Sweet trouble, when pregnancy encounters asthma

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"Fangfei in April in the world" In the late spring and early summer, the southern country is the season when flowers are blooming. It is not beautiful to go to a flower in the late spring.

However, "the day of the blooming flowers is when the patients with asthma are uncomfortable." When the flowers bloom, pollen will be produced; small mushrooms such as small mushrooms will produce a large amount of fungal spores; in order to attract the opposite sex, animals will scatter sex hormone molecules in the air in the air.; Mite metabolites also fly with dust.

Each organism hopes to spread its genes to every corner of the world with the power of nature.This is the chorus of species breeding, the symphony of the heavenly survival!Some people with allergies in our human beings have an allergic disease once they come into contact -such as bronchial asthma.

Outpatients often encounter patients with asthma to consult whether they can get pregnant. Especially in the past two years, the second child is open, and the number of patients who consult for consultation are significantly increased.Today, I will share with you the relevant small knowledge of pregnant patients.

Can I still get pregnant with asthma?

sure!The premise is that before pregnancy, with the help of a professional doctor, re -evaluate the current state of asthma.1/3 pregnancy asthma women may improve during pregnancy, and 1/3 remain unchanged, and 1/3 may deteriorate.Therefore, before pregnancy, with the help of a respiratory doctor, it is important to re -evaluate the current state of asthma.

Do I need to stop the medicine for a while before pregnancy?Do you want to stop using the treatment drugs immediately after pregnancy?

cannot!If pregnant women have not been controlled for a long time, pregnant women will occur in signs of eclampsia, pregnancy hypertension, pregnancy toxicity, drama vomiting, vaginal bleeding, and dystocia.The fetus grows slowly, expired, low weight, etc. in the uterus.At least, in terms of existing evidence, poor asthma control increases the risk of perinatal period, and good control of asthma can reduce risks.Therefore, asthma control should still be placed first during pregnancy, and the drug is not recommended.In the same way, it is not recommended to stop drugs before pregnancy.

The hormone is so terrible. Can I really use it when I am pregnant?

Can.Hormones have always been a double -edged sword, the problem is only the user.Both guidelines or clinical studies tell us that inhaling hormones during pregnancy is very safe, and there are absolutely no serious complications that are not worried by non -specialists.It must be understood that inhaling hormones may have some adverse side effects (as long as you pay attention to rinse, you can greatly reduce), but the degree of damage is far less than the asthma attack itself, and the poor treatment of an acute attack may affect the two lives.It may cause the mother’s condition or hypoxia that does not control asthma, and the impact of hypoxia on the fetus is even more frightened.

Generally speaking, the pregnancy process does not affect the medication plan for inhalation hormones, and it cannot be stopped or reduced by itself because of pregnancy.If you encounter doubts, it is necessary to go to a specialist in a regular hospital to listen to the professional opinions of the respiratory doctor.

I heard that inhaling hormones have side effects, how to prevent it?

The treatment of pregnancy asthma, inhalation of hormones is naturally a golden character, a first -class hero.Female asthma patients are assured of inhaling hormones (ICS) during pregnancy. This has long been concluded and is common sense; inhaling hormone (ICS) can reduce the deterioration of pregnancy asthma. On the contrary, stopping ICS during pregnancy may cause asthma deterioration.

More importantly, a number of studies have clearly stated that the use of inhalation glucocorticoids alone is not significant to have a significant high risk and high risk of congenital abnormalities.But once again reminded that after inhaling hormones, you must rinse your mouth to reduce the deposition of hormones on the surface of the oral cavity and protect the oral mucosa.

What will the drug affect the fetus?

According to the safety of medication during pregnancy, the US FDA divides drugs into 5 categories. Class A, B, C, D, and X. Class A is the safest. It is decreasing in order. X is the most unsafe, and it should be disabled during pregnancy.From the table below, no drug belongs to A -level, which means that there are no absolute safe drugs.At present, most drugs that treat asthma belong to Class B and C -Class. Generally speaking, Class B is safer, and most doctors use it.The C -Class is possible to danger, weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and use it carefully.

Global asthma prevention and treatment notes point out that using ICS, β2-agonist, Monte Ste or Camellia does not increase the risk of fetal abnormalities.(Remarks: Only Buddine, Tablin, and Meng Lutt are Class B medicine, and the others are not.)

Will childbirth aggravate the symptoms of asthma?

Generally speaking, between 29 and 36 weeks of pregnancy, the symptoms of asthma of pregnant women are the most common.In the last month of pregnancy, asthma generally does not worsen.During childbirth, asthma is usually not aggravated.

What are the pioneering clues when the asthma is produced?

There are two methods to judge the identification of acute signs of asthma:

One is based on the symptoms, the aura symptoms of acute asthma attacks include cough, chest tightness, shortness of breath, etc.; The second method is to monitor the results based on the peak flow velocity meter (PEF).The best person’s best value is 60%to 80%or lower, and you need to be alert to the risk of recent acute attacks.If you do n’t know the normal estimation value and personal best value, PEF ’s basic value is more than 20%, and special attention needs to be paid.Because patients have different sensitivity and symptoms of airflow, it is best to combine the above two methods to identify and judge.

Peak speed instrument

What should I do when they are asthma?

Self -treatment solution for acute signs of asthma: (1) Use Wantuolin 1-2 spray, if necessary, you can inhale every 4 to 8 h once, but it should not exceed 8 spray within 24 h;/As a medication, Fumatro can increase the symptoms of Syllaxia/Fomatlo (160/4.5 μg) 1 to 2, and the maximum daily dose generally does not exceed 12 suction.(3) The most important thing is to seek medical treatment in time!

Comparison of the bronchial bronchial and normal bronchus during asthma attacks

How to prevent asthma during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the prevention of asthma should be prevented first. Pregnant mothers need to do the following: avoid contact with dust mites, molds, dogs, cats, pollen, plants and cigarettes. They are common causes of asthma attacks.Vaccination vaccine can help you prevent influenza and prevent influenza virus from aggravating the symptoms of asthma.

I have asthma, can I feed breast milk?

Even if you have asthma, you also recommend that your baby eats breast milk. Breeding babies fed in breast milk are relatively low in the previous two years.If you plan to feed your baby, you need to use safe drugs under the guidance of a professional doctor while avoiding the damage caused by drugs to your baby.

TV advertisements say that some kind of divine medicine can cure asthma, credible?

Asthma cannot be cured, but it can be controlled. If anyone tells you that you can cure asthma, please don’t believe it!The target of asthma treatment is to control symptoms such as asthma and inhibit inflammation, not cure.Some children may heal themselves in the process of growth, and the mechanism of self -healing has not yet been clarified.Asthma may also not occur for a long time. The most likely reason is to leave the allergen environment, not the role of the drug itself.

Pregnancy has been a top priority since ancient times. Many pregnant women in life are reluctant and dare not take medicine. I am afraid that it will affect the fetus in the abdomen. This is a great spirit worthy of admiration. Each of us comes from our parents.heart of.

It must be emphasized that although we are always worried that asthma drugs will affect pregnancy, during pregnancy, the benefits of actively attacking the treatment of asthma are far better than the potential harm of drugs (including controlling drugs and relieving symptoms)Level evidence).The treatment of pregnancy asthma is very clear. While worrying, we must actively deal with asthma.Finally, it is necessary to remind the majority of patients that the factors of pregnancy are complicated, and some questions do not have an absolute correct answer. If you are pregnant, you can not taboo diseases. Do not blindly support because you are afraid of the impact of drugs.

Prevention and control of asthma during pregnancy is a work undertaken by doctors and mothers. Under the guidance of a doctor, choose appropriate drugs. Baby -born babies and ensure that their mother’s production safety can be done.In the end, all medical staff of the Department of Lung Diseases, Shenzhen Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, escort your airway health all over the weather, and sincerely wish you all the health.


Department of Lung Disease, Shenzhen Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Department of Pulmonary Diseases, Shenzhen Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a specialty lung disease specialty in Chinese medicine. Under the guidance of Professor Liu Xiaohong and Director Xu Weifang, the department staff worked together to work hard for 2-3 years.At present, the department has become the deputy chairman unit of the Chinese Medical Education Association’s Respiratory Society, the deputy chairman unit of the Guangdong and Western Medicine Integrated Breathing Society, the deputy chairman unit of the Guangdong and Western Medicine Integrated Lung rehabilitation society, and the deputy owner of the Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Pulmonary SocietyThe deputy chairman unit of the committee unit and Shenzhen Chinese and Western medicine combined breathing society.Speed and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia (severe pneumonia), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, acute medium-severe bronchial asthma, respiratory failure, severe pulmonary heart and cerebral complications, interstitial pulmonary disease, pulmonary and pulmonary vascular disease, lungs, lungsNodular and lung tumors have accumulated rich clinical experience. Combined with the special treatment of traditional Chinese medicine fumigation, Chinese medicine application, ultrasonic treatment, acupoint injection, thorns cupping, ear acupoints, and self -blood therapy, the curative effect is significant.At the same time, actively advocate the use of asthma creamy prescriptions in the diagnosis and treatment of lung disease, focusing on the method of righteousness, lung, spleen and kidney, and Wenyang, reducing the use of antibiotics and hormone drugs, and highlighting traditional Chinese medicine characteristics in diagnosis and treatment of severe diseases of the lung system.The advantage, advocating the strategy of combining Chinese and western medicine with asthma patients, is praised and praised by patients.

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