Tang Yan announced the news of pregnancy!The pregnancy photos are exposed, and the abdomen highlights the limbs and the limbs are still slender

At 6 pm on September 19, the Tang Yan Luo Jin couple publicly posted on Weibo that she was pregnant, and netizens sent blessings.

Tang Yan posted a very subtle Weibo through his personal account. Luo Jin then reposted and posted "Share our joy with everyone" is obviously publicly announced that the two have the crystallization of love.

The two fans sent their blessings, saying that they were looking forward to small sugar. It seems that the fans are also very happy to the parents of the two.

Just recently, Tang Yan and Luo Jin were also photographed to move with Tang Yan’s father. At that time, some netizens had speculated that Tang Yan was as pregnant, and Tang Yan’s abdomen highlighted his limbs and was still slender.

At that time, Tang Yan was wearing a black mid -length loose dress. Luo Jin also appeared in black. The two also specially wore masks and hats.Move the big bag to the back box.

Throughout the process, Luo Jin and Tang’s father took care of Tang Yan very much, and from the perspective of Tang Yan’s dress that day, the abdomen had obvious protrusions, and he was very careful. Luo Jin was inseparable from it.

After helping Tang’s father to move his luggage, they drove things to the house, and then the party arrived at the hotel. During this period, Tang Yan had been "protected" well.

When the road was taken to take pictures, Tang Dad was very enthusiastic and waved to say hello. Tang Yan also greeted him with one hand and placed it naturally on his abdomen.

When I walked to a lot of people, Luo Jin was next to Tang Yan closely. It should be worried that she was accidentally encountered by the surrounding passers -by.

This is the last time the official announcement was photographed by Tang Yan by netizens. Only one week before the Mid -Autumn Festival, the two had officially announced their pregnancy, and according to Tang Yan’s travel pictures and the pictures exposed by the previous media, it was guessing that Tang Yan should have at least three pregnancy.More than a month, that is, the two talents in the stable period decide to share this joy with you.

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