The 11 -year -old girl was pregnant, and the 48 -year -old uncle was washed out after being caught.

Is the law really fair?When being humiliated, we can protect our legitimate rights and interests through the law. But what should we do if the law is biased?

Righteousness will be late, but it will not be absent, but the late justice has lost its meaning.Sometimes behind the delay of justice is insufficient evidence, but some means to play with their positions.

Why did the misjudgment that shocked the whole country?The suspect who was misjudged had been imprisoned for 5 years in prison. In the end, what kind of result did he wait for, and how did he wash his grievances for himself?

On March 9, 2001, a pair of mothers and daughters came from the Police Department of the Beilin District of the Shilin City. The mother said that my daughter was raped.Everyone watched the 11 -year -old girl this year and could not help but feel compassion. What kind of devil would start with a child.

The girl’s name is Xiaomei (pseudonym), maybe because she dare not speak because she was afraid, she shrank behind her mother.Later, under the encouragement of her mother, the girl described what happened that day in front of the police.

Xiaomei said: "One day in July last year, I forgot the specific time. It was probably at noon. I went to the neighbor’s house as usual to watch TV. At that time, only Uncle Shi was at home.Tiantan. After that, he pulled me away and took off my pants. I cried and stopped, but he didn’t stop. "

Xiaomei said that Uncle Shi told her that she would not allow it to mention it with anyone, otherwise she would kill her.The girl said that she had never informed her parents because she was afraid, but she was pregnant and she was revealed.

Xiaomei’s mother also said that she had taken her daughter to the hospital. Now her daughter has been pregnant for more than 7 months, and this matter must be given to them.At this time, Xiaomei stated that her neighbor Shi Qingming (a pseudonym), coupled with her children often contact Shi Qingming, so Xiaomei’s mother also believed that this was a fact.

Xiaomei’s mother showed Xiaomei’s inspection report and fetal examination certificate in the hospital again. After seeing it, everyone felt that the situation was serious, so she immediately launched an investigation on the matter.

The police then arrested Shi Qingming. At this time, Shi Qingming was 48 years old. He and Xiao Mei’s family were neighbors, and the two were only more than ten meters away.Usually there are more exchanges between the two. Not only do parents know, they often play together.

Xiaomei’s parents opened a restaurant by the advantages of geographical location. They usually provide lunch for the government, and some snacks and other foods. Therefore, they are always busy and have no time to take care of Xiaomei.When no one cares, Xiaomei often goes to Shi Qingming’s house.

Shi Qingming’s wife Shen Hua (pseudonym) did not work. He usually could only rely on his own craftsmanship to make some rice.Compared with Xiaomei’s family, Shi Qingming’s family is obviously shabby, so for the sake of business, they also care about Xiaomei.

The first two relationships in the crime were very good. Xiaomei went to Shi Qingming’s family to play, and Shi Qingming would also play with her.Sometimes the two are walking in hand in the hutong, and others seem to be very harmonious. Therefore, no one thinks that Shi Qingming will rape Xiaomei.

Even Xiaomei’s parents did not think that Shi Qingming would start with her daughter, so she trusted Shi Qingming and allowed Xiaomei to contact him.Now that my daughter has suffered such pain, how does her parents hate?

Shi Qingming was caught by the police station unknownly, so he was very angry when he heard the police say that he raped Xiaomei.Shi Qingming said, "I am almost 50 years old, and will rape a 11 -year -old girl? Are you wrong?"

Shi Qingming has repeatedly emphasized that he has not raped Xiaomei. He also said that he couldn’t do such a lack of virtue.However, everyone thinks that this is Shi Qingming’s crime for themselves. After all, everyone who makes mistakes does not want to be sanctioned by law.

In the process of Shi Qingming and Xiaomei confrontation, Shi Qingming still insisted that he had not raped Xiaomei, and even felt very angry about Xiaomei’s complaint.However, no matter how he justified the police, he insisted that he raped Xiaomei, and the police thought that Xiaomei would not lie.

In fact, not only did the police think that Shi Qingming raped Xiaomei, but the neighborhood neighbors also thought it was a fact.Although Shi Qingming’s wife Shen Hua did not believe that her husband was such a person, the three became tigers, and the things that everyone had identified was like quibbles anyway.

Shen Hua listened to the discussion of everyone outside the door and the cry of Xiao Mei’s mother, and could not find a way for a while.Xiaomei’s mother scolded at her door for a night, and her and her son did not sleep all night. The two didn’t know what to say except sighing sighs.

Shi Qingming outside the prison has long been infamous. People are scolding Shi Qingming that it is not a person, and some people want the law to severely punish him.It was just that Shi Qingming in the prison still insisted on not pleading guilty. He thought he was wronged, so the case could not be easily closed.

When the crowd was still annoyed by Shi Qingming, on March 10, the police suddenly claimed that Shi Qingming had admitted that he explained his "criminal facts".For this reason, everyone was relieved, and they were waiting for Shi Qingming’s final result.

However, Shi Qingming changed his hexagram again when he was reviewed. He suddenly demanded a confession and said very certain that he had not raped Xiaomei.In order to prove that he was a innocent requirement, Shi Qingming had a DNA test after Xiaomei gave birth to a child, and then tried the case.

Shi Qingming’s behavior made everyone feel that he was holding the stolen stolen. Not only did everyone not feel confused about it, but instead felt that he could not jump for a few days after the autumn.Some people even said that Shi Qingming had a brain, and he felt that he did not die fast enough.

However, the police are indeed only Xiaomei’s word. In addition, there is no conclusive evidence to prove that Shi Qingming rape. As long as he does not recognize the matter, then this matter cannot be broken.Seeing Shi Qingming said so, he could only choose to wait.

Although Xiaomei’s parents hated Shi Qingming, they thought that Xiaomei was about to give birth anyway. It won’t be long after waiting. At that time, things will come out of the water after all, so she agrees to the matter.

In May 2001, Xiaomei’s child finally came, and the birth of the child made the trial of this rape put on the agenda again.However, it was surprising that Xiaomei’s child and Shi Qingming had no blood relationship. The results of DNA comparison showed that there was no relationship between the two in terms of biology.

Such a result is in the expectations of Shi Qingming, but it is unexpected by everyone, so everyone is unwilling to accept such results for a while.

Although with the proof of medical testing, Shi Qingming was still locked in prison. After all, the child was not Shi Qingming, but he could not prove that Shi Qingming did not rape Xiaomei.If you want to get the grievances of Shi Qingming, you have to start with Xiaomei, but Xiaomei is unwilling to relax.

Obviously the child is not Shi Qingming, but Xiaomei has always insisted that it was Shi Qingming.Now the truth is enough to prove that Xiaomei is lying, so who is the child’s biological father?Why did Xiaomei lie?

Who is the child, Xiaomei is unwilling to reveal a little from beginning to end.Until October 18, 2001, Xiaomei finally said the truth under the inquiries of everyone.

It turned out that although Xiaomei was young and ignorant, she had already experienced love.Xiaomei said that the other party was a 20 -year -old boy named Le’an (pseudonym).After the two met, Le Mou had been tempting Xiaomei, and Lemou also said that it was the way to get along with friends.

Through this way, Lemou had a multi -time relationship with Xiaomei, of course, this was also Xiaomei voluntarily happened with him.However, Xiaomei is less than 14 years old, and Leou has become an adult, so such behavior has constituted a crime.

The police’s allegations were quickly captured by Lem, and after being arrested, Le Mou also frankly acknowledged the matter.The police then made Lemou and Xiaomei’s children compare DNA, and finally found that the child was indeed Le Mou.

At this point, Lemou was the murderer of "rape" Xiao Mei. Le Mou was detained for a relationship with a good woman under 14 years old.In the end, Lemou was deprived of political power for 3 years and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

After Lean’s arrest, Xiaomei’s case seemed to have come to an end, but Shi Qingming, who was locked in the prison, was still not suspected.Although his wife Shen Hua repeatedly complained that Shi Qingming was wronged, the police were always reluctant to let go.

The public prosecutor believes that although the child is not from Shi Qingming, Shi Qingming has admitted rape before, and the evidence is conclusive.On the other hand, Xiaomei insisted that Shi Qingming raped herself, so Shi Qingming was still unable to be released.

At this time, Shen Hua was close to despair. In desperation, she decided to go to the provincial capital city to find a stronger lawyer to help accept the case.Kung Fu is worthy of care. With Shen Hua’s insistence, they finally found the opportunity to turn the case to Shi Qingming.

Shi Qingming’s case was once again accepted by Shi Qingming. The first sentence of Shi Qingming was "I am wronged." At this time, he had long been beyond recognition, and his left arm drooping was obviously injured.At a glance, the lawyer saw that he was forced to confess. Does the police want to bend to move?

In order to return his innocence to the crime of eluing Shi Qingming, Shen Hua and the lawyer have been visiting the investigation.However, they did not wait for them to find evidence in September 2002 that the city was convicted of Shi Qingming.

Shi Qingming was sentenced to 5 years because of rape young girls. The reason given by the local procuratorate was that Xiaomei was fatter, so she was more precocious, but her psychological age was not mature, so she was afraid to resist when she was raped in the real time.And Shi Qingming and Xiaomei often contacted, with motivation and time.

However, Shi Qingming and his family still did not plead guilty. They have been looking for evidence. From then on, this incident has been tried repeatedly, and it has been terminated because Shi Qingming refused to plead guilty.As a suspect, Shi Qingming went in and out like this, spent the past few years.

In October 2005, Shi City took away Shi Qingming and sentenced him to five years in prison. However, on December 13, Shi Qingming was released again because of insufficient evidence.Until April 2006, SH City was still insisting on the original judgment, and then the two sides fell into a long contest.

It was not until September that the local intermediate people’s court issued a final trial. The final result said that Shi Qingming was released because of lack of evidence.The police who forced him to confess in prison were sentenced to three years in prison.

Although Shi Qingming finally proved his innocence, how did he spend more than a thousand days and nights he spent in the prison?On the surface, justice was not late, but his life was long long.

The five -year prison disaster not only lost his freedom, but also caused him to bear the humiliation he should not bear. The most important thing was that the 5 -year prison disaster caused him to lose his lifelong disability.However, Xiaomei had nothing to lose. She had left SH with her parents, as if it had never happened.

In fact, it is not how difficult it is to accept Shi Qingming’s case. If law enforcement officers can enforce the enforcement strict, Shi Qingming will not be wronged.Law is the weapon of law enforcement officers, but if law enforcement officers are not distinguished and black and white, then more people will be wronged.

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