Teach you how to correctly verify whether you are pregnant

When a small life starts to bred in your body, there will be wonderful changes in your body.The initial feeling is easy to be missed, so you need to understand the initial symptoms of pregnancy.After 2 weeks of pregnancy, early pregnancy test strips can tell you the general answer, and you must go to the hospital for further examination in order to know if you are really pregnant.

Symptoms of early pregnancy:

1. Menstruation stop

2. Nausea and vomiting

3. Frequent urination and consequences

4. Abdominal pain

5. Back pain

6. headache

7. Breast change

8. Pregnancy response

9. Skin changes

10. Change vaginal mucosa

Calculate your own ovulation period:

(1) Based on the last menstrual period calculation:

The month of the last menstrual date plus 9 or 3 minus 3, the number of expected month; the number of days plus 7, the due date.Example: The last menstrual period was February 1, 1985, 1 + 7, due date = November 8th (85)

Month 2 + 9 The last menstrual period is April 15, 1985 Date 15 + 7 due date = January 22 (86) month 4-3

(2) Calculate according to the date of fetal movement:

If you can’t remember the semi -menstrual date in the end of the menstrual period, you can calculate according to the fetal movement date.The general fetal movement starts at 18-20 weeks after pregnancy.The calculation method is: the first maternity is the fetal movement day and plus 20 weeks;

(3) Calculate based on the basic body temperature curve:

The last day of the low temperature section of the basic body temperature curve is the day of ovulation, and the ovulation day is calculated from the back of the ovulation day 264-268 days, or it is added for 38 weeks.

(4) By ultrasound calculation:

Doctors can estimate the fetal age when the Time Diameter, the length of the head and hip and the length of the femur can be estimated, and the due date can be estimated (mostly this method is used as a doctor’s B -ultrasound diagnostic application).

(5) Starting from the start of pregnancy:

Reacting pregnancy vomiting generally appears on the weekend of 6 pregnancy, which is 42 days after the last menstruation, so it will be calculated until 280 days after the due date.

Test paper test:

Testing as positive is not equal to pregnancy

Although early pregnancy test strips are indispensable for reconnaissance early pregnancy, they must not be equal to the two.Because in some special cases, the results of the test strip test may not match the facts. If there is no pregnancy, a positive response occurs, or if you are pregnant, it shows a negative reaction.The former is called false positive, and the latter is called false negative.

Fake positive situation

1. Some tumor cells such as bronchial cancer and kidney cancer can also secrete HCG.The measured results at this time are also positive.

2. Some patients with endometrial hyperplasia urine HCG tests will also appear positive.

Fake negative situations

1. The static time of the detected urine is too short.Generally, the resting time is only L minutes, but in the days when the pregnancy just started, because the HCG level in the body is low, it takes more than 3 minutes to observe the results, otherwise it is prone to false negatives.

2. After 3 months of pregnancy, the level of HCG in the body decreases, and urine detection may also occur.

3. Place the test strip for more than 1 year or fail due to moisture.

Therefore, women’s menstruation occurs, and do not rely on a early pregnancy test strip to determine whether to be pregnant.For the sake of insurance, you can test it once again in 3 days. If necessary, go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination to confirm the diagnosis.


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