The 23 -year -old pregnant woman bleeds her vagina after the same room, but the reason is cervical cancer or advanced stage!

Whether you can have room during pregnancy, I want to answer everyone knowing, and experts have given some suggestions, such as soft movements.But after following these guidance, what about a small amount of blood bleeding in the same room during pregnancy?Seeing red caused by contractions?There are also some exceptions.

I encountered a case two years ago, female, 23 years old, 20 weeks and 4 days of pregnancy. I came to the hospital for examination due to vaginal bleeding. The young couple were very nervous.The clinical doctor also issued a nuclear magnetic application form for the patient. Maybe everyone may think that isn’t the ultrasound diagnosed with the cervical position, why do you still need to do MRI.For cervical lesions, MRI can be said to be the best way to check. You can directly observe the size of the tumor, observe the vaginal and palace invasion, observe the lymph nodes in the pelvic cavity and install the lesions.Let me give you the picture first:

The place where the red arrow refers to is the lesion, and you can also see the baby (yellow arrow) in the stomach.And after further analysis, the lesions have involved the vagina and rectum, suggesting that the advanced stage of cervical cancer!

Cervical cancer has a high incidence in my country, and symptoms such as vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge and pain may occur. Cervical cell coating tests are the main methods of discovering pre -cancer lesions and early cervical cancer.

The performance of cervical cancer in various imaging methods is different. Ultrasonic can increase cervix, tumor echo decreases compared with normal cervix echo, and the boundary between the surrounding tissues is unclear; CT is manifested as an enlarged cervical, mostly the same density.The internal necrosis area is irregular and low density, blocking the cervix mouth can cause uterine effusion.MRI is mainly manifested as increasing cervix, asymmetric thickening or nodular protrusions. T1WI is generally equal signal, and T2WI is uneven and higher signal.

MRI is undoubtedly the best for the display of local lesions.Therefore, MRI examinations are selected clinically during the clinical staging.Whether the low signal ring of the cervical matrix is the division sign of the stage I and the stage II stage of cervical cancer. The complete low signal ring indicates that the cancer stove is limited to the cervix, which can exclude the violation of the tissue of the palace.For example, a low -signal matrix ring is destroyed by high signal tumors, interruptions or breakthroughs, indicating that the tumor has invaded the tissue of the palace and belongs to the stage II.The tumor affects the surrounding organs around the vagina, pelvic cavity, rectum and other organs, which are stage III and IV.

At the end of the scan, I asked the girl if she had vaginal bleeding before. The girl said that she had bleeds after the same room twice, so I didn’t care, and I had never done a check.

Watching the little couple left, I was sad, only 23 years old. Have you done a medical examination before marriage?Have you done a check before pregnancy?If you discover it earlier, will there be a better result?

If the baby is treated after the baby is born, the mother’s lesions may progress quickly. If the surgery is selected, then the girl may never have a baby.Therefore, improving health awareness, in order to make our lives less regrets.Do a good job of marriage and prenatal examination.

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