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Hey, the concubine is happy on weekends!Today is the dried science popular science expert, king, the king, take you up ~

Recently, I received a lot of messages and private messages in the background.

for example:

Can I take skin care/makeup/hot head/hair/apply sunscreen?

King, help me see if the XXXX ingredients can use it?

Can lipstick still apply?

I started to prepare for pregnancy. Is it necessary to stop skin care products from now on?


I entered the keywords in Du Niang and checked the related content of skin care during the next pregnancy. As a result, I found that the answer was diverse, and everything was said.However, the dry goods are scarce, and even many articles are in the ghosts (such as discontinuation of all skin care products), and pits the expectant mothers into the Mariana trench in minutes!I ca n’t bear my temper, I ’m going to write this topic carefully today ~

It is recommended that MMs that are single, pregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum MMs are quickly collected. If you are a man, please learn for your (future) wife. As the saying goes, "skills are not crushed."

OK, enter the topic.Bleak

Question 1

I am pregnant, what skin care products can I use?

Don’t be entangled, as long as it is the regular brand of skin care products on the market (focusing on the key points), pregnant women may be used.Skin care products commonly used before pregnancy, continue to use, don’t throw.

Then remember not to be superstitious about "special skin care products for pregnant women". Let’s recall that there will be an option of "pregnant women" in common big names?No, as far as I observed, this is often the concept of small workshops in order to cater to the market. These products are highly probably likely.Ps. Big -name formal products are generally "available for pregnant women", which can be used completely with confidence.

but!IntersectionThere are indeed some skin care components during pregnancy. Please keep in mind the following components. During pregnancy, it should be detour during pregnancy.

NO.1 Anti -aging acne ingredients

Vitamin A and vitamin A derivatives, including A acid, vitaminic acid, A alcohol (retinol), A ester, and various derivatives.

In fact, it can be clear now that Vitamin orally has a clear teratogenic effect.Common vitamin oral medicines are "Tels", which is used to treat severe acne, and considering the metabolic process of drugs in the body, if you have taken vitamin A acid, at least 3-6 months interval, and then prepare for pregnancy.Essence

A acid as an topical anti -aging, has a small amount of skin transparency, is a gray area that does not have exact evidence that it is harmful but has no exact evidence.Like derivatives (also known as retinol) and A ester in general skin care products, it is relatively safer.

Some popular products containing retinol:

Source: Transparent Tag APP

But how can the mother dare to make the baby a danger, right?Therefore, we do n’t need this kind of component that is not concluded at present.There are so many anti -aging ingredients, there is no need to recognize only A alcohol ~

NO.2 Whitening ingredients

Hydrogen, chemical name is benzol

The whitening effect of hydrogen is really praised, but the irritation of the skin is also relatively large. Studies have shown that the use of long -term low concentrations can easily cause exogenous brown yellow disease and white spots.

If you do n’t do some foreign products, you can rest assured that our country does not approve skin care products with this ingredient.But the United States and Japan are allowed to add hydrogen cymbals to skin care products, so if you buy skin care products produced by other countries, then everyone must remember to deal with the ingredient table and reject hydroquinone!

Some popular products containing hydrogen cymbals:

Source: Transparent Tag APP


During pregnancy, because of hormone changes, it is easier to grow.It is recommended that you use strict sunscreen+antioxidant and anti -inflammatory whitening essence to maximize the possibility of reducing the production of pigmentation.

NO.3 Chemical sunscreen

4-methyl 脑 sub-madamina (4-MBC);

Tiebenzone (the entire digenzenone family: two phenyl-2, two phenyl-3, two phenyl-4, diezone-5 … In short

When it comes to sunscreen, then you have to mention chemical sunscreens not to be used during pregnancy.

4-methyl 脑 sub-camphor (4-MBC)

This is a chemical sunscreen that absorbs UVB band ultraviolet rays.China and the European Union allow the maximum concentration of 4%, and the United States and Japan are not allowed.

Studies have shown that 4-methyl-based camphor camphor may have an impact on the thyroid gland, thereby interfering with estrogen.Although the European Commission SCCP is currently within 4%, absorption of the skin does not affect hormones, but this ingredient is still listed as a high degree of attention.So, this kind of controversial ingredient, let’s not use it ~

Let you show you some products that contain this ingredient:

Source: Transparent Tag APP

Tiebenzone (the entire digenzenone family: two phenyl-2, two phenyl-3, two phenyl-4, diezone-5 … In short

This sunscreen is also used a lot, especially in the family’s dilate-3, which can absorb UVB and some UVA bands, and can also increase the activity of other sunscreens in the formula.This ingredients are particularly used in American products. Its controversy is that first of its high sensitivity, studies have shown that dilate-3 is related to the allergic reactions caused by sunlight; second, its hyperachexability may be pairs of high osmosis.Hormon has an impact.

Don’t use it during pregnancy ~

I also show you some products containing this ingredient:

(Several popular sunscreen products are famous on the list


Source: Transparent Tag APP

If you are still worried about buying the wrong sunscreen, then you can directly select the pure physical sunscreen on the market or the physical sunscreen method with a hat+long sleeve. The physical sunscreen does not contain any chemical sunscreen.

The physical sunscreen I have used during pregnancy is: Arden Orange CITY SMART and Darphin small powder bottle sunscreen ~ These two are suitable for all skin!Bleak

NO.4 salicylic acid

The folding girl who has acne must know the salicylic acid, dredge pores+acne!

Although I wrote this ingredient here, in fact, there is no evidence that the external use of salicylic acid will cause teratogenic … but a large amount of orally will cause teratogenic.Common cold medicine: Aspirin is derivatives of salicylic acid, but most people do not take a lot of oral aspirin, let alone drink salicylic acid skin care products?

But when you are pregnant, you will always be as careful as possible. At that time, I avoided salicylic acid products. SO everyone considers itself ~ But there is one thing. If you have no habit of brushing acid before pregnancy, try not to brush as much as possible during pregnancy.The acid rollover is not good for pregnant women.

Conclusion about skin care products during pregnancy

Alright, the skin care products are almost here.In addition to the ingredients listed above, there are not many skin care taboos during pregnancy. You must use it. You have to be a fairy when you are pregnant!

Question 2

Can I still apply lipstick during pregnancy/breastfeeding?

The formal products of regular brands are strictly limited to heavy metal content in lipstick.In theory, as long as it is produced by a large factory, there is no problem that you eat it every day.(As long as you don’t take lipstick as a snack, just come a few times a day)

Then if you are still not assured, you do n’t need to do it ~ Psychological health during pregnancy is the most important. It ’s better not to use it.

Question 3

Can you be a nail after pregnancy?

Harm, who is not a beautiful girl!But I have to remind me, don’t apply nail polish ~

Because nail polish contains phthalates, a new study in the United States found that the mother is exposed to higher levels of phthalate at the age of seven at the age of seven at the age of seven.In addition, chemicals such as phthalate and bisphenol A (BPA) have been proven to be related to children’s obesity and asthma.Therefore, the United States also stipulates that children’s toys disable 6 types of phthalate.

However, it doesn’t matter if you can’t apply nail oil. Pointing to the loose nail stickers for the concubines, you can stick it at home, and you can be beautiful during pregnancy ~


Net Red: South Korea Dashingdiva Nail Patch

Question 4

Can you hot/dye your hair?

Regarding hair dyeing perm, there is no clear evidence that it will cause the fetus to teratoger.However, the chemical reagents used during hot dyeing can easily cause scalp allergies, and ammonia water also has a more irritating taste. It is sensitive to odor during pregnancy (I spit it for four months …), which is very easy to cause discomfort.So, my suggestion is to avoid hot dyeing hair. At least the first three months to endure the impulse to endure your head ~

If you have to dye your hair, I recommend buying plant -based hair dye products produced in Japan. The outer box is marked with the kind of "pregnant women can be available".

I think, pregnancy itself is a very hard thing for physiology. Specific mothers have to calm their minds and maintain a good mood!

Everyone also sees that in fact, the skin care need to be paid attention to during pregnancy, and there are not many linked. As long as you pay more attention to the ingredients, it will be OK (many apps can check the ingredients in one click).I have to clean up myself ~

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