The 14 -year -old girl was suspected of being raped to pregnancy before her death. The case has been in the examination and arrest stage

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On June 28, I wish Xiaoxiao sitting on the window and falling downstairs.Pictures of this article Surging News reporter Xihui

A falling incident occurred on June 28 in Shuangliu District, Chengdu, Sichuan. The 14 -year -old girl wished Xiaoxiao (a pseudonym) from his 11th floor.

I wish the little mother Zhu Qinhua (pseudonym) believes that I wish Xiaoxiao falling down or she was suspected of being raped by a company owner Qiu Last year, and Zhu Xiaoxiao was less than 14 years old when he suffered injuries for the first time.Zhu Qinhua told Surging News on July 2nd ( that after her daughter was pregnant, her daughter was diagnosed with severe depression.

Surging News then learned from the Haitang Police Station of the Shuangliu Branch of the Chengdu Public Security Bureau that the suspect Qiu has been taken for compulsory measures, and the case is still under investigation.

According to the "Notice of Filing C case" issued by the Shuangliu District Bureau of the Chengdu Public Security Bureau on February 4: "I wish the small small case of rape, and our bureau believes that the facts of the crime are clear and the investigation is now established."

On July 13, the People’s Procuratorate of Shuangliu District, Chengdu confirmed to Peng Mei News that Qiu’s suspected rape case was currently in the review and arrest stage, and the specific circumstances could not be disclosed for the time being.

According to the introduction of Xiaoxiao’s family, the Procuratorate issued a notice of "Litigation Rights Litigation Rights Litigation Rights" to them.

Zhu Qinhua also said that one week before the accident, her daughter was handled by the teacher because of playing mobile phones in the classroom.The school stated that the police and the education department were investigating the matter, and the class teacher involved in the class was inquiring these days; the school knew that the teacher was playing students after the accident and was willing to bear the responsibility of improper management, but this did not mean that it did not mean that it did not mean that it did not meanThis has a causal relationship with the child’s fall.

I wish Xiaoxiao falling on the aisle of the community and died on the spot.


According to Zhu Qinhua, on the evening of June 28, she went home with her mother and Zhu Xiaoxiao from the outside. As soon as she entered the community, she saw someone falling in the next unit, and many people in the community were watching.At that time, she didn’t stay, and took Zhu Xiaoxiao to the home of the 11th floor of the second unit.When passing by the scene of the fall, she heard Zhu Xiaoxiao and laughed.

When entering the door, Zhu Qinhua walked behind.Zhu Qinhua said that as soon as she closed the door, she saw Zhu Xiaodou walking straight towards the window of the living room. She stepped on the stool and sat on the edge of the window and fell down.

"From entering the door to the fall, it is less than 10 seconds before and after." Zhu Qinhua said that she was suddenly soft and ran to the window sill, and kept shouting, "The daughter is gone, the daughter is gone!"It was also a long time that it happened.

According to the Sichuan TV station, before that, another falling person on the 7th floor of the seventh floor of the same building was also a woman, about thirty years old, falling from the left side of the building on the left side of the building.But the fall was blocked by the trees, injured after falling, and was taken to the hospital for rescue.

The surging news noticed that I wish Xiaoxiao falling from the other side of the building. Below is the aisle of hardening in the community. After falling to the ground, he died on the spot and was sent to the funeral home that night.

Zhu Qinhua said that her daughter was injured by Qiu, an enterprise owner of Chengdu before her death.She said that Qiu sent a red envelope on the Internet to seduce Xiaoxiao to send him nude photos and videos, and then use this to be threatened to force Xiaoxiao to have a relationship with him.Control her.

Zhu Qinhua said that Qiu was 46 years old. In August 2019, her daughter was under the age of 14 when her daughter was coerced to have a relationship with Qiu.

I wish the small household registration book show that her birth date is "November 26, 2005".According to Tianyancha, there are two companies in Qiu, and they also hold shares in several companies.

Qiu Mou has brought Xiaoxiao to open a room in the hotel many times.


According to Zhu Qinhua, in early February 2020, she found that her daughter reported to the police after pregnancy.When the police asked Zhu Xiaoxiao, she arrived as the legal agent of the minor, and then knew the ins and outs of the whole thing.

Zhu Qinhua said that Qiu was connected to Zhu Xiaoxiao through QQ "nearby" function or QQ group in 2019. After the two became netizens, after being familiar, Qiu gave Zhu Xiaofa red envelope and asked her to take photos and private parts and private parts and photos andThe video was sent to him.Zhu Qinhua said, I wish Xiaoxiao received the red envelope and sent photos and videos to the other party.However, after Qiu Mou got these photos and videos, he asked to see him to meet him. His daughter did not agree at first, but Qiu was threatened and would send these videos and pictures to the school and her parents without meeting.

I wish Xiaoxiao and Qiu met.Zhu Qinhua said that before and after August 20, 2019, Qiu took Zhu Xiaoxiao to the hotel to open the room. Qiu was going to the front desk to open the room to let Zhu Xiaoxiao go to the room from the back door to the room.According to the opening of the house found from this hotel, Around September 20th and October 3rd, Qiu Mou brought Xiaoxiao to this hotel.

Zhu Qinhua said that she noticed Qiu in September last year.At that time, I wished Xiaoxiao for a appendicitis surgery in the hospital, and the mobile phone was in Zhu Qinhua’s hands.She saw Qiu Mou asked Zhu Xiaoxiao to send him physical videos and photos on WeChat.She was so angry at the time, so she scolded Qiu in the name of her daughter, and deleted him to blackened him, but I wish Xiaoxiao unwilling to talk about this person’s situation at the time.

However, Zhu Qinhua paid more attention to her daughter during this period.On February 3, 2020, she found that Zhu Xiaoxiao did not come to a vacation, and felt wrong, so he took her to the hospital for examination. "The hospital diagnosed Zhu Xiaoxiao for 15 weeks."

After reporting the case to the police, Zhu Qinhua learned that Qiu later added Zhu Xiaoxiao back, and asked her to introduce other female classmates in the school to know him.

On February 4, the Shuangliu District Bureau of the Chengdu Public Security Bureau officially filed a case for the case, and Qiu was taken by the police for compulsory measures.On February 6, Zhu Qinhua took her daughter to Shuangliu District Maternal and Child Health Hospital for induction of labor.She said that during the abortion, the police came to extract the fetus’s DNA sample to confirm that it was Qiu’s child.

Zhu Qinhua said that Qiu initially said that he did not know Zhu Xiaoxiao.Later, the police retracted the record of opening the house and had the results of the inspection. He also said that "I don’t know that I wish the little younger."

leave school

Zhu Huaqin said that on June 1, Zhu Xiaodiao said to her, "Mom, I feel depression is serious!" So, she took her daughter to Chengdu Fourth People’s Hospital and hung up on the 4th.

The results of the "Analysis Self -Evaluation Table (SAS) Analysis Report" issued by the hospital are "severe anxiety symptoms".The measurement results of the "Self -Evaluation Table of Depression (SDS)" are: "Severe Depression Symptoms".The doctor interpreted the results of the evaluation as "often self -blame, or suicide thoughts and thoughts." Since then, I wish Xiaoxiao as the doctor’s instructions to start taking antidepressants.

Zhu Qinhua said that on June 19, her daughter was punished by the teacher for a mobile phone in the classroom, and her mood was low, and she left school after having a bad school.On June 23, her daughter found a part -time job on the Internet.Go out at 5 pm every day and send leaflets in Shuangliu Wanda Plaza until 8 pm.

I wish the small "worker" of a small leaflet saying that on the afternoon of June 28, Zhu Xiaoxiao’s mood was very bad after receiving a phone call. He called friends everywhere to drink. "She drank a lot of wine and was drunk."" ".They helped Xiaoxiao to rest on the sofa in the hotel lobby next to him. After the state is better, everyone will go home.Unexpectedly, she fell down and died when she returned home.

According to the partner who drinks with her that day, it was already 9 o’clock when I started drinking at night, and the drinking time was very short, and it ended at about 10 o’clock.They helped her rest on the sofa of the hotel lobby for a while.After 11 o’clock, when he called the little parents to pick her home, the little school looked sober.

On July 1, Peng Mei News followed Zhu Qinhua to the Haitang Police Station of the Shuangliu Branch of the Chengdu Public Security Bureau, which was in charge of the case.According to the police in charge of the case, the suspect Qiu has been taken for compulsory measures, but the case is still under investigation. The super -level public security department of the case also attaches great importance to it. They are fully investigating.

On July 2nd, Surging News participated in a discussion of Zhu Xiaoxiao attending the school in charge of the school and his relatives such as Zhu Qinhua.According to the school leader, the police stations and education departments have been investigating the matter in the past few days, and the head teacher involved has been inquiring.After the school was an accident, I heard that a teacher was fighting for students. The school was willing to bear the responsibility of improper management, but this did not mean that there was a causal relationship with the child’s fall.The school stated that it would bear the child’s funeral costs and also expressed condolences to family members.

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