Surgery the three views, the female doctor derailed during pregnancy caused the fetal abortion, and the husband was found to bite

It is an honest person who is injured in marriage. It is right to say this. Whether loyalty in marriage has nothing to do with education. Some couples have no education but can be met.matter.

No, another big melon revealed that a female doctor derailed during pregnancy and caused the fetus to die. Her husband exposed his wife in a lot, and the chat history was also public. Netizens exclaimed: Dr. Dr. Women’s Thought is too avant -garde.

The cause of this incident was that a netizen accused his wife’s pregnancy derailment in marriage, causing amniotic fluid to rupture abortion.

In order to prove that what he said was true, he also announced the chat records of his wife and others, and could only be described with spicy eyes.

As the saying goes, the ugly family is unspeakable. After the exposure, many netizens have questioned that his wife did such a scandal during pregnancy, and why he was also exposed.

Faced with the questioning of netizens, according to the man’s response, when he found that his wife’s pregnancy derailment caused abortion of the fetus, he was really angry, but what he did not expect was that in the face of her husband’s doubt, the female doctor took a bite instead, and on the Internet, on the Internet, on the Internet, on the Internet, on the Internet, she was on the Internet and on the Internet.He said he was aborted by his husband’s family violence, and the man exposed his wife’s scandal in order to prove his innocence.

According to this man, he and his wife met at a friend party at a friend meeting in 17 years. The girl’s appearance was very good. At that time, the man also fell in love with her at first sight. Later, after understanding, the two also identified a relationship.

In love, the man has always been able to restrict the girls of the girls with a male and female friends. Instead, she has given her enough support.Will buy her.

Later, the girls were admitted to the University of California and studied doctors in the school. In order to take care of girls, men also found a job near the girl school.

The relationship between the two also quickly heated up. Soon the two entered the palace of marriage with the consent of the parents of both parties, and after marriage, the man across all the affairs of the family in order to make girls at ease.

In the opinion of outsiders, this couple was enviable. Later, the girls also pregnant with their babies. The man thought they would have a happy family, but what made him unexpected was that I did not expect.

That day, the girl told the boy that he had met a friend’s party. Until ten o’clock in the evening, the man sent a message to his wife and asked her if she was over.

The wife responded that some friends would send her home without being used to pick it up. I thought that the wife would return soon. I did not expect that this was one night, and no one responded to the news.

It wasn’t until the man suddenly received a call from the hospital and hurried to see his wife on the bed. This also knew that he had long been green on his head, and his wife hid him very well, and now the child has been done.

Who will not be angry with this incident? Facing the men’s anger, his wife bite directly, saying on his social media that he was caused by a man’s domestic violence.

I did n’t know how to make a mistake, which made the man angry, and exposed the chat history of his wife and others in a hurry.

We can see from the chat history. In fact, the girl has betrayed the man long ago, and she started her underground relationship when they fell in love.

Girls often go out early and return to the later late returns through excuses to learn. Men have never doubted her out of trust in his wife.

Until the girl was pregnant, she would be with the chatter who was chatting, and did not worry about the children in their stomach, and finally caused the child to have a miscarriage because of the fierce exercise.

The most desperate one in this incident was this boy. His wife betrayed him, the children of the two were gone, and they were framed by his wife.

It turns out that a person’s character has nothing to do with his own education. The old man who picks up the waste can still be repaid, but the female doctor is still derailed. The two are ironic.

After this incident, I am afraid that the girl’s doctoral is difficult to read, and she will eventually pay the price for her fault.

What do you think of this?

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