Take a look at the top ten seafood cities in China, so that you can eat seafood and vomit

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Do you want to achieve seafood freedom?Now it is here, today we will take a look at the top ten seafood cities in China. If you go here, keep you eating seafood and vomiting, ranking without distinguishing.

Tenth Zhanjiang

If you want to use two words to describe the seafood in Zhanjiang, it is "beautiful". As the southernmost city of mainland China, Zhanjiang is surrounded by the sea on three sides.Do not blow or black. On the dining table of foreigners, there is one from every 8 pieces of shrimp from here. In addition, the oysters here are also the top fat. The charcoal fire is grilled.The six relatives do not recognize it. If you think that only these ordinary seafood, the proof is still too young, the hard core is still behind, it is Zhanjiang sand worm.I still can’t stop eating food for it. The sandworm soup is delicious and beautiful, and I think about drooling.

Ninth Chaoshan

When it comes to Chaoshan, many people think of beef hot pot. If you think there is only hot pot here, then the pattern is small. The seafood here is also a lap.The simple cooking method, however, the Chaoshan people are extremely fierce, even the cooking is saved, and the food is raw directly. Catching seafood is a madness. It is really a small cow to take a plane -the cow is on the heavens, but the foreigners have not won the blessing.When eating, it becomes a spray warrior after eating, sitting on the toilet thinking about life, and even more directly entered the hospital.Bacteria and parasites should not be eaten more. Be careful to eat it for a while, and finish the crematorium.

Eighth Sanya

This is the Hawaii of China, the sunny beach sea blue and blue, which is the best description of it. Many tourists come every year. Of course, they are not only looking at the scenery, but also to taste the seafood here.No pollution, seafood quality, if you are fortunate to go here, it is best to go to the market to buy it yourself, or let the restaurant processes it. It is not recommended to eat seafood in the scenic area.There will be a situation of slaughtering, the pants are hot -of course, if you are not bad money, then I do n’t say it.

Seventh Wenzhou

Speaking of Wenzhou, everyone must be familiar with everyone. Wenzhou leather factory has already been hot all over the country, but you may not know that here is still seafood sacred land, which can make you "go".In a word, no yellow croaker is not a seat. It can be seen that the status of big yellow croakers is high, and the wild ones are difficult to find. Only the tyrants can afford it. To say that the most urine is the riverside crab, as the name suggests, this is born, this is bornIn the eyes of the locals, it can retain the original flavor of the ingredients. If you do n’t eat it, you want to panic. However, from the eyes of foreigners, this is a well -deserved dark dish.Send away.

Sixth Ningbo

Here is a kind of showingfunding called "fishing". Each fishing boat sails, and you can harvest full seafood. If you go here, you can see seafood shops everywhere, which is comparable to the ocean museum.It is not Pippi Shrimp, its meat is fat, and it is suitable for eating all year round. In fact, Ningbo people love the most. It is Xuecai and seafood.A bit sour, the salty cricket here is Snow Cai, and it is a pair of gold CP with seafood.

Fifth place Zhoushan

As a prefecture -level city in Zhejiang, Zhoushan is surrounded by the sea on all sides and is known as the "Chinese Fish Capital". There are many types of seafood here, with more than 40 kinds of common ones, including 4 pounds of fish.Braised burn is still fried, and its taste is very good. The children next door are crying. Families who love pasta can choose 30 pots of seafood noodles to fresh your tongue.The children’s favorite, sea melon seeds must not fall. Whenever the tide retreats, the countless sea melon seeds are piled up like mountains, and the price of a pound is as high as tens of yuan.

Fourth Lianyungang

This is a relatively low -key seaside city. Because the Yellow Sea is in the east, the Yellow Sea coast is very easy to yellow and there is no effect of the blue sea and blue sky. Therefore, it is not favored by tourist bloggers.The most famous is the Oriental pairing shrimp, also known as the Chinese shrimp, which can be called the handle in marine shrimp. It is not suitable for white burning.When it smelled a strong fragrance, the tears that did not fight out flowed out of the corner of the mouth.

Third Dalian

This is the most developed city in the three Eastern provinces. Not only is the scenery particularly pleasant, but also the seafood is quite wow. The familiar with Dalian Liaoshen is a large meat and fat, a smooth Q bomb, and has the reputation of "Bei Ren Ginseng, Nan Liao Ginseng".In addition to Dalian Liaoshen, there is also abalone, one of the "Eight Treasures of Sea Products", which can be called a man’s gas station and a woman’s beauty salon. To say that the most suitable for raw eating is the purple sea urchin, that kind of natural taste, the natural taste, Can fresh your eyebrows.

Second Weihai

This is China’s "oyster door". Although oysters have produced all over the world, in the eyes of Weihai people, there are only two kinds of oysters in the world, Rushan oysters and other oysters.Taste, whether it is steamed or charcoal, it is full of aftertaste, and the true fragrance of true incense cannot be escaped. In addition to these rare, there is a heavy taste. It is the legendary sea intestine.But nutritional value is the best partner with leek, a veritable rice killer.

First Qingdao

If you eat seafood, Qingdao must be a king -level. The seafood living here is a little confident. If you don’t pay attention to it, you will become the jams of Qingdao people.The food army came forward, and the starfish "died" in less than half a month. The starfish’s face was aggressive. If they were invasion, they were eaten without pants.

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