Symptoms during pregnancy are endless

The biggest surprise of life was that he had twins 6 years ago.At the time, the company held a badminton game. Although I was thinking about pregnancy, I was stupid, still playing, and achieved the first place in the women’s singles.Meizi lost the bonus on the weekend and went to the hospital to diagnose.At that time, I didn’t know that I would build a card immediately. I went to the Maternal Security Card when I was almost 3 months, and then I immediately conducted a related inspection.A person goes by the way. When Dr. B -ultrasound told me that it was twin, don’t be surprised.Le Buya went to the husband a call, and it was so amazing!The next day, the husband and wife bought two packs of sugar to find a doctor’s heart doctor, and asked her to help listen again. Sure enough, two small train was running.At this time, I am so so. There is no genetic factor. Is it necessary to use the mind, and I think whatever I think.

My whole pregnancy is basically uncomfortable, and I can’t brush my teeth seriously.Because of the two, doctors prescribed all kinds of tonic.For common iron supplements, the iron will be oxidized in the digestive tract after taking. The black stool (asphalt) is normal. Don’t worry about the pregnant mother who supplement it like me.The first time I was scared was blood in the stool!After taking the calcium liquid for 5 days, there was pain and a small amount of bloodshot. I found that there was still coarse salt -like crystals during self -examination.After contacting the doctor brother, it is recommended to suspend calcium supplementation and observe that it is basically returned to normal for 24 hours.At that time, I couldn’t keep it in my mind. Fortunately, Mr. was very powerful and kept blowing the rainbow fart, saying that he believed the physical fitness of the badminton champion.I have left a little shadow for calcium supplementation. I usually pay more attention to the changes in my body. Don’t be shy.

My plan is to persist in work to production, and want to walk more by the way to strive for delivery.Facts have proved that the body quality of the stick cannot be completely disappeared.Compared with the surprise of nature, the twin blood transfusion syndrome is very frightened.By 29 weeks, my hands were itchy, and there was no existence.I just started to judge that it was a skin problem, and I tried some ways.The judgment on the third day should be caused by pregnancy. The results of the examination were cholecoscope, and the hospitalization was not allowed to leave.The effect of treating cholecoscan in the second hospital of Kunshan was obvious. It was okay that night, but the doctor still let me continue to be hospitalized to prevent temporary production.The other two mothers in the same ward have been produced, and the accommodation conditions can be imagined, and they are noisy throughout the day.By the third day of dinner, the blood pressure rose, and I did not feel obvious, but the hospital did not want to leave us to suggest to transfer to the higher -level hospital.I discussed with my husband and I couldn’t get angry with the hospital. It was the truth to solve the problem first.One of the ambulances and medical care was called in the hospital to take us to Suzhou Municipal Hospital. The legendary transfer and the transfer hospital for granted.There is such a situation at home. It is best to arrange people to go to the hospital Zhang Luo’s ward early in the morning. Don’t think that you can insert it in the middle.The ambulance was sent to the hospital for reception or not, we went to and from five hospitals this night, and finally stayed at the Fifth Hospital of Suzhou.It was exhausted.Seeing the greasy bento also had no appetite at all. The inpatient department closed the door and could not handle the meals.When bubbles with full mouth, urinary incontinence was found.Hurry up and get sick and inform the doctor on the bed to see if the amniotic fluid is broken.If there is no extra doctors on duty, let the legs be raised directly, so this night is also very difficult.As soon as the hospital department opened the next day, the husband went to Zhang Luo’s bed in the municipal hospital. Mom and dad also brought new baby products and maternal bags.In the morning, I told him that he didn’t have to test the blood test. As a result, I transferred to the hospital when I couldn’t get out. It didn’t make sense. He told me that as long as this time, he had to check all.Fortunately, I received a call from a telephone at 10 o’clock and said that the ambulance was arranged to be sent to the municipal hospital immediately. My 6 -tube blood ~~~ Dear pregnant mothers, do n’t bear it when you are tough.When I was sent to the municipal hospital, I had increased the oxygen.

Next is the story of production!Moms continue to pay attention to my story!

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