Symptoms, leucorrhea prophets?Doctor: There are three differences in white belt, you have to attract attention

During the menopausal period, Aunt Chen was always humid and itching. She had used many methods to treat, and the effect was not satisfactory.Some people say that this is caused by her endocrine disorders, and it will be good after waiting for menopause.

After menopause, Aunt Chen’s private parts really became dry and odorless, which made her heart secretly happy.But it didn’t take long for the good days. Her lower body appeared light yellow leucorrhea, the shape was like tofu residue, and there was a smell.

Is it caused by endocrine disorders?

After Aunt Chen went to the hospital for examination, she knew that she had a mold vaginitis. The doctor said that if he did not treat it in time, he might induce major diseases.

Leucorrhea is a viscous liquid secreted by women’s gynecological organ. It is normal or not with the health of women.

Leucorrhea is a female vaginal secretion, which is usually mixed with vaginal mucosa exudation, cervical canal and endometrium gland secretion fluid.Its formation is related to the secretion of estrogen in the body. Generally, the more hormones are secreted, the more vaginal discharge.

The leucorrhea plays a lubricating effect on women’s vagina. Normal leucorrhea is transparent, clear, sticky, and without smelly. The vulva will feel wet when secreted by leucorrhea.Such leucorrhea has no effect on the human body and is a state of health.

When there is a problem with the vagina, cervix, and endometrium, it is easy to show through leucorrhea. The color, quality, odor, and shape of leucorrhea must partially reflect whether there is a disease in the body. It can be said that it is one of the signs of human health.

Clinically, the leucorrhea is often determined to determine whether the patient has a certain disease. In the leucorrhea test item, the test of the pH value is necessary.Under normal circumstances, the pH value of the vagina is between 3.8 ~ 4.4, and it is weakly acidic.This interval environment helps to prevent germs from breeding in the vagina.

When the pH value exceeds 4.5, it means that there is inflammation in the inside, and further examination needs to be done to clear the condition.

In the leucorrhea inspection items, the detection of cleanliness is also determined according to the amount of vaginal, white blood cells, and bacteria.

In the normal leucorrhea, a large amount of vaginal bacteria and a small amount of white blood cells and mixed bacteria should be contained, and as the number of hybrid and white blood cells increases, it indicates that the inflammation in the vagina is getting worse.

Mold and trichomonas vaginitis requires pathogenic microorganisms for leucorrhea. If there is timely treatment, it may cause internal diseases.

In addition, abnormal leucorrhea may also be the external manifestations of cervical polyps, uterine fibroids, and malignant tumors. It is clinically admitted to the hospital through leucorrhea. After further examination, there are also many patients with the above diseases.

Lands are secreted through the vagina. It is connected to multiple organs and tissues, and the response diseases are also various.Clinically, common symptoms are yellow, tofu -like residue, and smell of smell. This leucorrhea abnormal indicates that patients have inflammation, infection or tumors in the patient.

Female gynecological diseases are still showing a lot of leucorrhea, most of which are related to inflammation.When the leucorrhea is yellow, looks like tofu residue, and smells bad, it may reaction to inflammation in the body.

Mold vaginitis is a vulvar and vulvar inflammation caused by fake silk yeast. When this disease occurs, there are often many leucorrhea. The color may be yellow or yellow.

In addition, patients with fungal vaginitis also have the manifestation of vulvar itching. The incidence of this disease is high and the treatment is relatively simple. It is usually cured by antibiotic drugs.But it is easy to relapse, and patients need to observe closely in time.

Trichomonas vaginitis also has symptoms of leucorrhea yellow, tofu residue, and odor.of.

This type of inflammation is caused by vaginal tricia infection and spreads multi -sex, so it needs to be treated with partners.In addition, public supplies such as swimming pools, bath towels, and toilets may also cause indirect transmission, and you need to pay attention to it when using.

After suffering from trichomoniasis vaginitis, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time. Because it is contagious, it may bring serious consequences to patients and people around.Essence

Cervical erosion is actually a physiological phenomenon of cervical epithelial exterior. It is normal and generally does not require treatment.But when it is infected, it is easy to cause leucorrhea yellow, erosion and odor.

This type of disease is generally related to the abnormal secretion of estrogen in the body, especially the symptoms of the pre -and -after menstrual period are obvious. The situation of cervical erosion needs to be further checked to discharge other diseases in the cervix.If there is no tumor or other inflammation, cervical erosion can not be treated.

There is also an elderly vaginitis, which will also show tofu residue and have an unpleasant smell. However, the leucorrhea of this vaginitis often has bloodshot, and it needs to be further checked to eliminate cancer when there are symptoms.

The secretions in gynecological components will be discharged from the vagina, so leucorrhea has become an important indicator for testing gynecological diseases.Three leucorrhea abnormalities appear clinically, it is necessary to be careful, it may be a sign of major illness.

1. Blood in the leucorrhea, worsen after sexual intercourse.

The leucorrhea itself is the mucus generated after the estrogen is secreted. It appears different from menstruation. The amount of normal women during ovulation during ovulation is slightly more, and there is no menstruation during ovulation.

If there is blood in the leucorrhea at this time, and after sexual interpretation, it means that it is contact bleeding, which needs to be vigilant, and there may be cervical tumors.

Cervical tumors are closer to the palace mouth, and it is easy to break and bleed after being friction. After discovering, it must be checked and treated immediately. It is the possibility of cervical cancer.

2. Protochor pus, odor, stinky shape, scattered and accompanied by abdominal pain, may be endometrial cancer.

Endometrial cancer does not have special symptoms in the early stage, and it is prone to irregular vaginal bleeding in the future. Especially for women who have menopause, if vaginal bleeding occurs, it is necessary to be alert to endometrial cancer.

Women with endometrial cancer, leucorrhea often has pus and blood, and the smell is pungent and pungent, like a bad odor after the death of animals.There are such symptoms to go to the hospital for diagnosis or B -ultrasound, and confirm the diagnosis through pathology.

In addition, endometrial cancer develops to a certain stage, and it is often accompanied by severe abdominal pain. If the vaginal bleeding of female vaginal bleeding after menopause appears, it is necessary to immediately think of endometrial cancer and timely diagnosis and treatment.

3. The leucorrhea is water -like rice soup and has odor, which may be an early manifestation of ovarian cancer.

As mentioned earlier, normal leucorrhea is clear and sticky, water -like rice soup leucorrhea indicates that the ovarian secretion function is abnormal, which may be the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

However, in the early stage of ovarian cancer, the abnormal performance of the leucorrhea was not obvious, so it was easy to be ignored. When the ovarian cancer was more serious, the rice soup -like leucorrhea appeared, indicating that ovarian cancer had developed to the middle and late stages.

Therefore, female friends should pay more attention to their leucorrhea, and find the cause in time in time in order to intervene in treatment at the beginning of the disease and maintain their health.You must also know how to protect yourself and reduce the risk of illness.

Women’s private parts are delicate and hidden. Although it is not easy to be attacked by the outside world, it is also easy to breed bacteria, cause inflammation, and bring risks to physical health.Therefore, we must know how to maintain our private health in daily life.

Underwear is a clothing that protects the private parts. You must choose cotton and breathable fabrics. This allows the private parts to be in a clean environment, which is not easy to breed bacteria.At the same time, remember to change diligently. Do not mix with other clothes when cleaning to avoid cross -infection. This is very important. Doing a good way can avoid many inflammatory risks.

When drying it, it is best to put the underwear in the sun and expose it, which is conducive to the sterilization of the underwear.The dried underwear is very likely to have bacterial retention, which is not suitable for directly put on.

The cleaning of private parts should be timely.

Female friends urinate several times a day, and it is easy to adhere to some unclean things on the surface of the private parts. Therefore, they need to be cleaned in time to ensure that the private parts are clean and hygienic, and do not give the bacteria growth environment.

Use water when cleaning the private parts. Do not use gynecological liquids casually, because the washing fluid is alkaline, which will destroy the weakly acidic environment in the vagina and cause a large amount of bacteria to breed.Many gynecological diseases clinically are caused by the "too clean" in private parts, so when you talk about hygiene, you should talk about the idea and do not destroy the original environment.

After cleaning, dry the private part with a clean cotton cloth. Do not let it dry by itself. The humid environment of the private parts is not conducive to keeping tidy, and it feels not very comfortable.

Pay close attention to the changes in leucorrhea, and infer whether the body is healthy through changes in its properties.

Protochor is one of the important indicators reflecting gynecological diseases. Through the symptoms of leucorrhea listed in the previous article, we can infer the health status of the body. Therefore, pay close attention to the abnormal leucorrhea and achieve early treatment and early treatment. It is also an important way to maintain physical health. It is also an important way to maintain physical health.Essence

The yellow leucorrhea may be moldy vaginitis. Yellow -green is related to trichomoniasis vaginitis. Blinds should consider whether there are tumors. These can all provide information for our preliminary diagnosis.

Under normal circumstances, leucorrhea is slightly fishy. Once a pungent odor appears, it means that there is inflammation or erosion in the body, and further examination needs to be checked.

Tofu -like leucorrhea indicates that the body’s secretion function is abnormal and can also reflect some health problems.

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