The "obese man" is painful to seek medical treatment, but after checking, the doctor is full of suspicion of delaying time.

After marriage, it is normal for women to bred the next generation. Of course, for all members of the family, this is a very happy and happy thing.But compared with the arrival of new lives, everything is worthy of all women.

There is nothing in the world, not necessarily in any corner of the world. It is a surprise thing. Maybe a strange thing will be surprised at the beginning, just like the "man below the man"Strange things for pregnancy and childbirth, let’s take a look at what is going on in this strange case?

There was once a man, because it was a physique of obesity, so he looked like a big belly, and because the obese man also had symptoms such as hypertension, in daily life, some antihypertensive drugs that controlled blood pressure were often taken.One day, the male abdominal pain was unbearable, so he had to go to the hospital near his home to go to the doctor.

When the doctor conducted a routine examination of the man, the man told the doctor, "I’m pregnant, and I have tested it at home." The doctor looked at the patient in front ofCases, this is obviously written by men, is it a prank?But seeing his expression didn’t look like, the doctor continued to check for the "male" patient.

Sure enough, during the examination process, it was found that the man was really pregnant, and the severe symptoms of abdominal pain now are the symptoms of childbirth. The amniotic fluid is about to flow, so he quickly arranges the operating room to be the "male patient"A caesarean section surgery was performed.

Although the doctor hurriedly had a caesarean operation for men, unfortunately, because the amniotic fluid was about to dry, the fetus had suffocation.breathe.It is precisely because the man was diagnosed, and the state was very stable, and the doctor mistakenly thought that he was a man, so all the examinations had taken the normal process and waited for a few hours. In the endasphyxia.

Everyone must be wondering, why do men get pregnant and have children?In fact, this man just looks like a man on the surface, because he is a transsexual person, because only the surgery of appearance does not change the internal physiological structure, so this woman who looks like a male willPregnant.

After this incident, some people said that they were delayed treatment. They clearly said that they had said their situation when they were pregnant. Why did the doctor not pay attention?Early, the child of a caesarean section will not be born in a caesarean section. All the responsibilities of this should be borne by the doctor.

However, some people think that doctors are also very aggrieved. After all, this person’s appearance characteristics and information are filled with "men". If you write the information when you fill in the data, you may avoid this tragedy.

In fact, the man did not know that he was pregnant at first, because he had symptoms of persistent abdominal pain, he doubted whether he was pregnant, so he bought a pregnancy test stick for testing and found that he was pregnant.When men fill out the information, they give misleading information and have certain responsibilities, but the hospital still has no attention when the patient gives the prompts, and it also has a part of the responsibility.

No matter who it is, there is the right to pursue happiness, but if you encounter special circumstances, you can’t just think about how to escape, you should actively face and solve it. Don’t ignore the changes in your body like the man above.And did not go to the doctor in time.

Whether it is a woman or a transsexual person, if you find it, you should go to the doctor in time after you find that you are pregnant.

1. Go to the pregnancy test on time

The development of the fetus is a process of survival of the fittest. The cell division is carried out at all times, and the process of cell division may occur at any time.Mom must go to the hospital for pregnancy on time.

Moms are not lucky. They feel that they are not uncomfortable. Children are developing normally. Do not take the baby’s future health as bets. After all, everyone’s life is only once.

Second, follow the doctor’s advice for recuperation

After pregnancy, I go to the hospital for a checkup almost every month. Sometimes I have to go to two or three times, and each time the doctor will give the corresponding proposal to the body according to the physical condition of the expectant mother.Expectant mothers must listen carefully to the doctor’s suggestions, and the doctors have already have professional knowledge and rich experience.

Based on the proposal of rational reducing body given by the doctor, the expectant mothers and fetuses will go through the 10 months of pregnancy.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers must pay attention to their physical changes at any time. If there is any uncomfortable symptoms, go to the doctor immediately. After all, the body is his own, and the child is also his future hope.

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