The 18 -year -old girl does not come to menstruation and is diagnosed as a stone girl!What is the difference between Shi Nu and normal women?

For women, the vagina, the uterus, ovaries, and breasts are important physiological characteristics. If they are less, they cannot be called a complete woman.But in life, there are such people. They have no vagina and are referred to as "stone girls". The 18 -year -old spirit (pseudonym) is one of these people.

Lingling has been very well -behaved since she was a child. Her parents also had high hopes for her. Since childhood, she has reported piano and dancing interest classes. Lingling has not disappointed her parents’ expectations. Among the many girls, she has always been the best.Parents have been proud of their parents, but what happened later made parents unacceptable.

Lingling’s mother found that her daughter had not had menstruation. At first she thought it was the late development, but until Ling Ling was 18 years old, there was no sign of coming.Inspection, the result was judged as congenital no vagina, which is often called "stone girl" that ordinary people often call.

What is a "stone girl"?

In the folk, some girls with defects of reproductive systems are collectively referred to as "stone girls". From a medical perspective, explanation is congenital and vaginal patients, which is a kind of congenital malformations of reproductive tract.

The formation of "Stone Girl" usually occurs during pregnancy. When the fetus develops to the reproductive system stage, if a short stagnation occurs, it is easy to cause the fetal reproductive system to develop inadequate.It is very low, but once it happens, the psychological and physiological of women is a "devastating" blow.

What if a woman has no vagina?

In fact, depending on the structure, no vagina can also be divided into congenital vaginal dysplasia and the vaginal atresia, which is often referred to as the "real fake stone girl":

1. "True Stone Girl"

There are no uterus, vagina, or uterine, fallopian tubes, vaginal development, etc. This situation will not come to menstruation, cannot live in husband and wife, so it cannot be given birth. It is more serious.

2. "Fake Stone Girl"

Refers to the normal development of the uterus and vagina, but the hymen is in the state of atresia, hypertrophy, or vaginal locking. This is also not menstruation, ca n’t live in husband and wife, and cannot give birth, but this situation is normal.Periodic abdominal pain occurs due to meridian stasis, similar to menstrual pain.

Reminder: No matter whether it is a "true stone girl" or a "fake stone girl", there are no early clinical symptoms. Generally, the adolescence does not come to menstruation or periodic abdominal pain.It will not exceed 15 years old. If the 15 years old have not come to the beginning, they will be paid attention to go to the hospital for examination in time.

Can the "Stone Girl" still bloom?

Of course!

Although the reproductive system of the "Stone Girl" is defective, they generally have healthy ovarian and may also secrete estrogen normally.May normally restore the life of husband and wife and get pregnant.

For the "fake stone girl", treatment is relatively easy to treat. As long as the virgin is touched or cuts through the vagina, it will not affect the life and childbirth of the couple after surgery.

"True Stone Girl" is relatively difficult to treat, but it can restore normal husband and wife life by creating an artificial vagina, but whether it can return to normal fertility depends on whether the genitals and gland are complete.

Therefore, "Stone Girl" is not a terminal illness, but also has the opportunity to enjoy normal life. Therefore, do not have to be inferior and feel low. With the advancement of modern medical technology, artificial vaginal molding has become increasingly mature.Then there is a dream that is out of reach ~

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