The 12 -year -old young girl gave birth to the murder. After being rescued for half a year, she was pregnant.

The pit of the native family ruined three generations …

In the winter of 2013, a doctor’s righteousness made a major case that shocked the country.

A 12 -year -old girl in Qiyang County, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, entered the local family planning station under the leadership of her parents.

The doctor on duty was surprised after checking the examination!The girl is still in elementary school, but the height of the bulging belly can’t even cover the thick clothes in winter.

The doctor secretly observed the girl’s parents, but the two did not show half an accident, but indifferently urged the doctor to quickly kill the child in the girl’s belly.

For the pity of the little girl, it was even more amazing that this was likely to be a criminal case involving the sexual assault of minors. The kind doctor pretended to prepare for surgery and dragged the girl and parents;The family of three took away.

This major case that shocked the whole country was able to enter the public vision and public opinion.

5 yuan each time,

The 12 -year -old girl is pregnant for more than 5 months

The case was not complicated. After the police arrived, he immediately asked Sisi at the scene.

On the dossier, the 12 -year -old Li Sisi clearly told the police uncle that Tang Dongyun, 74, who was her neighbor, did what kind of thing.

What is puzzling is that whenever Sisi mentioned his neighbor Tang Dongyun, Sisi’s parents stared hard with her eyes, scaring Sisi, and dare not say more.

Later, when I arrived at the police station, Sisi unexpectedly mentioned the school’s teacher, and later told the police uncle that the teacher did not do that kind of thing … This made the investigator contradictory.Intersection

Is there a deeper hidden love behind it?

soon!Sisi’s neighbor Tang Dongyun was arrested and frankly confessed that he had invited Sisi to come to the house many times. Each time he finished, he gave Sisi 5 yuan or a small snack.

In this way, Sisi, who was under the age of 12 and was still in elementary school, was pregnant unconsciously. When he was discovered by the villagers, Sisi had been pregnant for more than 5 months.

For the first time, he was taken to the hospital by his parents. When he learned of this result, his father Li Chunsheng shook Sisi with a slap in the eyes of the public.

The father who did not believe in evil, and ran away with a red -faced Sisi for examinations for examinations, and the results were the same: more than 5 months of pregnancy!

So the opening scene appeared, and the parents quickly took Sisi, who were under 12 years old to plan, and wanted to deal with this trouble.Unfortunately, the doctor reported the police …

At this step, it should be said that the case is clear and all dust is settled.

What makes people unexpected is that a week later, the case was reversed!The direction of the incident is beyond everyone’s expectations!

3 teachers+1 neighbor,

Sisi is forced to produce a child to chase the murder

The trial was tried, and it was time to grab it.As a victim, Sisi should have been rescued in time and returned to normal life.What makes people unexpected is that some people don’t want to let it end …

A week later, Sisi’s parents took their daughter to the police station again.This time they completely denied their confession, emphasizing sexual assault, more than one person, and the child’s biological father is likely to be one of the three teachers in the school.

The police remembered at the police station a week ago, and Sisi did mention the school teacher and class teacher, but did not say it at the time, and this time, Sisi came up with new evidence.

His father Li Chunsheng said that Sisi has the habit of writing a diary, so every time he was violated, he would write down his diary.On the diary, "the first time", "second", "third" … The three teachers probably violated her more than 30 times in 20 days.

Even, even more pointed out that her class teacher once drank M medicine for her, scratched her with a knife, and threatened her not to say it, otherwise …

The seriousness of the situation is completely unexpected to investigators.

In addition, Li Chunsheng, the father of Sisi repeatedly emphasized "the results of the police’s investigation before the disbelief". This time, the police station leaders attached great importance to it, arranged another group of elite soldiers, and came to Sisi School for investigation throughout the video record.

But when the scene was really at the scene, the investigators were dumbfounded.

According to Sisi, after each violation occurs at 7:30 in the morning, the head teacher will ask her to go to the office and happen there.

However, the investigator went to school to find that the office here was almost not even there, the windows were transparent, and there were no curtains to cover it; coupled with the time after early reading, students and teachers were walking back and forth everywhere in the school.Essence

Facing Sisi’s allegations, several teachers dare to face the media lens–

Teacher Tang, 40, responded to the lens of "Today’s Story", and did not know Li Sisi at all, and did not teach any lesson.Regarding the time recorded in Sisi Diary "Saturday", Teacher Tang said that the school’s practice is to be released at 3 pm on Friday. Saturdays are at home, and there are no students in the school at all.

Another 58 -year -old teacher Tang, who was accused, was also angry. He said that he was not a beast and could not do such a thing.Moreover, he had a ligation surgery after his son was born. It has been more than 20 years. Recently, his wife has just diagnosed cancer. He has no time and mood to do that kind of harm!

The third teacher charged by Sisi either does not match the description of Si Si, or the place of crime is not found at the scene.

In view of the contradictions of Sisi’s statement, too ridiculous, the police had to extract Li Sisi’s amniotic fluid, and the blood samples of the charged teacher, and sent it to the professional testing department for DNA comparison.The results came out the next day.

No accident!The fetus was 74 -year -old neighbor Tang Dongyun, and Tang Dongyun at this time was already in prison.

But Li Sisi’s father was terrible. He did not believe that the 74 -year -old man could have children!

He doesn’t believe the so -called DNA identification!He believed that someone had spent money and bought the investigator. He did not recognize the result.

He decided to let Sisi give birth to a child, retain evidence, find out the real murderer!

Open mouth is 1 million,

"True murderer" was found!

Although the cadres of the village and the town, the uncle of the police … those who understand the inside story have persuaded Sisi’s father, Li Chunsheng, let Sisi induce labor as soon as possible, and help the children return to a normal life.

Even the town promised to give his family three to solve the problem of subsistence allowances and relieve worries, but Li Chunsheng insisted that "they just want to destroy the evidence and not be fooled!"

Under the persistence of his father Li Chunsheng, Sisi finally gave birth to a baby girl when she was just three months old, and became the youngest mother in the history of the entire network, which shocked the whole country.

The 74 -year -old Tang Dongyun was also sentenced to 12 years in prison according to law.However, this incident was not over, but instead set off a huge wave on the Internet: "11 -year -old elementary school students were pregnant by strong B, complained to no door, and childbirth as evidence."

Many media intervene in the incident and field investigations, and the most credible columns such as "Today’s Story" and "Night Line" have also conducted in -depth visits and follow -up reports on this incident.

A large amount of details and background restoration have unveiled the incident of the "12 -year -old girl to chase the murder" incident!

It turned out that Sisi was an authentic left -behind child. When she was 6 years old, her parents went to work in a foreign country and left her in the village to take care of her grandpa and grandma in her 70s.

Sisi’s home, the family, there are only a mud house everywhere. The stove at home is all of them. There are no furniture, no electrical appliances, and even a hole in the stone wall can put clothes. This is her family’s from her family’s.Wardrobe.

And Sisi’s father, Li Chunsheng, has also been poor since he was a child. He dropped out of school after only his first grade.He has a bad health, and he has a heartbeat -speed problem. He usually can only be a mud tilemith at the construction site and take zero workers to maintain his livelihood.

This is not difficult to understand why Li Chunsheng does not believe in science, does not believe in appraisal, does not believe everything he does not understand or knows, but only adheres to the thoughts and ideas that have long been outdated.The reason for giving birth to a child.

In addition to his cognition, he did not know that the result of this not only harmed his daughter, but also harmed his daughter’s daughter, and even the daughter’s later second and third child … the life of a few children was easily destroyed.It’s!

Although Li Chunsheng has no culture, it is not honest.

It turned out that he had planned to have a long time at first:

Rather than identifying the old -fashioned old bachelor neighbors of the same family, it is better to target the spearhead directly to the school and the Education Bureau.

In this way, at least the school will spend everything for the sake of faces and the Education Bureau for "peaceful people".

During the process of Li Sisi, his father Li Chunsheng found the Education Bureau many times, and it took 1 million to open his mouth. His abacus was fine:

Three teachers have suspicions and cannot prove that they have not done it before, then take money!

One person is more than 30,000, and the three are 1 million.Your Education Bureau has settled on the matter, otherwise it will be big, go to court, and you know all the country. The future of the teacher, the reputation of the school, the face of the education bureau …

What he did not expect was that the Education Bureau refused unambiguously.

After birth, get rescue,

Sisi, who is studying in Beijing, is 14 years old and pregnant with a second child.

The incident continued to ferment, CCTV investigated in -depth investigation, and paid more attention to the poor girl who was 12 years old.

At that time, Sisi had had serious psychological problems. He had been self -harm, cut his wrist, empty eyes, and sluggish.

Sisi’s encounter has attracted the attention of all sectors of society. As the victims, Sisi should not bear all the consequences of this.But for the 12 -year -old and young age, letting her leave the ignorant parents will undoubtedly aggravate her mind’s trauma emotionally.

After many considerations, the CCTV program team invited authoritative psychologists to Sisi’s house to help Sisi get out of psychological predicament. At the same time, Beijing’s "Children Hope Rescue Foundation" also paid attention to at this time.Agree to rescue the entire family of this minor mother.

Children’s psychological expert Liu Fengqin came to the Sisi family to do psychological counseling for her.

With the help of the teacher, Sisi finally spoke the truth. With the encouragement of reporter Liu Nan, Sisi wrote a letter of apology and denied his allegations to the three teachers.

The moment Teacher Liu, who had been in contact with many children’s violations, was still surprised when he saw the psychological test results of Sisi’s psychological test:

The 12 -year -old child is already severe depression!She was very resentful about herself, always felt dirty, and she was unforgivable. She often couldn’t help thinking. She was still dead …

What did the child do wrong?All of this is those stupid and greedy adults!

Teacher Liu Fengqin could not bear to give up this poor child. With her efforts, through the assistance of the children’s family, the Sisi family was able to go to Beijing to stay away from this small mountain village full of ignorance and occlusion., Live again.

In Beijing, in order to reduce the burden of the Sisi family and so that the parents of Sisi can have time to work and support themselves, and do not bring a negative impact on Sisi.Let her live in a private boarding school and start a new life.

In order to allow Sisi to see parents often, they do not have to endure loneliness. The Foundation will even rent a house to Sisi’s parents in Beijing. In addition, Sisi’s father Li Chunsheng finds a school security work.The school also included three meals a day, which greatly reduced the burden of life of the Sisi family.

Sisi’s mother does not need to work, and she concentrates on raising Sisi at home.In this way, we can go home with their parents and their parents and Xiaobao.

What do you think, the days are developing in a better direction.

However, no one expected: After half a year to live in Beijing, Sisi was pregnant again!

14 -year -old second child, 18 -year -old regeneration child,

Who is the culprit?

A happy family is often similar; but unfortunate families have their own misfortunes.

In Beijing, Sisi has not lived a stable life.Parents have endless quarrels, and their father who beats people everywhere makes the situation of Sisi increasingly uncontrollable.

Sisi seemed to have a disease. Anyone who had the opportunity to get in touch with her mobile phone would definitely find a way to get a mobile phone to chat or play games.

The reporter’s mobile phone, classmates’ mobile phones, and even mobile phones that do not know people. She will open her mouth to borrow it. After borrowing, she will start talking about QQ or playing games. She will even use the shaking function to invite nearby strangers nearby.

What is even more unexpected is that in addition to a large number of flesh -colored pictures of chatting with strangers, she is a variety of sexual hints.

She didn’t think about her studies, but she thought about skipping her class all day, and met all kinds of male netizens.

After living in Beijing for more than half a year, Sisi suddenly disappeared. Soon after, she returned.With the repeated questioning of the parents of the parents, the family members, and the school teacher, Sisi said that he was infringed by a 40 -year -old driver.

The family quickly reported to the police, but the monitoring by the police was displayed:

Sisi followed the man into the hotel with happiness and bouncing. When he came out, he held a large bag with a satisfaction. It contained a gift from the man to her. This time, the man gave her 100 yuan.

Furious father, he hit Si Si again.

Just a month later, Sisi had an appointment with a 30 -year -old male netizen. When the two were about to open the house, they were blocked by Sisi’s father.The father chased Sisi this time and hit the hut from the outside.

After arriving at home, the angry Li Chunsheng scolded Sisi while cooking, he was so angry that he was at a brain and forgot to turn off the gas. As a result, he suddenly exploded. 68%of Li Chunsheng’s body was burned.

After lying in the hospital for more than 40 days, Li Chunsheng walked from the Ghost Gate, and finally healed and became hospitalized.

But after being discharged from the hospital, Sisi was pregnant again. This time was a 50 -year -old Shenzhen man.

The Sisi, "I am messing in my heart, I don’t want to go home", I contacted Xiao Changhe, who was far away in Shenzhen on the Internet. The 50 -year -old man immediately came to Beijing and took over the 14 -year -old Li Sisi.Go to Shenzhen.

Soon, Li Sisi was pregnant. This time, her mother quietly took her to Shenzhen to give birth, and Xiao Changhe arranged everything.After the child -founded would know, Xiao Changhe, who was immediately warned, was not allowed to contact Sisi anymore, otherwise he would call the police.

However, a few months later, Sisi was pregnant again.Si Si said that the child was from Xiao Changhe. She returned from Shenzhen and had quietly dated Xiao Changhe many times.

But during the period, she also had a relationship with a 40 -year -old mobile phone shop owner near the school.According to Sisi herself, one day she took her mobile phone to download the ghost movie in the store, but the owner of the mobile phone shop downloaded her "Men and Women’s Action Movies" to watch it together, and then she was strong.

Li Chunsheng called the police again, but because of the lack of evidence, this time it was gone.

In desperation, his mother Wang Xiaoying went to Shenzhen with Sisi, and asked Xiao Changhe to pay for money and tried to kill the child.

However, this time the doctor warned Wang Xiaoying that Sisi had not been cured for a long time, and the uterine wall was too thin. If it was scraped, it may be completely lost to the fertility function, and he could no longer have a child.

His father Li Chunsheng once again decided to let Sisi give birth to a child, and check DNA and then claim debt!

During this period, his mother Wang Xiaoying lived in Xiao Changhe’s house with Sisi. The Children’s Foundation repeatedly urged to return to Beijing, but the mother and daughter refused.

On the day when the Xiao family was giving birth, Sisi was not idle and continued to associate new boyfriends through mobile phones.After being discovered by Xiao Changhe, he ruthlessly drove Sisi and her mother out of the house.

Li Sisi’s parents were once again angry. They asked Xiao Changhe to marry Sisi as his wife, otherwise he charged him with a relationship with his 14 -year -old girl.However, Xiao Changhe ignored it.

In this way, Sisi and mother who were pregnant for more than 7 months, with the first birth daughter Xiaobao, slept under the bridge hole in Shenzhen for three days, until the rescue station found them, contacted the staff of the Children’s Association, thought about itThinking back to Beijing.

Later, in order to save money, the family returned to the hometown of Hunan to wait for delivery.

Later, after the second daughter was born, she never performed DNA identification.

I am afraid that Li Chunsheng has no bottom. What if the identification results are different from what he expected, what should I do next?Who should I do?

No one can give up you, except yourself!

Even if Li Sisi was disappointed again and again, the family would never give up her.

After giving birth to a second daughter, Erji will contact Li Sisi again, arrange her back to Beijing, and go to a job high.

But Li Sisi, who had no intention of studying at all, did not know where to know a driver who drove a black car. He secretly went home to sleep with him every day. Every time the man gave her a little money, she was so happy.

After being discovered, the staff of the Chuji Association strengthened the supervision of Sisi and sent her to school and school every day.

But Sisi finally embarked on a wayless path!

One year later, Sisi proposed to leave Beijing to work with a 35 -year -old man to work in Dongguan.

The 18 -year -old Sisi wanted culture without culture, and had no technology. After 8 days of doing a factory, she fired her.

But Sisi was not in a hurry. She married the 35 -year -old man and gave birth to a son for him.At this time, she was just 18 years old and had a third child.


I can’t imagine what life will this girl encounter in the future?

It is even more impossible to understand. How can a good girl change from a "victim" to the poor appearance of this "broken can" and "mud can not help the wall"?

But the only thing I really believe is: the good or bad of a family determines the child’s life!

Although Zhang Wen, the director of the Children’s Association, once said: "From the perspective of many sexual assault girls, this behavior of Sisi was unable to control itself at all."

"Children who are sexually assaulted often have two extremes. One is like Si Si, who may get a little commitment when being violated, a little compliment, or a little insignificant money, a sugar, she thinks this is love.’, Slowly form a habit, always get close to men, hoping to get something that cares or some material.

The other extreme is self -closed."

No matter which extreme, we are the most unwilling to see for parents:

The destroyed child’s life.

Who is blame?Sisi is innocent!

The 74 -year -old victim is of course guilty!He thought about it while he was thinking, and he was even a relative of Sisi. He could do such a bad scandal, which destroyed the life of a girl.

Is Sisi’s parents right?After Sisi was born, his father went out to work, and his mother only took care of the cards. When he was unhappy, the two picked up and quarreled with each other. When they were happy, their parents would watch pornographic films in front of Sisi and do it without avoiding it.Let young Sisi think that he can do this since he was a child.

The father scolded everywhere, and his mother complained all the year round, so that Sisi could not feel love at home.

She has never got "love", how can she understand what is true "love"?

Therefore, the sisi lack of love has to look out, seeking love to countless strange men, and at the expense of his young body.

Although she was scarred, she had three children at the age of 20. She often had back pain. She was so young that she suffered from incurable disease -lumbar disc herniation.

Is she happy?That’s a luxury.

Her life is full of chaos, camouflage and indifference. She occasionally disappears and often out of control. Life is like a swamp. She can’t help but sink, but no one can save.

Think of what the famous female senior principal and Chinese figure Zhang Guimei said:

"A girl can change the three generations."

And now, you can understand from Sisi’s story, destroy a girl, and also destroy her next generation!

American family therapist Satia once said:

"One person’s personality characteristics, three views of life, and way of thinking are deeply influenced by their native families, and many even decisive influence."

On each child, the family’s mark will be carved with the shadow of the parents.

If you are not ready to be a competent father or mother, please treat you cautiously.

Because it is not just "birth", but more importantly, "education"!

Don’t let Sisi’s tragedy continue to repeat itself!

(Picture source network, invading deletion)

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