Taking folic acid during pregnancy, choose a single folic acid or a composite vitamin?

I believe that pregnant mothers are no stranger to "folic acid"?Whether you are preparing for pregnancy or the pregnant mother who is just pregnant, the doctor will ask "Did you eat folic acid"?

The pregnant mother can’t help but ask, why is folic acid so important?

Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, is a water -soluble vitamin. In short, it can reduce the probability of baby’s nervous system disease.

For women who are preparing to get pregnant, the importance of folic acid is that it can prevent the malformations of fetal neural tube;

For expectant mothers who are already pregnant, early was a critical period for the differentiation of fetal organs and formation of placenta. Folic acid can promote placenta development and reduce the rate of abortion; supplementation of folic acid in the middle and late stages can prevent premature birth, prevent fetal nerve tube defects, and prevent newborns from excessive weight.Light as well as congenital deformities such as cleft palate.

When is the most effective start to take?

The best time to supplement folic acid is that starting from the first three months of pregnancy, 0.4 mg every day can achieve preventive effects.

If you do n’t supplement folic acid before pregnancy, you do n’t have to worry too much. Just know that you start to replenish after pregnancy, but do n’t hold the mentality of “no replenishment before pregnancy, add more during pregnancy”.Otherwise, it is easy to take too much, and it will have negative effects.

Food also contains natural folic acid. Why do you add extra?

There are also many foods containing folic acid in daily diet, such as rapeseed, lentils, celery, kiwi, strawberries, soybeans, etc.However, because natural folic acid is very unstable, 100 ° C folic acid is dissolved in an acidic environment, and general food will lose 50%to 90%after processing.Therefore, it is difficult to ensure the effective intake of folic acid unless it is not cooked with folic acid -rich foods.Therefore, nutritionists recommend that taking folic acid supplements is the most effective way.

Is composite vitamin better than a single folic acid?

In fact, this is not a problem of good or bad. It depends on the demand at all stages of pregnancy.

Early pregnancy: At this time, the baby’s growth is relatively slow, and the nutrients needed are relatively not so much. The most important nutrient at this stage is folic acid. If it is a pregnant mother with a normal diet, it is enough to supplement a single folic acid tablet., Pregnant mothers who can’t eat things and have severe vomiting can supplement composite vitamins containing folic acid.

In the middle and late pregnancy: the fetal demand is getting larger and larger, and it is not enough to add folic acid to pregnant mothers alone. The gap between various nutrients absorbed by food is indeed large. In addition to folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamin A A, A, calcium, and vitamin A AVitamin B, etc. are all common nutrients that are common in pregnancy during pregnancy.The synergy of sufficient vitamins and minerals will help the maximum effectiveness of various nutrients.At this time, composite vitamins containing folic acid are a better choice for pregnant mothers.

Doctor Huang suggested: Choose a single folic acid supplement during pregnancy and early pregnancy, and choose composite vitamins containing folic acid in the middle and late pregnancy.

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