The 19 -year -old girl dropped out of school, and she was pregnant unexpectedly after breaking up with her boyfriend. Boyfriend: The child is not mine

For the children of Hanmen, the college entrance examination is the best time to be out of place. The competition can be too fierce. The admission rate of the middle school entrance examination tends to 50%. It is destined that most students cannot take the college entrance examination.No job high.

Although everyone’s choice is different, the future lifestyles are very different. However, most parents still hope that their children can go to college, study knowledge to enrich themselves, and lay a firm foundation for the future.Drop school to work.

Xiaoli (pseudonym) is 19 years old. She does not like to drop out of school after graduating from junior high school. After being introduced to a boy, the two will be determined to be a couple relationship, but they will break up after the relationship is cold. Xiaoli finds her pregnancy.But he did not admit that the ending was helpless.

At the age of 19, if there was no accident, Xiao Li would take the college entrance examination, and then entered the university campus to experience different lives.However, he was not interested in learning. During the entrance examination, he was eliminated abnormally. Parents opposed her to go to work and went to the society very early.

Seeing Xiaoli has no object yet. After being introduced by relatives, she met Xiao Li (a pseudonym). The two left contact information. Soon after, she determined the relationship. Xiao Li was too reserved.Going home, Xiao Li had a relationship with Xiao Li in the evening.

Although there was some reluctance, it could not be changed at this point, and then the two had repeatedly had a relationship. After a long time, they found that their feelings were cold, so they chose to break up.I thought I would no longer contact each other, but Xiaoli found that she was pregnant unexpectedly. What should I do?

I thought that the two had been together for a long time, but the relationship was cold. One party proposed to break up, and the other party could only accept it.It wasn’t Xiaoli boring. Instead, Xiao Li no longer took the initiative. Xiaoli saw that the cat was greasy to break up and chose to end the recent relationship.

But Xiaoli did not expect that after breaking up, she found that she was pregnant. She thought she was just nausea and vomiting, but she was still too young.Xiaoli chose to tell Xiao Li to see how he planned to deal with it, but Xiao Li didn’t admit that the child was him.

Xiao Li was in a hurry, and even claimed: "It’s not just me who happened!"This made Xiaoli helpless. Finally, after the mediation of others, Xiao Li chose 7,000 yuan to let Xiaoli destroy the child, including Xiaoli’s postoperative nutrition costs, and then there was no longer.

At the age of 19, she should have been studying, but she entered the society early. Perhaps it was right to accumulate social experience at an early date. However, she had not talked about love. She was still blank in her feelings. She was deceived by Xiao Li’s three words.Times have a relationship with him.

I thought that when she encountered true love, but Xiao Li’s attitude became more and more indifferent. Until Xiao Li proposed to break up, Xiao Li was relieved.

Perhaps Xiaoli is not sincere to Xiaoli, but satisfies his personal desire, and seek a momentary stimulus before determining his love relationship with Xiaoli.

I can’t bear the loneliness, can’t keep the prosperity, don’t blame Xiao Li too ruthless, don’t complain that Xiao Li is too young, the relationship is not a child’s drama, but you can’t judge the right and wrong.It is best to choose, but Xiaoli’s pregnancy is too unexpected.

The man of the man, dare to do it, dare to love and hate, will not lie because of escape responsibility, and will not shrink back due to difficult problems.But Xiao Li did not do it. Perhaps the sweet words with Xiaoli before, it was just a moment of rise, and the true face could be revealed after the relationship retreated.

If Xiaoli Kichu can talk to Xiaoli, and boldly admits that the child is his own, what can he do?But he didn’t dare, fearing that he would be responsible after admitting, and did not want to have any anymore with Xiaoli. Even if he damaged Xiaoli’s reputation, he would not admit that Xiao Li’s approach was really inappropriate.

Feelings are not children’s play. No matter how old you are, you must protect yourself and love yourself. You can distinguish the facts of the mistakes and identify the facts. Do not be confused by some people’s words.It must be yourself.

With the growth of age, physical and mental development and maturity are gradually developing. Many people choose to fall in love and engage in objects, but they do not have a trace of defense. They will not distinguish between right and wrong.Live the bottom line and not be deceived by others.

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