The 32 -year -old lady has experienced failure and pregnancy biochemical, and finally welcomes good pregnancy!

The girl I said today was known when I did ovulation monitoring in the hospital last year.At that time, she was promoted by causes of poor follicle development and immature follicles.But unfortunately, others promote the arrangement, whether it is injections or medicine, it will work for follicles, but it is useless for her to promote her.Three months before and after, she couldn’t change some medicines.The doctor suggested that she give up the promotion and talk about it for a while.

I remember it was June at the time, and it was a hot summer in the south.I accompanied her on the street, and both women who couldn’t get pregnant smoothly, couldn’t even say that they couldn’t even comfort each other.

After that, she packed her bag to work in her husband.I continue to monitor ovulation in the hospital.

One day in September, I was not frustrated because I was not pregnant.She sent good news and said she was pregnant.I asked her if she changed the hospital for promotion.She said she was naturally pregnant.

In October, I accepted the hospital’s promotion, but it still failed.I would like to ask her how she was naturally pregnant. After all, I didn’t dare to hold absolute confidence in promoting.

After a long time, she returned to my information and said that the last pregnancy was too low, and the baby was biochemical.

I asked her if she would come to the hospital for promotion, because I was also promoting the arrangement and could be accompanied together.She said that she was confident in her natural pregnancy and wanted to continue to work hard.

After the Lantern Festival, I was in the hospital for fetal fetus, and she asked me how much HCG was drawn at that time.After I replied to her, she said that she went to draw blood, but the blood value was very low, only forty, and worried that the pregnancy biochemical again.

I comfort her, doctors will give birth, don’t worry.

Later, there was no news of her.Until a few days ago, she contacted me, saying that pregnancy was a bit heavy, but she still insisted on taking 10,000 steps a day.

After chatting with her for a while, I decided to share her pregnancy experience with everyone.If your sisters, you accept the promotion or artificial insemination. If you are not successful, please do not give up.You see, some people have failed to row, but they can still get pregnant naturally!

1. Keep exercise every day, wind and rain are not hindrance

This is what she emphasized with me.There is a park near her house, and she goes to the park with her husband every morning or at night.It’s not easy to run easily, but to run hard and do their best.The husband and wife persist 8 kilometers a day. If the rain is not good, run at home with a runner.

2. Happy mood, stay away from depression

Keeping a happy mood can also help getting pregnant.Although she experienced the failure, she quickly came out of the low.Every day, I live a happy life, make food for my husband, exercise with my husband, and go out to play with my husband during the holidays.Although her pregnancy biochemical, she was not frustrated.She said that she saw hope, after all, she couldn’t get pregnant before!I could still be pregnant, although I didn’t keep it.She always believes that she will be pregnant!

3. Let it go naturally, don’t pay too much attention to too much

Many pregnant girls leave me a message in the background and ask me if I ca n’t eat it during pregnancy. I ’m nervously asking me what I want to ovulate tonight is easier to get pregnant.

In fact, I am also nervous when I am preparing for pregnancy.I monitored the advantageous follicles several times, and I was uncomfortable in the same room at night.

This is too nervous and care too much.My friend, she rarely cares about this.Usually make a nutritious and delicious meal for her husband and yourself. When you have time and husband, you do n’t pay attention to the gesture of the same room, and you do n’t even pay special attention to the same time.

By the way, she told me that she was pregnant this time a week later than usual.Because of her natural life, she touched her.

Dear sister, the following is what I want to say to you.I can particularly understand the sadness and depression that I can’t get pregnant.If you are not pregnant for more than half a year, let the same rooms and ovulation tossed every day, I suggest you give up these things that trouble you and enjoy life.Maybe I was pregnant unknowingly.

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