Taking contraceptives for 4 months, only because of the wrong point#吃 吃 surgery

I have encountered one thing recently.A patient came to me and was unhappy and asked eagerly: "Doctor, I have been taking contraceptives according to your suggestions, how can I get pregnant? What is going on?" After consulting the medical records, I found that before herIt has been half a year and has been taking You Siyue for half a year. I want to achieve long -term contraception in this way.This is a good way.

I asked her: "When you travel a few months ago, you find that you have forgotten to bring the medicine. Did you buy it? The medication time of the day has exceeded the time.Take seven days to achieve the protection effect. You have sex when you are seven days and do not use other ways of contraception. It may be that you are pregnant at this time, and you don’t know. "

She said: "I think menstruation has not come, but she should take medicine." However, the menstrual volume has not decreased, and sometimes she didn’t even notice this.It was not until the recent meeting, she felt gurgling, and she began to be vigilant with very little menstrual flow.So she went to a nearby hospital for a B -ultrasound and found that she was three months of pregnancy for three or four months.

I told her: "You are indeed pregnant, it may be related to you without the correct medication. But this drug itself has no direct impact on the fetus, you can consider leaving this child." She said, "I did not keep the fetus before, but now nowIt’s okay, and there is no abdominal pain and bleeding. "I said:" It is already in the middle of pregnancy, and there is already fetal movement now, and the situation is good. If the pregnancy is terminated, it needs to be induced in the midterm, which is not good for the body and has an impact on the future fertility."

She said, "I have always had exercise, and I also raised iron." I said, "Even so, you have no signs of abortion. Therefore, not all pregnancy needs to be kept." After listening to me, she finally revealed revealingWith a smile, he left happily.This matter tells us that not all pregnancy needs to be protected.If there is no fertility plan, the correct contraceptive method should be adopted and insisted on the correct use.

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