Talk about those things about teeth during pregnancy!

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It is said that oral health should start with "dolls",

In fact, it can be earlier,

It is more accurate from the pregnant mother

"Give a doll to drop a teeth", which is a playful words that the older generation often says.It can be seen that since ancient times, people have known that pregnancy has a certain impact on women’s teeth.To deal with the problems of teeth during pregnancy, do a good job of comprehensive health care of pregnant women’s mouth, help pregnant women’s own health and help the fetus healthy development.

Do you really know about the teeth during pregnancy?


Can pregnant women replenish their teeth?

Some pregnant women are miserable because of dental caries. They want to replenish their teeth and worry that they are not good for their babies.So? Will pregnant women fill the baby harm to the baby?

For pregnant women, there are many taboos clinically in dental clinic. During pregnancy, taboos are generally treated with dental treatment. Therefore, 3 months before pregnancy, excessive drugs and X -ray ejaculation will cause abortion and deformity; and after 7 months of pregnancy, they do not do not after 7 months of pregnancy.It is recommended to do dental treatment, because the lying on the supine during the treatment of dental treatment, the fetus will compress the lower cavity vein, causing hypotension in the lying position, producing brain oxygen, and the possibility of syncope and loss of consciousness.

If pregnant mothers cause teeth pain due to various reasons, they must replenish their teeth. It is best to make up for 4-6 months of pregnancy, and they can only adopt a simple method of filling and do not blindly take medicine.

Preparation is preferably not to replenish teeth or implants during pregnancy. It is best to wait until the end of pregnancy.


Can pregnant women treat teeth?

In principle, it is best not to receive oral therapy during pregnancy, especially during pregnancy. If you have to be treated during pregnancy, it is best to discuss a specific time schedule with dentist at the beginning of pregnancy.A responsible dentist will arrange the treatment plan according to the condition and systemic conditions of pregnant women.Generally speaking, the most suitable time for pregnant women to treat oral diseases is between the fourth and sixth months of pregnancy.The first three months of pregnancy is easy to induce abortion. In addition, many pregnant women vomit more vomiting due to reactions. Many pregnant women still have nervous and anxious reactions.

1. Drug: When treating teeth, anesthetic may be used, but pregnant women should avoid deep anesthesia.The following drugs may also be used, such as painkillers, sedatives, and antibiotics (such as using tetomycin during pregnancy, which will cause the fetus to turn yellow after the fetus). The use of these drugs must follow the doctor’s advice.

2. Fresh X -rays: This is also a step needed to treat teeth. Although the dose of radiation examination is very small, it will stay away from the lower abdomen and should be within the scope of safety, but pregnant women are still trying to avoid it.If pregnant women must enter X -rays due to emergency, they must wear protective lead clothes, especially pay attention to the coverage of the lower abdomen.

When pregnant women treat teeth and after treatment, some medicines and anesthesias that have no side effects on pregnant women and fetuses are available.Pregnant women should tell dentists what medicines they are currently taking to avoid adverse effects between drugs.Note that you can only take the dose specified by the doctor’s prescription.The most important thing is that you must not take medicine for your own toothache, otherwise you will have a adverse effect on your oral health and general health of your own and fetus.The adverse consequences of the fetus may be lifelong.Therefore, what kind of medicine to take and how much to take, be sure to prescribe the doctor’s prescription.


What should I do if pregnant women’s teeth pain?

Most pregnant women have different degrees of periodontitis and dental caries. As the level of estrogen changes, the concentration of pregnancy is strongly outbreak, so many pregnant women will encounter toothache.There are generally the following reasons for pregnant women: 1. Smart toothy inflammation 2. Smoothitis or periarthritis of the root tip. 3. Pathotina Affairs 4. Gingling of pregnancy tumor 5. Eating habits, especially the increase in sweets.

In terms of treatment, pregnant women during pregnancy cannot take medicine and have an impact on the fetus.You can try the following method:

1. Take the garlic and smash it. After warm, apply it in the pain. It can treat symptoms such as pulpitis, periodontitis, and toothache.

2. After the MSG is opened with warm and hydrophilic, the mouth content is spit for a while, so that the toothache will be good after two days of persistence.

3. When toothache, you can cut a small piece of ginger and bite it in the pain or bite a small piece of bitter Huanglian.

4. Massage Hegu acupoints with ice cubes for 3-5 minutes. The Hegu acupoint is the highest point of the thumb and index finger at the tiger’s mouth, that is, the finger.


Can pregnant women wash their teeth?

Generally speaking, pregnant women can wash their teeth, because changes in hormone levels of pregnant women are more sensitive to the stimulation of bacteria. Some pregnant women have symptoms of gum bleeding, such as when brushing their teeth and eating some foods and fruits.Bleeding increased after 3 months of pregnancy.

There are no side effects during pregnancy, and it will not have any impact on pregnancy.Washing teeth is just clearing things that should not be cleaned.No need to take any medicine.It belongs to green therapy and promotes oral health.


Can pregnant women correct their teeth?

Generally speaking, when you are pregnant or if you want to correct your teeth when you are correcting your teeth, you actually have a certain impact on the fetus. First of all, it is not a big impact.There may be restrictions on the diet, which will cause malnutrition of the fetus.

Furthermore, from another aspect, many times, you may need to be extracted when you are orthodontics. Tooth extraction may be made of some local anesthesia. Generally, the drugs are not very good for the fetus.Pregnancy is impact when correcting teeth.

Of course, these are indirect influence, and no medicine has a reliable proof that it must have an impact, but it is speculated that it will affect it.The situation appeared.

It is better not to correct your teeth, unless you go again, so as not to affect the health of the fetus.

Pregnancy should be specially done in oral hygiene, so that pregnant mothers can still have the same healthy teeth as before pregnancy.

1. Diet balance, sufficient nutrition

When the body’s resistance decreases, the bacteria in the body cavity will flood and easily cause tooth decay.Therefore, it is a key link to want good teeth, balanced diet, sufficient nutrition, and increasing immunity.Eating more vegetables, fruits and calcium -containing foods with high vitamin C can also reduce the transparency of capillaries and prevent gum bleeding.

2. Regular dental examination

Ordinary people check their teeth and wash their teeth every six months.It is recommended to do oral examination and teeth during the 5-6 months of pregnancy.

3. Prevention of dental sensitive symptoms

It is recommended that pregnant mothers do not eat too much cold and overheated food, eat less sweets, reduce the stimulation of teeth and prevent allergies.

4. Brush your teeth after meals and keep oral hygiene

Oral hygiene during pregnancy should be better than usual.After eating things in time to clean up food residues, the chance of dental disease will be greatly reduced.Pregnant mothers must brush their teeth once after each meal. If necessary, they can also use auxiliary methods such as dental floss to clean the mouth.

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