes to eat on rainy days!My sister is so cute.

In fact, it can be seen from Sun Yizhen that the stars’ weight loss is also difficult to eat and subtract, and it is difficult to eat and subtract. Moreover, Sun Yizhen is still a full food. During her pregnancy, she often share various foods on social platforms, and evenDo it by himself, so Sun Yizhen’s fat is his own credit, hahahaha, and I have to say that living with Sun Yizhen Xuan Bin is really blessed!

Speaking of Sun Yizhen, Sun Yizhen gave birth to her son sweet beans at the end of November last year. It is only 8 months until now. Under normal circumstances, she should still be in breastfeeding. It can be said that one person eats and supports two people.But because she is a star to maintain a good body, she has to lose weight, not to mention that she is ready to come back and work, and she should not be too fat. Loss is still imminent.After a while, she would definitely restore her perfect figure.

Regarding the job after returning, Sun Yizhen had previously opened advertisements, and according to the brokerage company, her new work was also preparing, and she would immediately see Sun Yizhen filming in the crew, and fans were happy for it.

Earlier, after Sun Yizhen was pregnant, he suspended a lot of work and reluctantly raised his fetus at home, and Xuan Bin kept filming and worked. Now Sun Yizhen is going back to work. Xuan Bin estimates that there will be more time to bring baby at home.Collaboration, really good!Looking forward to your grandmother Xuan Bin on the line as soon as possible!

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