Taking contraceptives or pregnancy?It may be that genetic mutations make people accidental pregnancy risk higher

[Sohu Health] contraceptives are mostly composed of estrogen and progesterone, as well as unilateral progesterone and some non -sterite drugs.

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According to the "Daily Mail" reported on March 12, Dr. Aaron Lazorwitz, assistant professor of the University of Colorado, found that the Cy3a7*1C gene expressed defective women with metabolic hormones, which will break down the effective ingredients of contraceptive pills, reduce contraceptive pills effectivenessEssence

As a clinician, Dr. Lazorwitz often hear the pregnant woman who came to the doctor and said, "I am taking medicine, I take it every day," or "I am using the in -palace."He was very curious about this phenomenon.Data show that 8%of women in the United States are still pregnant every year.Women who use long -acting contraceptive methods such as in -palace and implant contraceptives are much lower than the risk of pregnancy.About 0.08 %of the user in the palace is pregnant within five years, and the pregnancy risk of implanted contraceptives is less than 1 %.

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Since the human genome was cracked in 2003, researchers in various fields have been able to analyze how genetics affect certain diseases, including various types of cancer.But the genetic analysis of women’s breeding has not been touched.

Therefore, Dr. Lazorwitz studied 100 different genetic variations, selected the genes that interact with hormones and affected hormones to decompose in the body.Through research on 350 women, they discovered that those CYP3A7*1C expressed defective women with metabolic hormones.The gene is active among all fetuses, and is closed and expressing among most adults.But among a few people, it always keeps open, so even if these people take contraceptives, they are likely to get pregnant.

This research is a good start. Next, you need to do more research to clarify how this gene is interacting with specific birthplaces, especially contraceptives.


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