The "regret rankings" during pregnancy: Moms who are pregnant should avoid, see you on the list?

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Pregnancy is really a particularly touched life journey for women. In the process of breeding the baby, not only will there be great changes in the body, but the spiritual world of the whole person also changes.

For those who have experienced pregnancy and birth baby, in the first pregnancy, there will always be some regrets due to lack of experience. Then during pregnancy, what are you who doDo you feel regretful?

The baby at home is 2 years old this year. When I was chatting with other mothers, one of them was particularly impressive, that is: "What is the last regret during pregnancy."

I did my homework before pregnancy, but there was only one thing that made me plant a fight, that is, I did not pay attention to preventing stretch marks.

In fact, throughout pregnancy, I also prepared all kinds of skin care products to prevent stretch marks, but the result is still long lines. The main thing is that I did not persist, not because of laziness, but because the taste on the skin care products affected my sleep that my sleep was affecting my sleep.The gradual painted is not so diligent.

So throughout the pregnancy, the belly was covered with dense stretch marks. Although some people used this skin care product to interfere, after all, stretch marks were irreversible. Although now I regret it, it is not available, so I advise you hereMom, to prevent stretch marks in order to achieve the purpose of "elimination".

In fact, many new mothers have taken a lot of detours during pregnancy, so that they will regret, and even regret it in the future.

First place: I didn’t take more photos

After pregnancy, women are naturally fat, and they can’t paint themselves with beautiful makeup to dress themselves. Naturally, they will look bad.Therefore, many mothers are usually unwilling to look at the mirror, let alone take some photos of her pregnancy.

But after giving birth to a child, many mothers began to miss the time of pregnancy. I regret why I didn’t take more photos of pregnancy at that time. In the future, I will be used as a good memory.The moment in the belly.

Second place: No exercise

After giving birth, some mothers also regret that they were lazy at the beginning and did not perform appropriate exercise. After all, the sports meeting really helped pregnant women to give birth quickly. Compared with a dozen hours of suffering, if they could give birth quickly, even if they ended one hour in advance for one hour in advanceYou can suffer a lot of sins yourself.

Third place: I did not insist on applying frosts that anti -stretch marks

Many mothers say: their biggest regret is that when she is pregnant, she does not insist on applying frost to prevent stretch marks. Many people are scratching at the beginning. LaterEssence

But in fact, whether the prevention of stretch marks is useful, it still depends on personal constitution, and it turns out that the smearing still has a great effect. Those who apply prevention of stretch marks are obviously much less than those who do not apply.

In addition, many mothers usually regret the encounters encountered during childbirth: like no choice of childbirth hospitals, suffering from the violence of the delivery room, no good childbirth experience.Learn the knowledge of childbirth.

There is a friend around Kojima. When I was pregnant, I thought that I could give birth, so everything was prepared according to the method of childbirth.Go for pregnancy.

When the last pregnancy examination was found, I found that the fetal position was not right, and I had to have a cesarean section, but all related matters were prepared according to the smooth birth.

Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to preparation for both hands to avoid sudden changes and affect the final production.

In fact, if you want to have so many regrets after production, the most important thing is to have your own "childbirth blueprint" before giving birth. On this basis, make a childbirth plan, such as physical preparation and cognitive preparation for childbirth knowledgeAnd psychological preparation.

Although there is enough preparation to ensure that it is all lost during childbirth, only if you work hard, you can not regret it.

Today’s topic: When you think of your pregnancy, what do you feel like is a pity?

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